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Crypto Shitcoins – Practical Guide For Beginners

Crypto shitcoins

This newbie guide to Crypto Shitcoins is helpful for those who are new in Crypto. Please read and understand. You may not understand the entire crypto market in one article but you should know how to buy and sell crypto. That’s the first principle of crypto investment.

Every crypto token or shitcoin are not the same. Each coin or token is developed for a purpose. That’s why the developers release white paper to explain their crypto to buyers. Always look out for the lite paper and white paper before buying a coin or token.

Remember this, crypto investment is risky. The crypto market is volatile. Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before buying any crypto asset.

✅ What’s Crypto Investment

There are 3 types of those who are on the crypto market.

?️Crypto holder
?️Crypto trader
?️Crypto investor

These 3 group of people are easily identified in the crypto market. Crypto holders buy tokens and hold them till their prices appreciate and they sell for profit. While the crypto traders buys cryptos at their low price and sell immediately a certain price increase is achieved.

But crypto investors acquire crypto assets and explore those assets to earn regular returns. They earn passive income from their crypto holdings. Which group would you like to belong to? If you been in Crypto Lessons, you will notice I don’t teach crypto trading at all. I only focus on crypto investment and encourages crypto holding.

✅ Different Types of Crypto Assets

You need to know what type of crypto assets to invest in. Most newbie only know of Bitcoin, and any other one they have heard from friends and colleagues. You need to know the 3 different classes of cryptos, so you know which one you should be buying.

?️Tokens or (Shitcoins)

You already know about Bitcoin or you have heard much about it. That’s the first successful crypto coin. Altcoins are other coins built after Bitcoin Success. Ethereum, ripples, Tron, etc fall within this category. While token or preferably shitcoins are tokenized cryptos built untop of existing blockchain. If you are going to excel in crypto investment as a newbie investor, you have to start from shitcoins. With little money you can buy different types of shitcoin assets, and at very large volumes.

✅Understanding Stable-coin

There are crypto coins called stable coins. These type of coins usually have the maximum prices pegged to the US Dollar. That means their price can appreciate above $1 USD. While people don’t usually buy them for price appreciation, they use them to stop loses or store their coin when they are not sure of the market movements.

Examples of popular stable coins are USDT, BUSD, USDC, etc. Also, you can invest in a stable coin when it’s being launched, like eUSD, USDR, USDDex, etc. at launch stable coin would sell their coins to investors at a lower price to gain holders and grow like every other coin. However, the volume of most USD pegged coins are usually smaller, making it possible for them to sell out their coins and grow their price to $1 USD.

✅ Crypto Tools You Should Know of

One thing you must master a lot is how to pick the coins you buy. You need some tools or apps. To help you do your own research (DYOR) you need to know the following tools and how to use them.

✅ TrustWallet App

You need to download TrustWallet app from Google Playstore. Most of what we do in Crypto Lessons are done on TrustWallet. This wallet is also easy to use for a newbie. It’s the number crypto wallet, so you won’t miss anything if you use only it.

✅ Create Social Media Accounts

You will need the following social media accounts:


Note that these are not mandatory but it’s helpful in following your crypto developers for more update on the project. And also to participate in any future airdrop.

✅ How to Find Contract Address

Each crypto token has a contract address (CA). To buy a token or setup the crypto coin wallet address on TrustWallet you will need to find the contract address.

?️The tool to use is https://bscscan.com
?️You can also use https://poocoin.app

On this site you can search for any token or coin and it will display details of any coin built on the Binance Exchange Protocol (BEP) or compatible token type. However, with popcoin you will need to click on the INFO button and click the token contract. It will still lead you to bscscan. The reason for going to through poocoin is to be sure it’s the exact token you want, not a copycat or clone token of the one you want.

✅ How To Buy Your First Crypto Shitcoins

TrustWallet is like your ordinary wallet. It only helps you hold your shitcoins coins. But it gives you a window to link up with other apps using the web browser or DApps feature on TrustWallet to buy any shitcoin you want.

If you can’t find PancakeSwap when you open the browser just type in PancakeSwap.finance in the web browser to open PancakeSwap. Another way to do this is to copy the buyer link of the coin you want to buy, if you have one and paste it in the browser to open it.

Some links will connect you directly to PancakeSwap to buy the coin, others might just open the coin company website and ask you to click on buy option, usually when it’s in presale mode.

?️ Change Network Option

At the top right corner of your screen you have the network logo. By default it shows Ethereum logo. You need to click on this logo and change the network to Smart chain network.

?️ Enter the Amount of BNB

The amount of bnb you chose determines the quantity of the coin you will get, based on the current coin price. It’s always advisable to buy already existing coins during their DIP. That’s when the price falls, rather than when the price is bearish or increasing.

?️ Change Slippage to Approved Percentage

The slippage percentage is the amount of Token Gas fee required for the transaction to be successful. This rates are different for each coin. Though some coins share the same percentage. The percentage starts from 0.1% to as much as 25%. You need to find out what the slippage rate for the coin you are buying is and use it to set your slippage rate.

If you use a higher slippage rate than what’s approved for your coin you only lose some coin but the transaction will be successful. But if you try using a lower slippage it will indicate an error.

?️Click Swap

Once you have set all the buying parameters in order, click on the SWAP button to continue to the next page for confirmation.

?️ Verify Transaction And Confirm

Here you need to verify that the quantity of coin you are paying for and the quantity you might likely get is agreeable to you. Once you are in agreement with the figures display, you click CONFIRM button.

?️ Verify Payment Amount and Confirm

The payment page gives you opportunity to verify the amount you are being charged for the transaction and the amount of network transfer fee payable for it. If the total amount to be deducted from your bnb is agreeable to you, then you go ahead and click the CONFIRM button. This leads to the successful completion of the purchase. The coins will be deposited in your defied coin wallet address as you requested.

✅ How To Setup Coin Wallet Address

There are best ways to get a token wallet address setup on trustwallet. You can search if the token already exist by copying the contract address and paste it into the token search box. The other best way is to set it up yourself. Let’s use ripple as an example.

Setup wRipple wallet. Follow the guide below:

To start the claim you need to first setup this coin on your Trustwallet. Use these parameters to set it up.

?️ Change Network to Smart Chain
?️ Enter the Smart Contract: 0xbbc9fa4b395fee68465c2cd4a88cde267a34ed2a
?️ Use Name: wRipple
?️ Use Symbol: wXRP
?️ Enter Decimal: 18

✅ How To Claim Free Crypto Shitcoin On TrustWallet

?️Open your TRUST WALLET. Make sure you have some BNB smart chain coin to pay for the network fee. If you don’t know how to setup coins on Trustwallet please ask questions.
?️After setting up the coin, Go to DApps
?️Copy the link and paste into your DApp search bar
?️Click to Change the Ethereum logo and Select Binance Smart Chain Network
?️Click on claim if you are claiming the free wRipple coin
?️Or enter the amount you want to pay if you are buying
?️Click Approve and connect your wallet
?️After its approved click Buy – The amount of wRipple will automatically transfer to your wallet

✅ Conclusion

Starting out as a newbie in Crypto investment may look too technical but it’s really not so. You just need to get used to how things are done here. Most people may give up just by looking at what’s there to learn and do. But they forget that it’s so simple that all they need to do is to get used to it.

However, your best chance at getting smarter in the crypto world is by practicing everything you learn as a newbie Crypto investor. The more you practice what you learn the faster you learn, and the easier you can remember next time what you did before.

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Crypto Investment – Newbie Guide for 2022

If you are still confused about Crypto investment, let me simplify it for you. It’s like buying stocks. How many of you have bought shares of a company before? You probably didn’t even know much about trading stocks, yet you bought stocks.

Someone helped you to buy it. Someone can also help you to buy your first cryptos or even be buying for you all the time. It’s your choice. But this group is to help you learn the basics so that you can handle most of your Crypto investments yourself.

“I have a group on WhatsApp where I explain crypto investment to newbies. Your an Join this group and have the opportunity to learn. WhatsApp have limited number of contacts that can be in a group. So, hurry to join now before it’s full.

Click this link to join my WhatsApp group

What’s Crypto Investment?

Investors buy crypto coins or tokens to hold till the value appreciates and they sell it for profit. Some stake their cryptos or loan it through exchanges for an annual percentage return. These activities doesn’t require a daily routine like crypto trading.

At a while or at maturity, the coins or tokens can be exchanged back to stable currencies like Naira and dollar.

Cryptocurrency can be a good investment if you follow the right strategies for investment, which includes having a better understanding the crypto market. You cannot afford to start crypto investment without knowing the basics of crypto business. At this early stage of crypto market, it’s a highly profitable investment, with a long term assessment.

If you are hoping to invest now and reap it the next day you would be wrong. The shortest possible time to expect any reasonable return on your crypto investment is between 12 months and 5 years.

Crypto Investment Versus Trading

There’s difference between crypto investment and crypto trading. Although, what’s more popular and mostly advertised is crypto trading. Not much is explained about crypto investment.

Trading involves the pair for two crypto currencies or with an asset. Wikipedia summaries crypto trading as Cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies for other assets. The purpose is to make quick gains, daily or depending on the duration of a trade. But in crypto investment you are not exchanging the currency for quick gain but for a long term return.

Buy to Hold Strategy

The best strategy for a newbie in Crypto is to buy and hold. This strategy doesn’t require any experience, and you can start immediately. You simply buy cryptos of your choice and hold them till when it appreciates and you sell them for profit. With as low as N1,000 you can start buying cryptos.

But for a newbie that may not be easier for you but have in mind that at least N5,000 can get you some coins. But on a professional note, I would recommend starting with between N30,000 to N100,000. Your an buy more as later too. Never stop buying. Well, as you learn more you can buy very cheaper when the coin is very new, like days or weeks old.

How to Buy And Hold

You can buy cryptos yourself. There are many crypto wallets you can use. In the last lesson I mentioned Trustwallet, Binance, Roqqu, Remitano and Crypto.com. There are so many other wallets. You will get to know more as you grow in the business.

