Omegapro is going to make you rich, if only you can join now. It may not always be this profitable. As the network grows, I strongly believe that the founders may change the earning structures to accommodate a larger investors pool.

However, if you have this negative fears about network marketing. Omegapro is not all about network marketing. In fact, the network marketing part of Omegapro is purely optional. Omegapro is a forex and cryptocurrency trading platform. You invest by purchasing a package and start trading, using the already setup back office of Omegapro.

You don’t have to know how to trade Forex or cryptocurrency. In fact, Omegapro is suitable for non traders. It takes the risk off you and places minimal returns on your investment daily, with a turnaround time of 16 months on a compounding interest rate of 0.45% per trading day.

What Is Omegapro?

The first thing you need to properly understand is, what Omegapro really is. If you have been getting this chat from me about Omegapro, you have to understand what I’m selling to you.

Omegapro is actually a fintech platform that gives you acces to earn from an investment in Forex and cryptocurrencies, with the power of multilevel marketing network, on a compounding interest.

With Omegapro you are investing in the Forex market, not as a trader but as an investor. You are putting your money into the hands of professional and institutional traders, with the aim of sharing in their vast trading experience and regular returns.

Omegapro founder Dilawar Singh present goal is for the his Forex platform to hit 1 million satisfied investors. Which number would you be in this first 1 million rich investors on the platform?

#1: What Omegapro Does For You

After you have known what Omegapro is about, the next thing is to ask, what can it do for me. And I’m going to explain this in a very simple way.

Omegapro is simply offering you 3 ways to earn from your investment in Forex and cryptocurrencies. Here are the 3 ways it will help you earn from your investment.

  1. Direct Sales Commissions
  2. Binary Bonus Commissions
  3. Leadership Pool Commissions

When you introduce new people to Omegapro you will earn direct sales commission. Your binary bonus is earned from the total investment of those under your network on a weekly basis. While your leadership pool commission comes from 1% of the investment on your network for that month.

I will be explaining more on these 3 ways of earning from Omegapro. Although. While passive income option of earning is purely optional, commission earnings and network bonus cannot be missed when you join Omegapro.

Passive income is actually income you earn from introducing others to Omegapro. But you can choose not to introduce anyone, you will still earn your commission interest and network bonus. I will explain further in another subhead.

#2: Those Behind Omegapro

If you are in Nigeria, it’s scary when people are offering opportunity like this with returns on investment like Omegapro is offering. But when you know those behind Omegapro, it gives you some confidence and trust in the system. The background of the founders will help you debunk claims of ponzu scheme.

That’s not to say investments can’t fail. Businesses fails that’s for sure. But partnering with the right people is a form of security in investment. So, even if it fails in the future it won’t be that you were scammed but that things didn’t work out completely as planned.

But if you know me, I join anything only when there’s possibility to make profit before it ever has the possibility of collapsing. Early adopters are bound to gain from any business before it ever becomes crowder.

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Omegapro is founded by 3 institutional investors:

Dilawar Singh (Owner of OMP Group)

Andreas Szakacs (CEO)

Andreas Szakacs – An Ace in the Financial Field

Mike Sims (Partner)

Although Omegapro started in the late 2018, but by 2020 is has recorded tremendous success as an organization and with its investors in over 100 countries. You can search for the information about its founders to gain more knowledge about those behind Omegapro.

#3: How Omegapro Works For You

If you are thinking about joining Omegapro, here’s how you can benefit from joining Omegapro today. It’s a fully automated trading service, like A-Do-It-For-Me. You simple choose the trading package you want, pay for it and just start enjoying your passive Income almost immediately.

Omegapro provides a world class trading platform for you to trade Forex and cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.

Most importantly, you don’t even need to have any previous experience or training on Forex. You only need to purchase a trading package in Forex or crypto market, and you will start receiving daily trading output, every Monday to Friday, with daily returns of 0.45% of your Invested capital.

If you think this kind of investment is for you, then join us on WhatsApp immediately to get registered and start investing. Follow this link to join FASTWEB WhatsApp group: – WhatsApp Us

#4: How You Invest In Omegapro

Omegapro has several investment plan you can choose. Here are the list of them and the calculations on their return on investment for you. Note that the Omegapro returns are also based on compound interest calculations.

According to Wikipedia, Compound interest is the addition of interest to the principal sum of a loan or deposit, or in other words, interest on interest. It is the result of reinvesting interest, rather than paying it out, so that interest in the next period is then earned on the principal sum plus previously accumulated interest.

Invest in Omegapro

Here’s the different packages you can buy in Omegapro and their daily returns.

  • Startup Trader: $100 package – $0.45 daily returns
  • Basic Trader: $500 package – $2.25 daily returns
  • Light Trader: $1,000 package – $4.50 daily returns
  • Pro Trader: $3,000 package – $13.50 daily returns
  • Advance Trader: $5,000 package – $22.50 daily returns
  • Tycoon Trader: $8,000 package – $36 daily returns
  • Premium Trader: $10,000 package – $45 daily returns
  • Master Trader: $15,000 package – $67.50 daily returns
  • Elite Trader: $25,000 package – $112.50 daily returns
  • VIP Trader: $50,000 package – $225 daily returns

To sign up for each package, Omegapro charges $29 one time registration fee, plus the investment package sum you chooses to start with.

#5: Omegapro Leadership Rank & Rewards

Omegapro has 9 different leadership ranks with applicable rewards that follows each one. I will explain each of them. But first here is a list of the 9 leadership ranks below:

  1. Associate
  2. Builder
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Blue Diamond
  8. Black Diamond
  9. Crown Diamond

Associate: You need to invest in a basic or higher package and generate $400 and $600 in your weaker and stronger legs of the binary system. You will also receive an Associate pin as reward.

