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How to Find Real Work From Home Jobs

Do you want to work from home? Do you know how and where to find real work at home jobs? What kind of work at home jobs do you have an interest in doing? You should also learn to avoid a scam when searching for remote employment online.

However, it’s now possible to find work from home jobs online from Nigeria. The world is a global village now. The internet has removed most of the restrictions on employment, nationality and transactions.

India is the world’s capital of online customer service. The worlds best companies outsource their customer services to call centres to India and the rest of the world. And it’s not just about saving cost. Most companies operate 24 hours global operations. And their current time zone cannot accommodate that.

Hiring people from different time zones means that the company will continue to serve its global customers from those centre’s operational hours.


Work from home jobs can be any position that does not require you to be in an office. There a wide range of work from home jobs. Some companies even offer opportunities for traditional roles where employees work remotely for some of their workweeks.

It’s not the same as commission jobs or affiliate marketing. And they are not limited to home-based businesses. They are real jobs that could be done in the office but is given to you to do from home.

Right here in Nigeria, there are very few companies that can offer such opportunities as work from home jobs.

work from home jobs

How it Works

The Right work at home jobs is not jobs with too good to be genuine offers. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not. Avoid such ‘sweet’ offers like the plague. If a job would let you work at home, It also means it might not pay as much for it.

Anyways, if you want a work at home job, you shouldn’t be expecting too much as well. The pay doesn’t have to be excellent. But it should be something worth the time and effort you are putting on the job.

A simple example is an online survey job. You can find simple job tasks like that to do from home. And there are several others like that too. I will be showing you how to find work from home jobs in Nigeria.

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15 Best Work From Home Jobs

If you are looking for work from home jobs, you might as well train for the following top jobs. They are the most sort after remote jobs you can easily find online. They are also the perfect examples of genuine work at home jobs.

  • Virtual assistant.
  • Medical transcriptionist.
  • Translator.
  • Web developer/designer
  • Call center representative
  • Tech support specialist.
  • Travel agent.
  • Teacher
  • Writer/editor
  • Franchise owner
  • Social media manager
  • Child care provider
  • Graphic designer
  • Short-term rental host
  • Website tester

Tips for Avoiding Scams

If you are looking for work from home jobs, you are going to encounter more job scams. You really need to be careful when searching for jobs. Even while applying for a work at home job, presume its a fraud. That way you won’t let your guards down at any time. It will also help you in finding the legitimate ones.

Things to watch out for:

* If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
* Know the common scam jobs.
* Read the listing carefully.
* Research every company job offer.
* Never send money.
* Avoid “get rich quick” ads.
* Evaluate every listing you look at very carefully.
* Ask for references

Top 8 Work at Home Job Sites

To help you start working from home, I collected a list of job search sites for you. Also, note that some may require you provide U.S. tax number and city area code where you live as proof of location. While some are accepting workers from any part of the world.

1. The Penny Hoarder Work-From-Home Job Portal.
2. ZipRecruiter.
3. AngelList.
4. FlexJobs.
5. Glassdoor.
6. Indeed.
7. Jobspresso.
8. PowerToFly.

Top 10 Dedicated Gig Job Sites

1. Upwork.com
2. Toptal
3. Freelancer
4. Fiverr
5. TaskRabbit
6. LocalSolo
7. Gigster
8. Guru.com
9. FlexJobs
10. Behance.net

Action Points On Work from Home Jobs

Most work from home jobs is only available online. It’s the only place you can start looking for jobs. To get a job fast, you have to first evaluate your work capabilities and pair them with possible work from home jobs.

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Also, employers may be more concern with delivering on the task than your qualification. If you have past job reference, it might help in landing a job fast.

Step One: Search for Job Listing

You have to start by searching for work from home jobs listings online. Having in mind the kind of jobs you want to do from home. Make a list of your job findings and how you qualify for them.

If there are job postings you liked but didn’t have one or two of the requirements, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply. You should check out if there are essential requirements and if you have them. It’s not every requirement listed that is actually important to the employer.

You can know what a company whats from studying their kind of job operation. If it’s a transcribing job, it would require that you have proficiency in the language on the transcript.

Step Two: Use The Job Search Engines

The job search engines remain the most effective abundant resource for finding work from home jobs. Depending on the kind of work at home job you are looking for, you can know what to search.

Searching for the keyword “work at home” on Monster site can generate close to 1000 job positions. But to narrow it to your job specification would reduce the number of postings you have to sieve through.

For example, using the keyword “telecommuting” will produce just 200 listings.

work from home jobs

Step Three: Search Dedicated Gig Jobs

You might be better off searching for dedicated gig job sites. Most search engine results often bring up scam or websites that want to charge you for providing ‘real’ work at home jobs. While I do not criticise paying for good service, it’s better to start with the free version as a beginner.

Using gig job sites will help you get jobs and pay the site percentage Commission of your income. Or whatever the gig site approves for finding you the job.

And gig job payment might differ. You could b paid hourly, or as one lump sum for a completed project. You might even receive a regular salary if it is a longer-term position. But you might need to register with some gig sites and submit your resume based on the kind of work you can do.

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Step Four: Post Your Resume

If you have a ‘master’ job posting letter, it’s good, but I will advise that you customise some field based on each job requirement. It’s vital that you let the employer know that you have their necessary qualifications.

Customise each letter with their basic needs and your ability to offer them based on your qualifications. Where you seem to lack skills, make a case for it. Show them other skills or past job experience that you are capable.

If you are posting your resume on a job portal, use any extra space to drop a note on your capabilities. Employers are looking for skills and experience and not necessarily resume.


If you are looking for a work at home job from Nigeria, you might need to have some things handy, like a U.S. bank account. You need to have a source of getting paid when you land a job. As simple as a PayPal account is also a good choice. But most companies would rather pay to a U.S. account.

Although, you may still face some challenges getting a work at home job from Nigeria. But you shouldn’t relent. After all, it’s not easier getting an office job right here in Nigeria. If you are persistent, you might land yourself a good paying work at home job.

One thing you should do is get the skills required for most work from home jobs. It will help you land a job faster and not have to face any form of discrimination as a Nigerian.


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