To start buying, you learn of cryptos that are selling to buy. The wallets have features to help you buy them. You can also request the assistance of someone else who has been buying to help out for a start.

What to Buy And Hold

There are many Cryptocurrency coins available now. The most popular once are Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripples and the likes. But there are so many unpopular once. In fact, some cryptos just launched and some are yet to launch. What to buy is never in lack.

However, for a newbie focus on new coins. New coins are cheaper and has the potential to make you money as the price rises. You can purchase millions or billions of new coins at cheaper prices.

Where to Buy And Hold

New coins or shitcoins, as they are mostly referred cannot be bought from every wallet. There are different process of getting shit coins before they listed on major crypto exchanges. The number one place to buy shitcoins is TRUSTWALLET. You see why I said you should download trustwallet.

There are others but this one is very okay and simple to use. I will put a simple guide on how to download and activate trustwallet this evening for those who may issues with the process.

When to Sell Your Crypto Hold

If you are going to buy shitcoins, it’s better to buy them early. Most of these coins are released at $0.00000003, making them so cheap to buy. However, buying from Nigeria is a bit more ‘costlier’ since you can’t buy directly from your ATM card or bank. However, buying at any price around $0.000009 is still good if the coin is doing well in the market. But that would require more capital investment if you want to buy volumes.

So, if you bought at a good price, it’s upto you to decide at what price is good for you to sell. I always buy with projections. Like, if I’m buying a million coin, I’m thinking when can I be able to sell this coin. In 3 months, 6 months or 12 months? Then, I mark my selling price, either at N1 per coin or N10 or N100 or even $1 per coin. I can even mark it lower than N0.1. It depends on my coin volume.

Where to Sell Your Crypto Hold

While this maybe something you would require later but it’s also important we discuss it now. It’s a lot challenging to sell coins in Nigeria if you are just starting out. You know there’s a ban on banks by the government that stopped them from supporting Crypto trades. So selling your Crypto won’t be easy but it’s not impossible. Later, things would change but we have person-to-person (peer to peer) trading on most of the major exchanges like Binance and Remitano.

Finally, you have to make a choice to start today. If you want to buy yourself, go ahead and give it a try. If you need someone to help you out, go for it. I want to see those who are serious and would buy some coins today.

How Much It Cost to Buy Cryptos In Nigeria

Let’s analyze the cost implications of buying shitcoins in Nigeria. For most people they may feel cheated when they buy from a vendor. Yes, I felt that way in my first Crypto investment because someone helped me to buy it.

I didn’t wait till when I have known it all myself. I knew that crypto prices increased every second. I wanted in immediately. So, I used my mentor to buy my first cryptos. Although, I got some high figures, their dollar equivalent didn’t match with what I paid. At one transaction I queried him.

I felt cheated and decided to learn what he knows. I wanted to save cost for myself. However, I also faced some stack realities of what he was facing too. Although, you cannot compare the cost of buying it yourself to someone buying it for you. I will show you the difference in it.

Shitcoins Have Challenges

Shitcoins are cheap if you buy them early. But there are transaction costs as well. Sometimes the transaction cost are higher than the cost of the coins you are buying. Imagine buying a $10 coin and paying $9.80 as network fee.

That’s even the lesser challenge with shitcoins. Network fees can even be more if you are using Ethereum Network. If you don’t understand these you might pay higher than you could have paid. If you are buying it yourself, it could be a mistake you make if you don’t know about it.

When it comes to buying shitcoins, most of them ask for higher gas fees. Imagine paying over 30% of the volume of the coins you are buying as GAS FEE. Yes, in Crypto investment you pay gas fee, and it’s the major charge when buying or selling shitcoins.

The real cost issue with buying shitcoins in Nigeria is that we have little options of payment. With banks banned by government from supporting Crypto purchased, you can’t buy cryptos with your ATM card. You are not even allowed to do Crypto transactions with the bank.

So, be careful with what you do when buying Crypto, so you don’t put yourself into trouble. That’s why you need to learn first and understand many things before you start your crypto investment.

Where to Buy Crypto Yourself

Okay, it’s time to talk about do it yourself Crypto buying option. You need to know how to buy cryptos yourself. It’s nothing difficult but you will need some guide. There are also videos that can help you.

I will advice you decide first Crypto websites or apps you are going to use then learn how to use that website or app. Although, in Crypto you may need to use multiple sites and apps to operate your Crypto investment.

Your first step would be to signup to some of these websites and apps. I recommend you first register on the websites, then download the apps to use . Unless the site only has app.

Here are my selected websites and apps where you can buy cryptos in Nigeria. Note that each site or app may have certain advantages you may need. So, I recommend that you register in multiple Crypto Exchange sites. I’m registered in all the wishes I’m sharing with you here.


This one is a must have. It’s just an app, and it doesn’t have a website. You can download the app on google play store or IOS store. If you are going to be in eating in new and unlisted coins you will need trustwallet.

Binanca Exchange

This one is another must have. It has both website and app. I buy most of my cryptos here. It offers Nigerians peer to peer (PP) transaction, where you can buy coins from sellers in Nigeria. Since Nigerian ATM is banned in Crypto sites, we only use (PP) transactions to purchase coins online.

Here’s the link to register for an account on this site:

Binance website link

Remitano Wallet

It’s also one account that works for Nigerians. The company is based in South Africa. One of their main market is Nigeria. So, you will be okay doing business on this platform.

Here the link to register on the Remitano site:

Remitano website link

Roqqu Wallet

It’s purely a Nigerian exchange. It as working fine before the government ban. They are trying to revive it back. It depended solely on the bank transactions and it was the best because you can easily cash out into your Nigerian bank account. They are coming back strong, so you should also get an account here.

Here the link to register on the Roqqu site:

Roqqu website link

These platforms are good for you to start. I advice that you register on these platforms today. Don’t leave for next time. If you are serious about investing in Crypto, one this you shouldn’t do is procrastinate.

Join A Crypto Group

You need to join a Crypto group to learn even more. I have a Crypto WhatsApp Group your an Join to learn more for free. Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

How To Get FREE Cryptos

In the world of cryptos you can enjoy a lot of freebies. It’s only in cryptos that give aways are real. Few days ago, I woke up to 1 billion FREE coin. It may not worth anything today, but it might worth so much in the future. When Bitcoin and Ethereum started they were first giving away to people. Those free coins made so many millionaires.

My special give away was meant to help you learn and prepare you for the lessons I’m about to share with you this week. Using wallets like Trustwallet and their likes requires you know how to activate coins, buy coins through pancakeswap and swap 1 coin for another coin. If you are not following the give away, even if you don’t submit an entry, do the assignment. It’s to help you learn.

Welcome to this special lesson where I will teach you how free crypto coins work. In fact, starting from today I will be sharing opportunities to get free coins. It will be a huge bonus for joining this group. But first, let me explain how it works.

Types of Free Coin Drops

There are two types of free coin drops. There are Airdrops and Selfdrops. These are give aways from either yet to be launched cryptos or already existing ones that doesn’t have lots of holders yet.

The deferred ones are usually free, while the instant ones would cost you some tinny Network transfer fee.

Each one takes different process as well. The Airdrops requires you to do some tasks and get listed to receive the free coins at a certain date set by the crypto company. But the Selfdrops not so free instant one, which require you pay Network fee to receive it instantly, doesn’t require any task from you.

How Much FREE Coins Do You Get

If you are new in Crypto world you might be scared by the figures being mentioned – millions, billions, trillions, quadrillion, etc. I got 1 billion free coins recently. In fact, I could get up to 10 billion free if I wanted. Instead, I chose to buy 250 billion of the coin.

There’s no limit to how much coins you can get for free. There are many free coins flying around in the crypto world. Once a new Crypto is coming out, many of them do free give aways to get lots of attention and grow their holders address.

In the WhatsApp group, I will be posting many of them for you. Below are some of the recent free coins you can take advantage of now. That’s why I asked you to get *TRUSTWALLET*. If you have your wallet downloaded, now is the time to use it to get free coins.

However, you need to have a different wallet for airdrops than for your paid coins. Don’t wait to find out why. Just do as I said.

NOTE – Airdrops are also risky. It can help hackers have access to your account. That’s why you don’t just go for every airdrop you see. If you are new follow the advice of someone who knows better than you.

Click this link to joinmy WhatsApp group:

How To Download & Activate TrustWallet

If you have not downloaded TRUST WALLET here’s what to do now. You need an android phone with an internet.

Step 1: Go to Google play store
Step2: Search for Trustwallet (the image should look like this)
Step 3: install
Step 4: Open
Step 5: read and follow the instructions in the app to activate it

Note: It doesn’t require password or email. But it gives you some keyword phrase. Keep those keyword phrase secured. It’s your only password to access the wallet when you download into another phone or need to recover your wallet.

How to Create A Second TRUSTWALLET Account

It simple to have a second wallet inside your existing trustwallet. That’s why your wallet has name. The name is to help you differentiate one wallet from another. Now that you have named your first wallet, it’s time to create a second one and name it as well.

To start, click on SETTING at the bottom right corner of your Trustwallet. As it opens, click on Wallet and click on the PLUS + sign at the top right corner of the screen. And it will open for you to start creating a new wallet as you did the first time. Remember to also save the 12 keyword seeds. It’s a separate account. But it works together in the same app.

Steps To Buy Coins With Trustwallet

We have talked about Airdrops. You need it. It’s not every coin you should buy. More than 50 percent of the coins out there will fail. That means you will lose your money in them. Buying coins it not 100% secured investment. There are risks too. So, you need to find ways to get some for free. Like I advised, create a separate wallet for your free coins.

However, today we will be looking at how to buy shitcoins. In this case, I’m only going to address buying it from trustwallet. I hope you have downloaded trustwallet. I will advice that you also practice buying it yourself.