Builder: This means you recruited at least 1 associate on both sides of your team leg, and you generate $6000 and $9000 in the weaker and stronger legs respectively. You will receive a builder’s pin as reward.

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Silver: You need to recruit and maintain at least 1 builder affiliate on both sides of your legs and generate $16,000 and $24,000 in weaker and stronger legs respectively. Your receive a silver trip. A special trip packaged to reward those who have attained the silver status in Omegapro.

Gold: You are required to recruit and maintain at least 1 Silver affiliate on both sides of the leg and generate $30,000 and $45,000 in the weaker and stronger leg respectively. You will be rewarded with a laptop. An Apple iMac to be precise.

Platinum: You need to recruit and maintain at least 1 Gold affiliate each on both sides of your legs and also generate $60,000 and $90,000 in weaker and stronger legs respectively. You will also receive a Platinum trip. A trip specifically designed to reward platinum members in Omegapro.

Diamond: You will recruit and maintain at least 2 platinum affiliates on the stronger leg side and at least 1 platinum affiliate on the weaker side. As well as generate $160,000 and $240,000 in weaker and stronger legs respectively. The reward is a gold wristwatch valued at $6,000.

Blue Diamond: The target is to recruit and maintain at least 2 Diamond affiliates on both sides of your legs. And to generate $400,000 and $600,000 in the weaker and stronger legs respectively. The reward is $100,000 bonus.

Black Diamond: You are to recruit and maintain at least 2 Blue Diamond affiliates on both sides of your legs and to also generate $1,000,000 and $1,500,000 in the weaker and stronger legs respectively. You will receive a Ferrari car or its cash equivalent as a reward.

Crown Diamond: You will need to recruit and maintain at least 3 Black Diamond affiliates on the stronger leg side and 2 Black Diamond affiliates on the weaker side. You are also required to generate $2,400,000 and $3,600,000 in the weakerand stronger legs respectively. This is the highest rank and reward in Omegapro. You will receive a Crown Diamond ring, plus a Lamborghini Aventador, or its cash equivalent of $500,000.

Direct Selling Lifetime Top Earners Ranks

#6: How You Earn Passive Income 

If you are those who don’t like referral marketing or multilevel marketing, it’s okay, just skip this one. However, let me explain how this would benefit you even if you don’t like it or won’t refer anyone.

For all those who join FASTWEB GROUP, you will enjoy referral from the group, even if you didn’t refer anyone yourself. So, by joining you will earn passive income from the efforts of others who can.

However, passive income is simply the commission you get when you register someone into Omegapro. For example, when you register now, I will earn passive income for bringing you to Omegapro.

The company pays 10% as passive income on your referrals. However, it uses a 70/30 rules, which implies that, it only pays you 70% of the 10% commission and reinvest the remaining 30% for you for a period of 12 months, on a 0.45% compounding interest value.

There’s so much money to earn from passive income. In fact, everyone on FASTWEB GROUP is bound to earn passive income because we work for everyone’s growth. So that we all grow and earn together. Just follow how we do things as a group and you can earn.

Invest in Omegapro

How To Refer Without Telling People About Omegapro

Sometimes the reason some people don’t want to talk to anyone about network marketing is because they don’t know what to say or how to say it to convince the other person.

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If you join FASTWEB GROUP, you will be helped to talk to your contacts on your behalf and help you sign them up under you. So you can start earning passive income from them. And the team grows as everyone participate in working for passive income.

#7: How You Earn Network Bonus In Omegapro

And as more and people join the network, everyone graduate from earning passive income to earning network bonus. This one is the big money in Omegapro investment.

Network bonus is simply money Omegapro pays to investors every weekly, every Monday to be precise. This money is derived from the total investment in your network. However, it’s only 10% of the amount generated on your weaker leg of the binary network.

This one works when we all work for passive income. As the network grows, more people signed up, the total amount generated by the network is what would earn you network bonus.

#8: Omegapro Leadership Pool Earnings

As you grow in Omegapro investment and multilevel marketing, you will qualify in the pool sharing. This pool sharing is the 1% of the total turnover produced in the company each monthly. So every month you are entitled to share in this pool. You can only share in one pool even if you qualified for all the 3 pools.

However, not every member of Omegapro qualifies to share in this pool. It’s called leadership pool earnings for a reason. It’s shared among leaders who have attained a level of growth in Omegapro.

Omegapro operates 3 different pool Earnings share. Here are the 3 types of pool earning and how you can qualify for them.

Pool 1 – $16,000 and $24,000 respectively on each of your network legs
Pool 2 – $60,000 and $90,000 respectively on each of your network legs
Pool 3 – $400,000 and $600,000 respectively on each of your network legs


In network marketing, you need to understand what network means. A simple definition is the number of people who directly joined the network under you, after you have joined. That forms your own network inside the entire network system of any multilevel marketing company.

So, your earnings practically grows as the network under you grows. And in a binary system of marketing, the network grows faster if everyone is contributing to the growth. And the faster it grows the more money each investor in the network earns from the groups efforts.

For Omegapro, the earnings come faster, on a weekly basis and and at the end of each month. Every Monday of the week you get paid network bonus, and at the end of each month the 1% pool money is paid out to qualified investors only.

If you would like to know more about Omegapro, or how to join the investment group, contact FASTWEB. Use the WhatsApp LINK to reach us faster or simply call: 08139006120.

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