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How to Continue Paying Old DSTV or GOTV Subscription Rates


MULTICHOICE recently increased its subscription rates for both DSTV and GOTV pay TV services. The rates are as much as 12% increase on the old rates. This silent increase which takes effect from April 2022, is already having its negative impact on the pay TV Subscription in the country.

A lot of Nigerians can only afford TV entertainment as the economy continues to harden up for an average worker. Most especially GOTV is found many homes of average workers. And it’s the only entertainment option for the entire family, including festive periods like Christmas, Easter and Sallah holidays.

But MULTICHOICE is blaming the economic situation in Nigeria as its reason for increasing its rates for both TV programs.

✅ MULTICHOICE New Subscription Rates

The new rates are just over 12% increase from the old rates. The pay Tv company also cited the rising cost of inflation and business operations as some of the reasons for the increase.

✅ DSTV New Rates:

Package 1: Xtraview + PVR access fee
?️Old rate: N2,300
?️New rate: N2,900

Package 2: Business – N2,669

Package 3: Padi
?️Old rate: N1,850
?️New rate: N2,150

Package 4: Yanga
?️Old rate: N2,565
?️New rate: N2,950

Package 5: Confam
?️Old rate: N4,615
?️New rate: N5,300

Package 6: Compact
?️Old rate: N7,900
?️New rate: N9,000

Package 7: Compact Plus
?️Old rate: N12,400
?️New rate: N14,250

Package 8: Premium
?️Old rate: N18,400
?️New rate: N21,000

✅ GOTV New Rates:

Below is the new rates for GoTV subscriptions.

Package 1: Max N3,600 N4,150
?️Old rate: N3,600
?️New rate: N4,150

Package 2: Jolli
?️Old rate: N2,460
?️New rate: N2,800

Package 3: Jinja
?️Old rate: N1,640
?️New rate: N1,900

Package 4: Lite
?️Old rate: N800
?️New rate: N900

✅ How to Continue Paying Old Rates

MULTICHOICE is also making it easier for its subscribers to pay their subscription fees cheaper. Here’s the catch and it’s worth exploring if you don’t want to pay the new subscription rates.

Subscribe before April 1st, 2022 and pay the old subscription rate. You can even upgrade your subscription and still pay old fees. And if you resubscribe before the end of your monthly subscription you will still pay the old bill.

This offer is valid as long as you don’t let your subscription expire, and it’s possible for the next 12 months.

Another way to pay the old rates is by subscribing for multiple months. And if you subscribe for 10 months you will get the 11th and 12th months for free. That includes paying the old rates.

But this offer is only valid if you subscribe before April 1st. This is not April fool offer, as long as you do this in the month of march 2022.

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