Here are the easy steps to follow:

✅Step 1: Download the App TRUSTWALLET and setup your wallet
✅Step 2: Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
✅Step 3: Go to DApps tab in your Trustwallet and click on PancakeSwap
✅Step 4: Change the network logo from Ethereum to Smart Chain
✅Step 5: Connect your Trustwallet to PancakeSwap
✅Step 6: Click select a currency and enter the contract address into the search box for the shitcoin you want to buy and select the coin when it’s displayed.
✅Step 7: Before swapping, click on the wheel (cog) and set slippage to the right percentage for the shitcoin.
✅Step 8: Set the amount of BNB you want to spend for the shitcoin and press the PancakeSwap button.
✅Step 9: Confirm the transaction is correct and click continue.
✅Step 10: Verify the network fee amount and total amount you are paying for the shitcoin and Confirm Transaction.


Starting out in crypto as a newbie may be a little confusing trying to understand how the whole process work. It’s usually easier to buy the major crypto coins, but not so easy when you have to deal with shitcoins.

But your success as a newbie starts with understanding shitcoins. Unless you have money to invest in major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, your starting point is with shitcoins.

Click this link to join my WhatsApp group:

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How to Easily Multiply Cryptocurrency In 2022

Nigeria is no doubt the current leader of global Cryptocurrency trade – Bitcoin to be precise. According to Statista 2020 report, 32% of Nigerians are involved in Cryptocurrency trade, which makes it the highest number from any country. But when it comes to volume of transaction, Nigeria comes behind United States.

Moreover, the Cryptocurrency market is exploding in prices. The demand and relevance of digital currencies are gaining momentum even from irrelevant quarters. It’s no longer news that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk even added $1.5 billion in Bitcoin to its balance sheet.

And there are even speculations that Bitcoin might hit the $100,000 in value soon. Whether that would happen soon or not it’s not even the reason for this post. There’s huge potential with cryptocurrencies that should get everyone’s attention now.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a Crypto wallet, now is the time to do so fast. Those who bought into this currency when it was still unknown have become millionaires, if not billionaires, without much effort. And there’s still more room for new millionaires from Crypto world.

What’s Blockchain?

The first thing to understand about Cryptocurrency is the technology in which it’s built – called Blockchain. This technology works as an open distributed ledger that records the transactions between two parties. It’s done efficiently, in a verifiable way that makes it permanent, and is resistant to any modification of the data.

That means it doesn’t require a middle person, doesn’t need the banks to verify transactions as well.

It’s not like the current monetary system that’s reserved in the banks, backed by governments. Which requires you to have an ATM, or a connection to the bank to transfer money to other people. That monetary system involves middle person – which is the bank. But Blockchain does require any intermediary.

What’s Cryptocurrency?

What properly defines Cryptocurrency is that it’s MONEY. But digital money. It’s one currency that’s not managed or controlled by any governments or world power.

Even the identity of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, which happens to be the first Crypto, is still a mystery. That has not changed the fact that cryptocurrencies have taken their rightful place in the market of currencies.

So, Cryptocurrency is a form of currency available only in digital or electronic form, not in any physical form. It’s also referred as the following:

  • Digital money
  • Electronic money
  • Electronic currency
  • Cyber cash

Cryptocurrencies are only transacted on Blockchain technology. Normally payments in this way are instantaneous.

How Cryptocurrency Work

It’s a way to store and exchange value. And about exchanging values, it doesn’t follow traditional and bank payment methods, which often aligns it with the term ‘dark web’. A term used to describe internet activities that’s not within the purview of government scrutiny and judicial control.

However, Cryptocurrency relies on a technology called “Blockchain” – its function is to share transactional database, with its entries which must be confirmed and encrypted.

Now cryptos are used in paying for goods and services. But much of its relevance is in the speculative trade transaction, which is currently driving the prices off the roof.

Benefits of Digital Currency

There are lots of benefits of Cryptocurrency. Here are just the few important ones:

  • Reduces corruption – as one entity do not have control
  • Eliminates extreme government money printing
  • You control your money instead of giving away your control
  • It cuts out the middle person who always takes a cut
  • And serves the people who don’t have access to the banks

Different Types Of Cryptocurrencies

There are 3 types of cryptos. Here is the list below:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Altcoins
  3. Tokens

What’s Bitcoin?

Let me summarize the whole concept of Bitcoin for you. Bitcoin is a digital currency that was invented without links to government or any country’s central bank. That means, it’s neither regulated by the government nor the banks.

According to reports, it was invented in 2008 by an unknown person, who goes by an imaginary name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. However, the currency came into use in 2009 through a digital app.

How Bitcoin Works

The way to understand Bitcoin better is to related it to a computer file that’s stored in a digital wallet app. Anyone can send Bitcoin to your digital wallet, and you too can send to other people.

Furthermore, bitcoins are generated by competitive and decentralized process called “mining”. Bitcoin mining is done by the individuals, who in return are rewarded by the network for their services. These Bitcoin miners receives bitcoins as a reward for completing ‘blocks’ of verified transactions , which are then added to the Blockchain.

In recent times, the prices of Bitcoin are going so high. Some speculate that since there are only 21 million bitcoins in total, there will be less circulation of the currency. And as more people become aware of the scarcity, demand rises, it’s resulting in a higher price.

Also, as many companies and some government agencies buy Bitcoin that shows a high level of confidence, which pushes the appreciation up and it makes Bitcoin more desirable. Bitcoin popularity is making investors believe there’s further upside.

What’s Altcoin?

If you have been involved in cryptos you may have heard about altcoin – alternative cryptocurrencies that got launched after Bitcoin achieved success. The number of altcoins are growing everyday.

Even within Bitcoin Blockchain, altcoins have emerged. The likes of Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin classic, etcetera. Here are some list of altcoins currently in use.

  • Ethereum
  • Ripples
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Polkadot
  • Tether
  • Cardano
  • Filecoin
  • POSI

And many others still coming out till date. While there will only be one Bitcoin, there’s going to be endless versions of altcoins.

What’s Token?

Tokens are a type of cryptocurrency. They represent asset or used for specific needs.

Crypto tokens are created, distributed or sold, and circulated through the standard initial coin offering (ICO) process that involves a crowdfunding exercise usually meant to fund project development.

Crypto tokens or crypto assets, are special kinds of virtual currency tokens that are built on their own blockchains and represent an asset or utility. They are mostly used as fundraise for crowd sales. They can also be used as a substitute for other things.

In an example, one can have a crypto token that represents a particular number of customer loyalty points on a blockchain. And that is used to manage such details for a retail chain.

What’s Cryptocurrency Used For?

One of the challenges some have with Cryptocurrency is they can’t understand what it’s used for. They have argued that, it cannot be used primarily as a means of exchange in a real world, considering the price.

Gold is not even a currency but it’s a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrency is serving its purpose as a medium of exchange, in a much better way – making many rich.

Moreover, Crypto trading is a trending business, growing to equal or surpass Forex trading. If that’s the only use for cryptocurrencies that would have been awesome.

Top Cryptocurrencies In Nigeria

If you are new in Crypto business, you would like to know what other Nigerian Crypto investors are buying and why. It’s not like their choice is the best. But if those who got into the bushes before you are buying certain cryptos it’s a sign that they could be good for you as well.

However, you need to know the motivation behind these choice. Most Nigerian got into crypto simply for profit. So, their first motivation is how much they can make from any Cryptocurrency. If you have the same motivation, then you have consider what they are buying.

In the recent Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) ban on cryptocurrencies, three of the cryptos that were continuously referenced are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. But that’s not the only cryptos Nigerians buy. See a few list below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ripples
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • POSI
  • Zugacoin

These list represents the most traded cryptos in Nigeria. Bitcoin and Ethereum are top cryptos globally. Anyone would understand the reason they are top buy for Nigerians. But the love for Dogecoin is still a speculative investment. However, this coin is fighting to gain relevance.

You may be reading about Zugacoin for the first time here. Yes, zugacoin is a Nigerian Coin. I believe in visions and I know that if this coin didn’t become popular elsewhere it will be in Nigeria and Africa. Already there are insinuations that the biggest African car manufacturing company Innosson Motors has partnered to accept Zugacoin for payment for its cars.

What’s Ethereum?

Ethereum was built to help developers build apps for Ethereum Blockchain. The transaction time on Ethereum is also faster, within seconds. It also has more coins than Bitcoin – with a current number of 100 million ether coins. And more can be created.

What’s Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a spin-off or altcoin that was created in 2017. In November 2018, Bitcoin Cash split into two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin, designed to be transactional Cryptocurrency that functions as a peer to peer electronic cash payment system.

What’s Ripple?

Ripples is the bankers coin. It’s centralized, unlike other Blockchain coins that are decentralized. With global banks involved, it’s also under government control. It’s also an alternative to fiat currency. It has the potential to become acceptable to most countries government and even widespread.

What’s Litecoin?

Litecoin came from the same Blockchain as Bitcoin. They are both similar but with different features – an improvement on Bitcoin, for speed and cheaper transaction. It takes just seconds to process, and much cheaper for micro transactions.

What’s Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency invented by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who decided to create a payment system that is instant, fun, and free from traditional banking fees. Dogecoin features the face of the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme as its logo and namesake.

What’s Crypto Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, some are physical medium, program or an app service which stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. Apart from it’s basic function of storing the keys, a cryptocurrency wallet also offers the functionality of encrypting and signing information.

So, with cryptocurrency wallet, users can store and retrieve their digital assets. In an example, a user who acquires Crypto such as Bitcoin can store it in a wallet, and can from the wallet use it to make transactions.

Best Bitcoin Wallets for Nigerians

  • Exodus is good Best for Beginners.
  • Electrum is good for more advanced user interested in only Bitcoin
  • Mycelium is best for mobile users.
  • Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet
  • Trezor Model T is best for storing large number of Cryptocurrencies
  • Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is a cheaper option

Crypto Exchanges for Nigerians

Crypto Exchanges are not the same as crypto wallets. You have to know the difference. In Nigeria, not all crypto exchanges accept transactions from Nigerians. For example, Coinbase don’t accept users from Nigeria. It’s not just Voinbase, some other exchanges don’t accept users from Nigeria. Below are some tested exchanges where you can register to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from Nigeria.

