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How to Write A Case Study to Get More Clients

Do you want more clients? How about writing a case study to get more clients? A good case study is one of the best marketing tool to help you market your business better. Most potential clients would like to know if you have done similar jobs in the past and how well you did them.

Having a case study to show clients what you have done in the past will boost your credibility level and convince potential clients to also patronize you. Also, it helps to boost your confidence level when trying to win new client. You have something that proves you can do what you asking to be offered to you.

But there is a better way to Package your case study to give the target clients the right information about your past work, in a way that would prompt them to hire you. I have put these tips in a brief post to give you all the information in a way you can assimilate them faster.

How Best To Write Case Study

If you want to get more clients, you have to learn how to write better case studies. Potential clients are easily convinced about your experience and capabilities when they can relate with work you have done in the past.

Sometimes these jobs may not directly relate with your target client’s scope of Work. But having something to show that other businesses like theirs have trusted you with their projects in the past, tells a lot about your service delivery.

You can follow this simple guide to write a case study that will regularly get you more clients.

Itemize The Challenges

Your case study should include the challenges you faced when executing the project for your client. Give it enough bullet point details. Potential clients would like to know what problems you had to deal with, to know how it relates with their own peculiar challenges as well.

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Try as much as possible to use generalized phrase to itemize the problems. You should give specific details relating to the clients problem in the explanation. But give the item points in a general phrase in a way it will cut across many niches. Even though each case study should be unique to the client, use itemized phrases that is easier to understand by other potential clients.

Also, give enough details about the needs of the company that hired you. That would prove the itemized challenges are relevant and are in line with the company’s need. These needs must be expressed to give insight into what the company needs done, how it affects the company, and how it has improved the revenue and other areas of the company.

Outline The Project

Secondly, you need to give brief on what the project was. That would give potential clients idea of what you were hired for. Some potential clients may have exactly the same needs. And that would increases your chances of landing new clients.

Another thing is the goal of the project. What did you set out to achieve, based on the needs of the clients. The goal must be very clear. For example, this goal might be to boost client revenue by “X” amount.

The more specific the goal is the better it is to convince potential client with results of its achievement. A case study goal must be clear and presented in a chronological way to give potential clients idea of your own understanding of the client’s need.

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Project Progress Report

So, how do you go about completing the project? You need to talk about your progress in the project. Everything needs to be done without giving away too much private details.

You can give breakdown in days or per item basis. Have a systemic way of making the progress report enjoyable. Your potential clients needs to grasp the content in your progress report to understand what you are doing that produced the results you have showcased.

Understand that your case study is not complete if potential clients cannot see how you carried out the project. You may need to arrange each progress report in correlation with the goals of the project.

Show Final Results

The final result is the most important part of your case study writing. It must be presented in a way that’s appealing to potential clients. The final result is where you express your marketing skills. It must be clear and at the same time precise with enough details to catch the attention of your target clients.

How you choose to present the final result is equally very important. Your understanding of your niche market, and the presentation format of choice will help you more. Different niches appreciation for reporting format may differ. Find what works for your niche and use them better.

However, you can decide to use multiple formats to present your results if your target niche is not conformed to any presentation form. The best formats for Case Study result presentation includes, images, graphs and other visuals.

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A case study is the best way to sell your services to potential clients using your previous clients projects as example of job well done. The power of a case study is irresistible for clients who have similar needs.

But having a case study example is not enough. You need to know how best to write and present this case study in a way it can attract more clients to you.

The advantage of a case study is more than just telling potential clients that you have done the job before. It proves to them that you have been trusted by other businesses with similar projects. And it gives them the confidence to also trust you with their project.

When you have a proper case study presented in the right formats to reach your target clients, it reduces the time and effort you put into trying to prove to clients that you can deliver on the job if hired.

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