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How To Make Quick Money In New Potato Business

This is not a farming Potato Business. So, I’m not showing you how to farm. If you know me too well, I make money easy.

So what I’m about to show you is the easiest way to make money from potato business. Potato is sweet food, so everything about this business is soft.

This article is in the line of my article on “MAKE MONEY FROM OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS”. Somebody has done all the work. Your own is just to make money, easy and straightforward.bf4ec7600e69460f61fea799438dc290

Welcome to my free business article for this week. What I’m about to show you will put money in your pocket instantly. If you need cash in a couple of days or weeks or months, this one is a quick money spinner.

But first I’m going to be a bit technical to show you the vast potential and where this business will flourish more and how you can position yourself for the boom.

Whenever we talk about potatoes, the place that readily comes to mind is Jos in Plateau state. But reports show that there is increased consumption of vegetables in urban cities across the country since the year 2000.

We are in 2018, that’s 18 years after. An increase that has been happening in the last 18 years cannot belittle. Imagine a child born in 2000. He or she should be in the university now or about to enter the university.

So, I can say that potato consumption in the country today has come university level. And Nigeria is the fourth largest producer of potatoes.

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That makes potato business a huge one for anyone who wants to go into it, with 1.2 million tones annual production.

I may want to add that these facts are an old record as no new verifiable record is available. But if that was good in 17 years ago, imagine how good it is now.

However, I’m dealing with how you can make money from potato business. And since I already said I’m not here to teach you how to farm it, then what exactly is this about?

But if you choose to go into the farming yourself, that’s beautiful because the potato is a considerable business. See some of the facts here. It has a market potential of N16 billion annually.

The increased rate of urban dwellers has also risen the eating of French fries. There is also a high potential rate of turnover of 128%. That’s huge.

But since I’m not a farmer, I had to think of how I too can tap into this vast potato market. If you are like me, I think you have come to the right place because I have figured it all out for you.

Since we are not farming, we can at least enjoy the potatoes in peace. Here is my peace offering for lovers of potatoes.

The most loved potato is the one called Irish potato. The one used to make the French fries. And this one is a bit challenging to peel. If you have a large family or even a family of three, then you know that peeling this Irish potato you can fry to feed three adults would be a hard task.

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You can sit for hours trying to peel the back. I know some people said we should eat the back peel that’s it’s even more medicinal. But are we eating medicine or food?

Moreover, if you want to make French fries, the back has to go off. That’s simple. Unless you want to eat it for medicine, then you can leave the back peel.

But with our dirty potatoes here in this country, the back peel has to go to make the food decent and appetising.

Here is the business opportunity. When you go to KFC and order for their French fries, like so many thousands of customers do in their outlets every day, they would have to hire thousands of staff for potato peeling only.

But that is not the case. Instead, they have a machine that peels the potato to make it faster so that you and I can eat our French fries in peace.

Think of all the mums in the urban cities that would love to make French fries for breakfast for their families? Think about the challenge they face if they have to do that themselves.

As business people, our job is to find products for our customers. In this article, I want to help you find a product that will help these mums peel their potatoes for French breakfast fries that will simplify their work in time for kids to be in school early.

That product is Rhino Electric Potato Peeler. Dealers are wanted nationwide, Let me explain this product briefly in a layman language.

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This is like a blender. It works the same way blender works, but the only difference is that it doesn’t blend the potatoes, it only peels off the back.

Wow, this is where I stop for now. You can request more details on how to become a dealer. Limited slots are available.

Only one dealer per state. Also. For the FREE report HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM POTATO BUSINESS. Comment below and drop your views.

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