Binance Crypto Exchange & App

Binance is number Crypto exchange in the world. One it’s major users are Nigerians. The beauty of Binance is that you can buy crypto in naira and pay directly from your bank account. And you can also withdraw your Crypto sales into your naira bank account.

My Assessment Of Binance
  • Binance is a good crypto Wallet for Nigerians
  • You can easily buy Crypto directly from your bank account
  • It’s also easy to withdraw your Crypto in naira equivalent into bank account
  • You can also buy or sell Crypto with their peer to peer transaction feature
  • However,its withdrawal charge is around 0.005 or $27 per Bitcoin transaction.

Signup for Binance account here.

Remitano Crypto Exchange & App

Reminato is also a popular Crypto platform among Nigerians. Although the company is based in South Africa, but its main African market is Nigeria.

My Assessment Of Remitano
  • Remitano is a good crypto Wallet for Nigerians
  • You can easily buy Crypto directly from your bank account
  • It’s also easy to withdraw your Crypto in naira equivalent into bank account
  • You can also buy or sell Crypto with their peer to peer transaction feature

Signup for Remitano account here.

Roqqu Crypto Exchange & App

Roqqu is made for Nigerians. It’s target market is Nigeria. Although, it’s not the only Wallet that serves Nigerians, but I have so many reasons to endorse this particular Wallet above the others. Here are my key reasons, and if you feel they are good you can also sign up with Roqqu using the link below.

My Assessment Of Roqqu
  • Roqqu is a good crypto Wallet for Nigerians
  • You can easily buy Crypto directly from your bank account
  • It’s also easy to withdraw your Crypto in naira equivalent into bank account
  • You can also buy or sell Crypto with their peer to peer transaction feature
  • It charges one of the lowest transaction fee, as low as 2%

Signup for Roqqu account here.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Once you have created a Crypto Wallet, you can start buying Cryptocurrency immediately. Although, you may need to verify your account. Some wallets would request for your government ID, bank verification number, and may even take your selfie.

And with your bank account you can buy your first Cryptocurrency from any of these crypto exchanges like Binance, Remitano or Roqqu in Nigeria.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency

Also, when you want to sell your cryptos, it’s also that simple. Most exchange use peer to peer for Nigerians. The beauty of using P2P is that everything is simplified and paid into your bank account. It’s as easy as clicking on withdraw, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and it’s quickly deposited into your local bank account in naira.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Crypto trading is the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies or exchanging of one crypto for another crypto assets or coins. The idea is to buy at a low price and sell at a high margin.

There are different types of crypto trading strategy you can explore:

  1. Day trading
  2. Swing trading
  3. Scalping
  4. Position trading

Day Trading:

This is the most popular trading style. Day trading, as its name implies, is the method of buying and selling crypto with in the same day.

Position Trading:

This is to buy and hold strategy. This strategy is suitable for beginners. However, when it’s done by an advanced trader, it can be a form of active trading.

Position trading uses longer term charts, anywhere from daily to weekly to monthly in combination with other methods to determine the trend of the current market direction.

This type of trading may last for several days to several weeks and sometimes longer, depending on the trend.

Swing Trading

Swing traders get in the game when a trend breaks. At the end of the trend, there is usually some price volatility as the new trend tries to establish itself. Swing trades are usually held for more than a day but for a short time than position traders.


Scalping is one of the quickest strategies employed by active traders. It includes exploiting various price gaps caused by bid-ask spread order flows.

The strategy generally works by making the spread or buying at the bid price and selling at the ask price to receive the difference between the two price points. Scalpers attempts to hold their positions for a short period.

Crypto Trading Technique

If you want to start trading cryptos, then you need to figure out what type of trader you want to be. You should know the technique you will be using. It’s important for every trader to have their own trading technique that works for them.

Here are two main trading techniques:

  1. Fundamental analysis
  2. Technical analysis

You can use any of the techniques or both.

Crypto Trading Strategies

A trading strategy is a trading fixed plan designed to achieve a profitable return, either going long or short in Crypto market. There are four different types of trading strategy. You will need to decide the method you want to use.

However, for every trading strategy you need to define the crypto to trade, your entry and exit points, and apply your money management rules. A bad money management can make a potentially profitable strategy unprofitable.

Here’s how to formulate a trading game plan? You do it on paper before going into the market. This is where a lot of traders fail.

Types of Crypto Trading Analysis

After figuring out the kind of trade that you want to be the next thing you need to put in mind is type of analysis you’ll be using for your trade. We have to type of analysis and they are

Fundamental Analysis

This is a method of measuring a coins intrinsic value by examining related economic and financial factor. The end goal is to arrive at a number that an investor can compare with the coins current price in order to see if the coin is undervalue or overvalued.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is just the discipline that is used to evaluate crypto investment, and to identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activities. Here are the activities that are analyzed, price movements, trade volume, moving average, time frame and etcetera.

Analyzing Coins

You must also know how to be able to analyze a coin, to know the ones that have great potentials for trade; by checking their market capital value, the volume of the coin, the most use of the coin, the team behind the coin, the technology behind the coin and how the coin is currently in demand.

Risk Management

You need to know how to minimize your risk. Crypto trading is risky and the market is volatile. But by setting stop loss, having a plan and sticking to the plan, without allowing greed to control your trading, you will bulletproof your investment from unnecessary losses.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Have a diversified portfolio. Don’t put all your money in one coin. Spread your money in different coins. Even if you have love in one coin, you can also gain in other coins to help cover the loss from one coin.

How to Earn Free Bitcoins

Okay, bitcoin prices are high, I get that. But how about getting some Bitcoin pennies on a daily basis. The small amount of crypto you get daily may not be really much, but over time it can accumulate to something.

There are several ways one can earn bitcoins for free. Here are some possible options:

  • How To Get Free Bitcoins With These 5 Methods
  • Join affiliate programs and earn free bitcoins
  • Download CryptoTab and earn free bitcoins from browsing
  • You can start mining Crypto to earn Bitcoin
  • Earn free Bitcoin from taking surveys
  • Earn free Bitcoin with a Crypto interest account
  • Get free POSI altcoins from POSI farm and pool and convert to Bitcoin


In Nigeria, cryptocurrencies are the focus of most startup investors. With as little as N1,000 you can start trading cryptocurrencies. There’s no limitation to what you can achieve with cryptos.

The nature of crypto coins makes it easier to acquire and multiply. Sometimes you could find free coins online. Some other time it could be available to purchase at a very ridiculous rate.

Start your plan to acquire Crypto coins now, even if their current value is anything much. That was how Bitcoin started in 2009, and today its the most valuable currency in the world.

The whole idea here is to help you get started with cryptocurrencies. That’s why I added several links to different sites and applications involved in crypt business. Take your time to click on the links to review the sites behind them. Some of them might be very helpful to you.

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How To Create The Perfect Residual Income

If you live in a harsh economic environment like Nigeria, where monthly minimum wage is N30,000 or almost equivalent of $50 (by the time this present exchange rate hits N600 to $1), you really need a residual income. How can you live on such meager income for a whole month, when some people are earning over $50 on residual income daily?

Let me compare your $50 monthly minimum wage to a residual income of $50 per day. That’s $1,500 or N750,000 on an exchange rate of N500 to $1. Don’t ask me why I’m using non official exchange rates. If you must know, much of what happens online in Nigeria is through unofficial transactions in dollar currency.

Nigerians are in control of their online activities, that’s why the government is trying at every point to frustrate the online community in Nigeria. So, it’s either you are building a residual income to take care of your regular expenditures, or you are building income for your retirement.

In this post, I’m exploring the world of residual income. Although, I will be drifting more into online income opportunities. Because that’s where everyone can play equally now.

What’s Residual Income?

If you work in the next 20 years, what’s going to be your income in 20 years? How much of your time and resources would that have cost you? Your income from work is only commiserate to the time and energy you put into the work.

That’s what I call “manpower” income. Laughing out loud! But how else can it be described than by what it is. However, when you practically do nothing, or little at the inception and then let that initial effort or input work for you continually, you have created an income that’s residual in nature.

This kind of income continues to come in even after you have completed the work that’s producing the income. And every Nigerian needs this kind of income.

How Residual Income Works

When it comes to residual income, two things are at play – how much you want to earn and how much you have to invest to earn it. Since I’m considering mostly online investment programs, the only factor that’s in consideration here is – profit percentage accruable from your investment.

The best way to understand residual income is to consider any of its examples. Take for instant residual income from intellectual properties like books, music, videos, etcetera. You write the book once, or the music or video is only done once, but you keep earning from those materials over a long period of time.

As long as their are people willing to pay for any of those works, you keep earning residual income from that one-time effort. If you are thinking, what if I can’t write a book, or produce music or videos? Like I mentioned, those are just examples. There are many other ways to earn residual income, even if you don’t have any skill.

Investment Opportunities And Risk Assessment

Online residual income opportunities has flooded the internet since after COVID19 lockdowns. More and more people are looking for residual income to argument for the low income effects from the pandemic.

There are so many of these income opportunities right now on the internet, and most of them are actually scam. So, you have to be careful. Moreover, even when such opportunity is not really a scam, note that every business venture is a risk investment.

You have to be cautious and invest wisely. The first thing you have to do is ask yourself, how much can I possibly lose now and it won’t affect my finances? That should be the amount to start with. Never be in a hurry to earn from untested and unproven opportunities.

Start with small amount, and increase later if the opportunity proves to be legit. Another thing you should know about even legit businesses is that non is 100% risk proof. Invest only the amount you can possibly risk at first, and pull out funds as the returns starts piling up. Don’t get greedy.

Some Typical Examples of Residual Income

From the first examples I gave, you already know what is residual income. You can easily identify an opportunity when you see one. While most of the examples are still good as residual income, I’m going to emphasis more on online based residual income. But first let me give you some list of passive income.

  • Investment in stocks, forex and crypto
  • Investment in Real Estate
  • Creating an Online Course
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Having a membership site
  • Writing a Book
  • Building a network marketing group

Like I mentioned, we are going to explore online opportunities. And before I proceed, don’t ignore network marketing opportunities. I know some people don’t like the idea of network marketing.

Since there are no proven online residual income in Nigeria, you have to explore those from other countries. Unless you want to create your own residual income business. My suggestion is to find investment opportunities and plug in your money to earn income daily, monthly or annually, as the case maybe.

Residual Income Ideas

Let me expose you to some of the existing residual income Ideas. The internet has truly changed the way anything and everything works all over the world. It’s not only the simplicity, but also the transactional nature of doing things.

There are several passive income Ideas online that you can start. The internet has given more people the opportunity that was once reserved to a select few. And you earn as much 10% returns on your investment. But before you invest in any one, study the opportunity. If possible, attend physical or online trainings to learn more about how you can earn from the opportunity.

Forex Residual Income Idea

Right now, one of the biggest investment opportunity online is Forex trading. It’s not new, but what’s new is opportunity for everyone including non traders to invest in the forex market. All you need is buy up an investment package from a trading company, and you get returns daily as the package stipulates.

If this kind of passive income interests you, here is another post you should read – HOW TO START FOREX TRADING AS A NON TRADER.

Crypto Residual Income Ideas

Cryptocurrencies are also taking its huge share of the currency market. Almost all the exchange platforms are also offering opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies as well. Even so, platforms are springing up asking for investors to buy trading packages with them for a guaranteed return.

Both the forex and crypto markets work almost the same. Apart from the fact that forex markets only operate 5 days in a week, as against crypto market that’s open every day of the week.

NOTE: The passive income investments that I recommend includes – OMEGAPRO, AX TRADER, BEURAX, and PETRONPAY.

Residual Income Business

Someone has asked me one day, is residual income a business? There’s a business aspect of residual income, and there’s also non business part, where you sit and earn passively. I have also listed some of them in the examples of passive income Ideas.

Residual income businesses are those income you setup and earn from over a long period of time. You may or may not own them 100%.

Real estate is one of them. You invest in properties and keep collecting rents over a long period of time. The problem with real estate business is that it still needs you to manage the business. This aspect of passive income in common, not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

Best Residual Income To Invest With

The best residual income is actually the one that keeps paying you for a long time to come. However, you may not be able to predict which online investment will last for years to come. So, your primary target now should be to keep growing your income.

For example, to grow your income with passive income, you should look for investments that can guarantee some good percentage on a daily or monthly basis, if you don’t have much fund. Like, 0.45 to 5 percent daily income.

But if your target is a retirement plan, you should go for a longer passive income investment that gives 10 percent returns on a monthly basis. It will only require that you invest big. Like, $10,000 would give you guaranteed $30,000 returns in 16 months period, on a compounding interest rate.

Note that, going for a short term investment has a higher return and higher risk as well. A long term investment has lower ROI and also lower risk of failing. But if you are like me, I do the long term for secured returns, and I risk the short term and cash out before it has the potential to fail.


Residual income is not new. You probably have heard of it all your life but have never made it work for you. We are in an era where this kind of income is not only required but it’s also possible for anyone to start earning passively.

From as low as $10 you can start earning from a passive investment. This post is to help you start your journey of residual income. Don’t stop at reading it. Take action. Search for opportunities and ask around what others are doing to earn passive income.

Don’t rush into any investment. Do your homework, and ask those who have invested before you how their investment is doing before you put yours. As good as online passive income may sound, the risk is as much high too.

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Omegapro – 9 Risk-Free Reasons to Invest Now

Omegapro is going to make you rich – If you are looking for passive income opportunities to put your idle money to work for you; I recommend you invest in Omegapro forex trading packages. It’s far better than leaving your money in the bank. And there’s not many passive income opportunities like this available.

What if I also tell you that this one offers 300% return on investment over a 16 months period, would you give it a try? I know you would but first, let me explain it properly. I really want you to invest in Omegapro. But don’t do it blindly.

This post is not a financial advisement. You must know that every investment has risks. You should properly evaluate your risk options before you invest in Omegapro. Or better still seek the advise of your investment adviser. I’m only going to share with you my personal findings.


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Is Omegapro A Legit Passive Income?

As an investor, it’s always safer to question the legitimacy of any investment before you put in your money. Even if you are a risk taker, always evaluate the risks first to know how much risk you are prepared to undertake.

Most of what would clarify if Omegapro is legit or not would be explained in each of the subheads in this post. But here are the things to watch out for:

  • What’s the company offers and promises?
  • How are they going to fulfill them?
  • Are they registered and where?
  • Who are those behind them ?

What Is Omegapro?

Omegapro is a Forex and crypto trading company. What they are offering investors like you and I are opportunity to invest in Omegapro by buying any of their trading packages. When you buy a trading package the company trades with your money and pay you profit daily.

Simply put, the company trades for those who can’t trade for themselves. And they also pay you profit earn from trading with your money. They give you opportunity to buy the packages you can afford. The minimum package to invest in Omegapro is the $100 or startup package.

You don’t have to know how to trade forex or cryptocurrency. In fact, Omegapro is suitable for non traders like yourself. They took the risk off you, while you can earn daily returns on your investment.

#1 – How Does Omegapro Works?

If you understood clearly my explanation about Omegapro, then let me explain how it all works. Here are things that you should be familiar with before you invest in Omegapro:

  • The company will trade with your money
  • You get your profits daily paid into your wallet with them
  • The minimum daily profit percent is 0.45%
  • You can buy as many different packages as you want
  • Referring other people is optional

Let me explain a bit about the referral program of Omegapro. It’s not part of your requirement when you invest in Omegapro. Referring others is entirely by choice. If you don’t want, you shouldn’t.

But let me reveal a secret to you. The company pays more when you refer others to them. Remember, they can afford to pay for adverts. But they are paying you for helping them educate someone better on how to invest in Omegapro. What their advert couldn’t do, you are hired to do it better for them.

Here’s the different packages you can buy in Omegapro and their daily profit returns.

  1. Startup Trader: $100 package – $0.45 daily returns
  2. Basic Trader: $500 package – $2.25 daily returns
  3. Light Trader: $1,000 package – $4.50 daily returns
  4. Pro Trader: $3,000 package – $13.50 daily returns
  5. Advance Trader: $5,000 package – $22.50 daily returns
  6. Tycoon Trader: $8,000 package – $36 daily returns
  7. Premium Trader: $10,000 package – $45 daily returns
  8. Master Trader: $15,000 package – $67.50 daily returns
  9. Elite Trader: $25,000 package – $112.50 daily returns
  10. VIP Trader: $50,000 package – $225 daily returns

To sign up for each package, Omegapro charges $29 one time administrative fee, plus the investment package sum you chooses to start with.

#2 – Why I’m Recommending Omegapro

It’s always important for me to explain my motive, so that you will understand why I’m reviewing this passive income opportunity for you. Before I started writing this post, I have already invested in Omegapro.

So, I’m not only recommending as a promotion for the company. This post is not a paid advert for Omegapro. It’s a personal review of the investment based on my findings.

Here’s my reasons and findings to help you decide to invest or not:

  • It’s easy to start
  • Has daily income
  • Has daily withdrawal
  • It’s a medium term investment plan
  • Daily profit percentage is 0.45%
  • The company is very transparent

The minimum investment package is $100. Anyone can afford to start with that amount. You may also need to calculate how much you hope to earn when picking the right investment plan.

Omegapro Forex or Bitcoin Trading License

The most important decision you have to make when buying into Omegapro trading license is to choose either forex or Bitcoin license or both. If you want to go for both, good. But if you have to choose either one of them, let me help you make that decision quickly.

You can’t compare Forex license to Bitcoin for many reasons.

?️Forex is just Forex – what you earn is what you gain
?️If you are in Nigeria, you will need a third party to get digital USD to buy forex license
?️You will face similar problems as well when cashing out
?️With Bitcoin everything is a win-win
?️You have the option to do-it-yourself when buying or selling your license proceeds
?️You also gain more if Bitcoin price goes up, which is possible in a 16 months investment
?️Also, if you are earning network bonus it will also be in Bitcoin and that would both be compounding and appreciating at the same time

Generally, if you have to choose between a Omegapro Forex licence and Bitcoin licence, the best option is Bitcoin licence. If you don’t know how Bitcoin works, start learning now. Join Crypto Lessons on TELEGRAM for Beginners and get the basic knowledge about cryptos.

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

#3 – Those Behind Omegapro

Those behind any investment is important when making decision to invest. For Omegapro, not only do we know those behind it, they are well known institutional investors, and they have publicly

Omegapro is founded by 3 institutional investors:

Dilawar Singh (Owner of OMP Group)

Andreas Szakacs (CEO)

Andreas Szakacs – An Ace in the Financial Field

Mike Sims (Partner)

Although Omegapro started in the late 2018, but by 2020 is has recorded tremendous success as an organization and with its investors in over 100 countries. You can search for the information about its founders to gain more knowledge about those behind Omegapro.

#4 – What’s Risk Assessment of Omegapro?

Now, let’s consider the risk involved. I know what’s on your mind. Hope this investment is not a risk? Every business is risky, it’s just the level of risk exposure that one needs to measure. And for Omegapro investment, I will analyze the risk exposure for you. Let me go with a YES and NO answer.

Here’s my reason for saying YES:

  • It’s an online investment, no chance of visiting the physical office
  • The company drives sales only through network marketing
  • It’s relatively a new organization and not enough time yet to prove them

And here’s my reason for saying NO:

  • At minimum entry of $100 is low to be risky for most investors
  • It offers daily withdrawal for profits
  • It’s a medium term investment, you can also cancel in between the contract period
  • Forex trading has a high yield potential
  • The company support staff are handy and helpful
  • You also have some control over your investment through the back office

#5 – How to Invest In Omegapro Wisely

I have already explained that Omegapro pays minimum of 0.45% daily on any package you purchased. You can buy as many packages of your choice. That’s the investment side of the business

If for instance you invested $500, you are paid $2.25 daily as your profit, from Mondays to Fridays. You can choose to withdraw it or leave it. And when you leave it the company will trade with it and you get a compound interest on the profits earned daily.

Each package has a lifespan of 16 months. If you leave all your profit to compound, by the end of the 16 months you would have earned 300% of the amount you invested. If what you invested is $500, it would have become $1,500.

You can then choose to withdraw your full money or reinvest some or all of it. That’s your choice at this point.

Create Your Account

If you are convinced about investing in Omegapro, here’s the steps to take to get registered with the company. The company prefers someone sponsors you. That way you stand to benefit more than just from your investment.

A sponsor in Omegapro is like a mentor – someone who will guide you on how best to maximize your investment with the company. That also places you in an advantageous position to earn from other people’s efforts in the network. While it’s optional to refer others, you are still going to be in the network and might earn from the efforts of others.

To register, use anyone of our referral links below and that would make FASTWEB your sponsor:

OMEGAPRO NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION LINK ONE (if you like red colour use this link)

OMEGAPRO NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION LINK ONE (If you like blue colour use this link)

OMEGAPRO NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION LINK ONE (if you like green colour use this link)

OMEGAPRO NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION LINK ONE (If you like white colour use this link)

Note: You can register from any country in the world and make your payments with either local bank transaction or with cryptocurrency.

Make Your Deposit

To make a deposit to activate a package on Omegapro, there are several options available to help you do that. Here are some of them:

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Etherium Wallet
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/debit card
  • Peer to peer transfer

For those in Nigeria, you may have only one better choice to make deposit into your Omegapro account to activate the package of your choice. If you registered through a sponsor, you will be guided on how to use peer to peer transfer.

A peer to peer transfer means another Omegapro investor would accept an agreed equivalent in naira and transfer the agreed amount in US dollars into your wallet account with Omegapro.

Note: exchange rate may differ from government regulated rates. If you have any problem making payments you can contact me for guidance.

How To Withdraw Your Profits

The most important part of any investment is how to withdraw your profits. And this can be done in very simple ways. You can withdraw into:

  • Your US dollar bank account
  • Your credit/debit card
  • Peer to peer

Also, you can withdraw into your Omega Money account. It’s an online bank from Omegapro. You will need to create an open a banking account with Omega Money.

#6 – Leadership Rank & Rewards

Omegapro has 9 different leadership ranks with applicable rewards that follows each one. I will explain each of them. But first here is a list of the 9 leadership ranks below:

  1. Associate
  2. Builder
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Blue Diamond
  8. Black Diamond
  9. Crown Diamond

This is the highest rank and reward in Omegapro. You will receive a Crown Diamond ring, plus a Lamborghini Aventador, or its cash equivalent of $500,000.

#7 – How to Earn Referral Income

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How Best to Invest In Nigerian Stocks In 2021

Stocks are one of the most viable investment opportunities for the rich. To invest in Nigerian stocks, you need to understand this simple guide on stock investing. It also doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Anyone can trade Nigerian stocks from where they are.

Nigerians in diaspora can use this medium to understand and invest in Nigerian stocks. The value of the Nigerian stock market is growing everyday, irrespective of the economic situation of the country.

For those who have disposal funds they can allow to sit around for 10 to 20 years should explore the huge penny stocks potential of the Nigerian stock market. Investing a meager 1 million naira in Nigerian stocks today could be worth tens of millions in a few years to come.

And don’t underestimate the come back opportunity for the Nigerian economy, which will trigger future stock appreciation.

Understanding Nigerian Stock Exchange

If you are new in stock investment, you may have a hard time understanding everything that goes on in the stock market. It’s the same for every stock market. You may not know everything about how stock market works. But make up your mind to start learning gradually.

I have also written another post on Steps To Make Money In The Stock Market. There’s so much to learn from that as a beginner.

Although, I have provided you with the basics that you need to know about how you can invest in the Nigerian stock market, you have to make conscious effort on your own to learn even more.

Choosing A Stockbroker

To start trading Nigerian stocks you need to choose a stockbroker or dealer. It’s only NSE accredited brokers you can use to buy or sell stock through the NSE central order book.

You are also to confirm brokers status with both the NSE and SEC (Securities And Exchange Commission) before selecting a suitable broker to represent your interest as an investor.

You should know who these stockbroking firms are. So, research and pick the best broker firm for your stock investment. Click Here to see List Of NSE Approved Stockbrokers.

Cost Of Trading Nigerian Stocks

When buying or selling stocks in the Nigerian stock market, there are stipulated cost associated with each transaction. As an investor, you need to know the charges.

These costs of transacting Nigerian stocks includes the following:

  1. Commissions
  2. Fees

And the commissions and fees are standard across all brokers, usually assessed on a sliding scale. That is, for transaction amounts that are less than 1 million naira in value, you will pay the following costs percentage:

Buying = 1.86%
Selling = 2.19%

But if the transaction amounts exceeds 1 million, that’s a far larger transaction, the following commission and fees apply.

Buying = 1.49%
Selling = 1.82%

Trading Nigerian Stocks On NSE

Trading stocks on on the Nigerian Stock Exchange may not be exactly as that of certain world exchanges like the New Stock Exchange. The peculiarity of the Nigerian environment is also taking its toll on how Nigerian stocks trading works.

Every stock exchange in the world have their different procedures on trading their stocks. That’s the first thing you learn before investing in stocks in that exchange. That’s also why the Nigerian stock market has a process of trading stocks on it.

Invest first in learning about stock trading, especially about the exchange you want to trade on. You will be shock about how much you didn’t know from what you will discover.

Read books about stock market, especially about Nigerian stock market. You should also follow some popular Nigerian stock pages on social media. Follow this Facebook page: The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Facebook group: Nigerian Stock Market Investors.

How To Become An Investor

There are 2 ways you can become an investor in the Nigerian stock market. According to The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), they are the only ways you can start trading Nigerian Stocks.

  1. By Direct Account Opening Structure
  2. By Indirect or Custody Account Opening Structure

Direct Account Opening Structure:

  • Contact preferred domestic dealer (DD)
  • Complete account Opening KYC with dealer
  • Submit all the required KYC documents to dealer
  • Broker processes CSCS account Opening and gives Account details to investor
  • Investor can now trade (buy or sell) stocks on NSE

Investor now chooses how he or she would want to trade Nigerian stocks. With a direct trading account, investors have two options to place stock orders, either to buy or to sell. It’s not like you are restricted to any of the options. You can choose to use the two options interchangeably.

The 2 options are:

  1. Remotely
  2. Through dealer

Trading Nigerian stocks remotely affords investors the privilege of sending order mandate through remote trading platform provided by dealer. This remote platform is directly linked to NSE central order book. While CSCS settles these trades into clients Account with dealer. And this process usually takes 3 to 4 trading days.

But when order is by dealer option, investors sends order mandate to the dealer to execute. While the dealer or broker sends clients orders through trading interface to NSE central order book. And it finally gets settled into clients account with dealer through CSCS. It takes the same duration, 3 to 4 Days.

Indirect or Custody Account Opening Structure:

  • Contact preferred domestic dealer (DD)
  • Complete account Opening KYC with dealer
  • Submit all the required KYC documents to dealer
  • Investor appoints a domestic custodian
  • Dealer is linked to a investor trading account
  • Investor buys or sells stocks on NSE through linked dealer

And when trading stocks, investor’s trading mandate is sent to both dealer and custodian. Dealer will always verify trade instructions with custodian to ensure access to account and availability of stocks or cash, depending on whether the trade is to buy or sell stocks.

So the dealer sends clients orders through trading interface to NSE central order book. And CSCS (Central Securities Clearing System) settles trade into clients Account with dealer. This whole process takes about 3 to 4 days settlement circle.

Tips On Indirect Account You Should Know:

  • Investors assets are with the custodian and not the dealer
  • Even though access is restricted, several brokers can still trade on the inventory
  • Access to securities are with custodian. Dealers can only get access from the custodian
  • And the stocks and cash settlements are settled with the custodian

KYC Requirements And Documentation

To open your Nigerian stock trading account, you will need to provide some KYC documents. Apart from filling some forms, they are backed up with proof of documents. Know your customer (KYC) is an important stock trading account opening requirement.

  • Fill the CSCS Account Opening Form
  • Complete the Broker’s Account Opening Form
  • Submit 2 color passport-sized photos of yourself.
  • Submit a Photocopy of your passport or driver’s licence or any government recognized identity card
  • Submit a Photocopy of a recent utility bill as proof of your residential address

Some of the documents required are to prove the identity of the investor. The passport-sized photos and your approved identity card are to prove you are the actual person requesting to open a stock trading account. While the utility bill is a way to confirm the address you provided to be your current residential address.


The stock market is a place the rich create wealth over time. Some value stocks can be purchased as penny stocks, at a very low price point, and within time the value appreciates at an unprecedented rate.

Stocks are the type of investment that the value increases over time. And it gives you rights to earn profits from publicly listed companies, rather than starting your own business from the scratch.

The strategy of growing wealth in the stock market is by starting from where you are. Even with initial small stocks, you can gradually increase your stock portfolio by continuously trading for more stocks to multiply your investment.

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5 Important Investment Rules for Beginners

Rules are important. They show us what should be done to attain certain results. Investment rules help you make wise investment decisions. You need to know these investment rules as a beginner. And you need to know how best to decide on what to do without consulting experts all the time. This makes you your own personal expert advisor.

Investment rules are not so different from business rules. But rules helps you know when you are doing the right thing, and if what you are doing will produce the desired results.

So, you need to know what these investing rules are and how you can apply them as a investor.

What Is Investment Rules?

Anybody might chose how to do things, it’s up to them. Picking rules to guide your investment decisions are a wise path to follow. It’s not every time you make good decisions on your own. But with rules guiding your investment would help you make wiser decisions.

And this guide will show you how to create investment rules that would act as your personal investment expert. It will show you what to do and how to do them. You will be able to discern between good and bad investment choices even before you make them.

Moreover, you will also be able to know why you should invest in certain opportunities, and what you hope to gain out of it beyond money. Investment rules are a better way to dive into early chances of emerging opportunities without burning your fingers.

You can’t wait to get the full details. I have briefly expanded on these 5 rules that works all the time. Plus the 6th rule I added as a bonus in my conclusion.

{1} Make Early Choices

The first of these investment rules is to invest early. If you are at a certain age these may sound like you have already missed this point. But not at all. Investing early doesn’t only apply to your age as an investor. Starting your investment at an early entry is a great advantage.

A good example of investing early is with bitcoin. At the early stage of bitcoin the prices were at 0.008 dollar of 0.08 bitcoin rate. Nobody wanted bitcoin that much at that time. Nobody thought bitcoin would ever become a deciding currency, not to talk of the huge price appreciation it has recorded over the short period.

And those who bought and held bitcoin from its insignificant price point became millionaires and billionaires. Thats what investing early can do for you.

When you invest , invest as early as possible, and as much as you can. Or better still, invest as much as you can afford to lose. Because investing early is a high risk opportunity. Most times, you can’t see any visible potential for success, apart from your faith to believe in the impossible.

{2} Take Risk

If you cannot take risk, you cannot be successful as an investor. The second of my investing rules is to take risk. You just need the stomach for high risk to be an investor. One of the risk factor of investing is that you may or may not be able to project it’s profitability in most cases.

However, as a wise investor, take calculated risks. Even though you need to take risk with investment, don’t invest blindly. Research properly every opportunity before investing your money. Having a proper knowledge about your investment is important. Don’t throw away your money in every investment opportunity that you see.

Have some approach that you follow to assess your investment risks before you invest. For example, plan your investment capital and make provision for amount you can invest in early investment opportunities while you are still trying to fully understand its risks and potential for you.

Any investment that you are yet to figure out how to recoup your investment is not worth throwing in all your eggs. Learn to plan out your investment portfolio and set your high and low investment strategies. And know that avoiding risk doesn’t include failing to invest.

{3} Make Wise Decisions

The next point in investment rules is to invest wisely. Wisdom is profitable to direct in everything we do in life. Wisdom is knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it for better results. And you need to apply wisdom as an investor.

Also know that it’s not all investments that will yield returns. Some will only result to loses for you. And if you keep investing in those ones that results to loses, you will soon be out of funds for investment. That’s where wisdom plays an important role as a key investing rule.

You don’t have to invest money you will need right away. This may sound like a careless warning and one that seem to undermine the second rule that demands you to take risk. But this investment rule is as important as the rule that demands you to take risk.

Inasmuch as risk is the way to go, as far as investing is concern, you also need to be alive to enjoy the investment. So, don’t risk money that you need right away. As long as what you need the money for is a life and death issue, it’s not worth risking for an investment. In fact, no investment is worth more than life itself. Life is your first investment, before you think of any investment for financial gain.

{4} Understand Before You Invest

Even though you should invest early and take risk, you shouldn’t as a matter of rule, invest in any business you don’t understand. That’s our 4th investing rule. There’s no wisdom in investing your money in an investment you know nothing of.

You should always seek to gain good understanding of what you are investing your money into. That’s why investors expend a lot on vualauble information before they decide to invest in any investment opportunity.

Wise investment is based on informed decision. And that’s how to take calculated risk. You don’t just take risk, you ensure that it’s risk well thought of. In every investing, you should know what the investment is all about? Who are those behind it? How much can you possibly make from the investment if you invest an expected capital within a period?

When you research an investment opportunity properly, you are either more confident to put in your capital or not.

{5} Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversifying your investment portfolio is another way to manage your risk. Having multiple investment portfolios can save you from the high risk associated with investing.

A typical diversified portfolio should have a mixture of stocks, fixed income and commodities. And these diversified portfolio should include assets that earns the highest returns for you, for the least risk possible.

Tips To Diversify Your Portfolio

Investopedia gave 5 tips to help you diversify your portfolio.

  1. Don’t put all of your money in one investment
  2. Consider Index or Bond Funds
  3. Keep Building Your Portfolio.
  4. Also Know When to Get Out.
  5. Keep a Watchful Eye on Commissions.


The 5 investment rules are complete and are very useful for planning your investment. But I have a 6th rule which I believe is even more important than the 5 rules put together. This rule 6 is simply “Don’t Fail To Invest”.

If you didn’t invest, nothing would matter, and all these investment rules won’t mean anything to you.

The power of success is in doing what you dream of. And your dream of investing is not just in knowing the rules alone, but to actual invest your money. Plan and actually invest in mixed stocks, fixed income and commodities.

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Stock Market: 9 Simple Steps to Make Money

Do you want to know how to make money in the stock market? You need to learn how to trade stocks. This simple steps here will help you if you don’t know how to get started. I have made them simple to understand and follow. All you need now is to read through these steps and take note of the actions you need to follow.

Smart investors know that stocks are one of the investment opportunities for building wealth. But you need to know for yourself how profitable is stock trading, because a lot depends on your trading approach.

If you are desiring to venture into stock trading business, you may need to educate yourself more on the basics of stock trading. And you will find this simple guide very useful to understanding your first steps in the stock market.

Understanding The Stock Market

A stock market is a designated place where stocks or shares of a company are bought and sold. This transaction is processed between stockbrokers and shareholders. A good example of stock market are the New York Stock Exchange and the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

And every country in the world has a stock exchange. You should get more information about your country stock exchange to familiarize yourself with how stock works in your country.

Also, there are several online stock trading platforms that can help you buy and sell stocks. A little research online would lead you to the best stock trading platforms for your country stock market.

Stock trading is considered a risk venture. Although the potential for profit is high, depending on economic indexes in your country. A good profit margin for stocks by general rule of thumb, a 10% net profit margin is considered average, a 20% margin is considered high, while a 5% margin is low.

The other related market that’s like the stock market is the forex market. While in the stock market we trade shares of quoted companies, but in the forex market what we trade is currency. If you know about the bureau de change business, you can understand how Forex Trading works in the forex market. 

Step #1: Understand Stock Terminology

These are unique technical keywords that will help you read the stock market. You need to know and familiarize yourself with these terms. It’s like the school of stock market. If you don’t understand the language how would you understand the business.

As a beginner, your should start with the basics. Learn those common terminologies that will get you started in the business.

Timothy Sykes listed 37 of them in his blog that I would like you to check out. When you understand these stock terminology you are better equipped to start trading stocks.

Here are a few of the tips:

  1. Annual Report
  2. Arbitrage
  3. Averaging Down
  4. Bear Market
  5. Beta
  6. Blue Chip Stocks
  7. Bourse
  8. Bull Market
  9. Broker
  10. Bid
  11. Close

Know the keywords and what they mean in stock trading business. That’s your first step in stock market schooling. These are also the words you are going to be encountering as you invest in the stock market.

Step #2: How The Stock Market Works

It’s vital that you understand how and why companies get listed on the stock market. Companies stocks are first made available on the stock exchange through their initial public offering (IPO). After the initial public offering, the company’s stock is then freely traded on the exchange.

It’s not enough to just know how companies get listed in the stock market. You also need to know why. The why is more important than the how. Because it’s what forms the purpose of the IPO.

Companies decide to go public for one main reason, which is to raise a lot money. But most importantly, it’s to spread the risk of ownership among a large group of shareholders. So, when you buy a company stock, you are not only a part owner of the company, you are also sharing in their risks.

And that also makes you share in their profits, which is the primary reason shareholders decides to trade company stocks. Your ownership of some company stocks gives you rights to share in their profit based on the percentage of the stocks you own.

Step #3: The Tools You Need To Trade Stocks

Traders often turn to research to help them make buying and selling decisions. You need the best charting tools to help you trade stocks and the best tools to help you place stock orders.

Charting is a way to look at trends in a stock’s price over periods of time. It gives you an overview of the stocks, current statistics and possible forecast of future earnings.

Top Free Stock Chart Tools:

  • TC2000: The Best Free Charts for Detailed Technical Analysis & Scanning.
  • StockCharts.com: Is Good for Advanced Charts & Analysis From Industry Experts.
  • TradingView: The Best Free Stock Charts & Huge Trading Community
  • Stock Rover: The Best Free Screener & Charting for Value Investors
  • MSN Money Central
  • Robinhood: A Simple Free Trading from a Smartphone
  • Yahoo Finance: A Good Charts & Delayed News + Broker Integration
  • CNN Money: The Basic Stock Charts & Watchlist with No Login
  • Reuters: Is Good for Free Stock Market News + Basic Stock Charts
  • Finviz: A Good Stock Market Visualizations & Charts

Step #4: How To Find The Best Stocks

The most important aspect of stock trading is knowing how to pick the best stocks. There are thousands of stocks made available on a daily basis. You need to be able to filter through thousands of stocks to pick out the ones that will be profitable for you.

Sometimes, your best stocks may not be best for another person. Always consider your strategy when picking stocks to buy. However, you can simply follow this simple advice below.

The Trading Academy gave us a simple stock picking guide on their blog that anyone can follow to pick best stocks to trade.

Tips to Pick Stocks:

  • Understand your level of risk and decide what is appropriate.
  • No Matter your personality, develop a smart strategy for choosing stocks to invest in.
  • Start by picking one stock and then analyze the results.
  • Use trading charts to understand movement of stocks and the overall market.
  • Finally, stick with your plan!

Step #5: Learn How To Read Stock Charts

Reading chart is an integral part of stock trading. You need the right information on stock trends to trade. Knowing how to read stock charts is the only way you can be on top of the stock trends.

Candlestick Charts are very popular because they provide traders with all the right data at the right time.

How to read a stock chart:

  • Understand the trend line. Thats the blue line you see on the stock chart that’s either going up or down right.
  • Look for lines of support and resistance.
  • Know when dividends and stock splits occur.
  • Understand historic trading volumes.

Step #6: How To Draw Trend Lines

You need to identify trends in stocks. It gives you an idea of which way the stock prices is heading. This trend lines are straight lines that connects two or more price points. They act as a line of support or resistance, and extends into the future stock prospect.

Technically, it’s on the assumption that prices trend. So, trend lines usage is important in stock trading, for both identification and confirmation of stock trend.

Tips To Draw Trend Lines:

  • Trend lines are drawn at an angle.
  • They are used to determine a trend and help make trading decisions.
  • In an uptrend, you draw trend lines below the price
  • But in a downtrend, your trend lines should be drawn above the price.
  • If you draw a trend line in an uptrend, two lows must be connected by a straight line.
  • But to draw a trend line in a downtrend line, two highs must be connected by a straight line.
  • Also, a trend line should be connected by at least three highs or lows to make it valid.
  • However, the more times the price touches the trend line, the more valid it is.

Step #7: How To Manage Stock Trading Risk

Stock trading has financial risk. You could lose your investment in one single trade if you are not following best investment advise. You also should discourse with your investment adviser, to help you assess your level of risk exposure before investing.

Also, you need to study risk management techniques to greatly improve your chances of success. When to trade, how to trade and when to take profits or cut loses are all part of risk management in stock investment.

Tips To Manage Stock Risk:

  • Planning Your Trades.
  • Consider the 1 Percent Rule.
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • Set Stop Loss Points
  • Calculating Expected Return.
  • Diversify and Hedge.
  • Downside Put Options.
  • The Bottom Line.

Step #8: When To Enter & Exit Trades

Trading stocks involves buying and selling. That’s why there is entry point and also exit trade. It works best when you set profit target for stocks that you buy. You can determine when the price is okay to buy and at what marginal price Increase you should exit to cash in on some profit or cut your loses.

To be profitable in stock trading, you need to be able to know when to enter and exit a trade, even if you are wining or losing. An exit trade can be to take in profit or cut your loses.

Top Rules For Entry And Exit Trades:

  • Respect The Market.
  • Have Patience
  • Set a Target Price.
  • Use The Stop Loss Tool.
  • Don’t Play When Markets Don’t Trend.
  • Determine Entry And Target Prices.
  • When The Market Stalls, Don’t Play.

Step #9: Follow A Trading Strategy

The last step on how to trade stock is following a trade strategy. You should have a strategy when you trade stock. This will greatly improve your chances of success. Don’t just buy and sell without following any particular stock trading strategy.

Note that stock prices are volatile. They fluctuate based on news information that impacts on the stock market or a particular company stock. These kind of unpredictable fluctuations are what causes market surges and declines as well.

Stock trading strategies are there to help you follow a pattern that gives you an advantage over those market fluctuations. By helping you take necessary actions when necessary, to either cash in on profits or cut your loses.

4 Common Stock Trading Strategies:

  1. Day Trading
  2. Position Trading
  3. Swing Trading
  4. Scalping

{1} Day Trading:

This kind of trading strategy involves the buying and selling of stocks within the same day. You trade to take advantage of the small daily price movements.

{2} Position Trading:

This one involves keeping a position open for a long period of time. Position trading can either be speculating on price or investing. You are concerned with short term stock market fluctuations. You can hold a trade position for some weeks, or months or even years.

{3} Swing Trading:

This trade strategy anticipates price moves, which can last a couple of days or several months before taking trades Profit. There are also risk involved in swing trading, which happens over the nights and on weekends.

{4} Scalping:

This requires a trader to have strict exit strategy. After a trade is executed and shows profitability, this trading position is designed to profit off small price changes.


Stock trading is like every other investment opportunity. It has its fair share of profits and loses. It’s a volatile investment, with stock prices likely to fail for a protracted period. Yet, stock investment provides the highest potential returns over the long term. Apart from dividend yield, stock value can appreciate as well.

And regardless of the economic ups and downs, the stock market has proven to be the best place to invest disposable cash, including saving for the future.

But if you are going into stock investment for the first time, you need to get financial education on stock investment. Learn how to build your stock portfolio. And if you are a high risk player, understand how to day trade with success.

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10 Tips To Do More With Your Money

Do you always wonder how to do more with your money? Your income may seem little but if you know how to do more with it, you might actually be doing so much with your little income than you thought possible.

Having a minimum wage doesn’t necessarily mean that you are poor. It only means that you are not earning enough to spend money on whatever you might desire. There should be a way to spend money if you want to do more with your money.

Take a simple reality check. If you want to buy a pair of shoes, the prices of your shoe size in the market are as diverse as the colors of the shoes. You will always find shoes at a price your little budget can afford.

The difference in price doesn’t change the fact that they are both shoes that fits you.

Learning To Do More With Your Money

Nobody should tell you what to do with your money. After all, it’s your money. But when you live from paycheck to paycheck and it never gets to be enough for the things you really should have, then it’s ok if you should learn how to do more with your money.

Here are a few of the ideas that could help you in this quest to achieve more with the income that currently comes to you.

{1} Start A Budget

Having a budget helps you to do more with your money. How you spend money should be controlled by your budget. And when you have a budget, learn to stick with it. You can’t do more with your money if you can’t control what you do with the money.

Start budgeting now:

  1. Make a prioritized list of your values
  2. Set your important goals
  3. Define your income
  4. Determine your expenses
  5. Create a budget

{2} Pay Off Bad Debt

The real challenge with doing more with your money is maintaining your debt profile. You can’t do more with your money if you are in debt. Apart from your debt, there are other expenses that places a demand on your money.

TheBalance blog gave a much easy guide to follow in paying off your debt. You can follow this simple guide to offset debts and free your income to achieve more for you.

Here’s what TheBalance said to do if you have bad debt.

  1. Gather a List of Your Old and Past Due Debts
  2. Negotiate Settlements One at a Time
  3. Get the Settlement in Writing Before Making Payments
  4. Continue With the Next Debt on Your List
  5. Be Prepared to Pay More in Taxes When You Settle Debts
  6. Make Budgeting a Top Priority
  7. Stick It Out

{3} Stop Buying On Credit

When you start paying your debt, it’s not just enough. You need to also stop buying on credit. It’s not a bad idea if you limit your access to credit facilities. The best way to avoid buying on credit is not to resist the urge to use a credit card. But to avoid the temptation of having access to credits.

So, if you don’t have access to credit you won’t have the temptation to buy on credit.

{4} Start Investments

This one is sure proof on how to do more with your money. Investing your money increases the value of your money. And that gives you more money to achieve or acquire more things.

How to Start Investing for the First Time:

  1. Choose your investment approach in the stock market
  2. Open an investment account online
  3. Fund your account with an initial deposit
  4. You should also set up automated transfers of money to your investment account
  5. Then start Buying assets to build a diversified portfolio.

{5} Automate Everything

Think of things you can automate around the house or on the job to simplify how you do them. One of the ways to do more with your money includes cutting back on the times you spent doing things.

Here are some of the things you can automate:

  1. Automatic lights. (Sensor to turn on lights when someone enters a room)
  2. Automatic door locks
  3. Smart security cameras
  4. Automatic blinds
  5. Automatic heating and cooling
  6. Get Automatic Discounts from online shopping
  7. Organize Important Documents and Files
  8. Make Your Bills Pay Themselves

{6} Cut Your Spending

Everyone who thinks about doing more with their money will necessarily think of cutting spending on irrelevant things. That’s usually what Budget helps you to put into perspective, the things that you should be spending your money on.

Things to do to Cut from your Spending:

  1. Track your spending.
  2. Do cash purchases only
  3. Freeze your credit cards
  4. Have no-spend days
  5. Use discount codes and coupons
  6. Always shop with a list
  7. Remove your credit cards from online accounts to prevent impromptu purchases
  8. Cancel subscriptions you’re not using or that’s not necessary
  9. Make saving mandatory
  10. Consider total costs for any purchase

{7} Be Responsible With Money

Showing respect for your money is another way to do more with your money. When you think of what doing more means to you, it’s kind of stops you from abusing money with irrelevant purchases.

Tips To Become Financially Responsible:

  1. Live within your means
  2. Knowing and working with your budget is important
  3. Plan and Save for emergencies
  4. Plan and Save for the future
  5. Pay your bills and creditors on time
  6. Always check your credit report
  7. Learn how and when to shop for insurance
  8. Learn to control your spending habits
  9. Control your debt
  10. Shop smart and cheaper

{8} Find A Side Hustle

A side hustle will help you do more with your money. It’s like starting a business. But the difference is that side hustle can go along your main business or current job. And there are many side hustles you can engage with that are profitable enough to convert to main business in no time.

Best Side Hustle Ideas:

  1. Start a Dropshipping Business
  2. Begin Freelance Writing
  3. Become an Affiliate Marketer
  4. Be part of the Gig Economy
  5. Start Blogging
  6. Sell Information Products
  7. Become an Instagram Influencer
  8. Become a Virtual Assistant

{9} Use Financial Apps

Personal finance apps helps you master the basics by doing more with money. You can use the software to manage various aspects of your financial life from budget creation to debt management.

Top Personal Finance Apps:

  • Mint – Best Overall
  • You Need a Budget – Best for Debt Payoff
  • Personal Capital – Best for Wealth Management
  • Clarity Money – Best for Managing Subscriptions
  • Prism – Best for Bill Payment
  • Spendee – Best for Shared Expenses
  • EveryDollar – Best for Budgeting
  • Mobills – Best Visuals

{10} Get Financial Education

What you know about money may be the number one reason you could do more with your money. The advantages of getting financial education is as important as getting the money itself. What you know about money would make the difference between how you make the money and how you use it well.

Tips to help you become financially educated:

  1. Read Books on finance
  2. Read Magazines and Online Publishers
  3. Learn to Use Financial Management Tools
  4. Listen to Money Podcasts
  5. Take a Financial Literacy Course
  6. Become acquainted with Maths
  7. Read Government financial Resources
  8. Break Your Consumer Mentality


There are more than enough ways you can do with your money if only you know better. Sometimes it’s no just about how much, but how well the money can be put into more use. The main purpose of money is to amplify what you do.

Even though more money will amplify more, you could also do more with your money no matter how little it may be.

The most important key is knowing what to do with money to achieve more for you. Just as an accountant is trained to help account for money used from what is left, you can get trained on how to do more with your money from what you earn.

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