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Feasibility Report: Mini Cooking Gas Plant

Mini Cooking Gas Plant Setup Feasibility Report

(Only Suitable For Setup of 2.5MT and 5MT Mini Plants)

Do you want to invest in cooking gas REFIL plant? Do you know how profitable this business currently is? Would you like to get a full, comprehensive and customized feasibility study of this business?

Mr. Chinedu David, who is the consultant that packaged this report has an extensive experience in the cooking gas plant business and has supervised and setup several of these plants across Nigeria. It’s this vast experience in this business that he offered to you in this report. Normally this kind of report cost N150,000 but you are getting it this week for N35,000 ONLY.

Note that after purchasing this report that also gives you access to Mr. Chinedu David for any further enquiry about the business and his assistance while you go about starting your business.

You can order this report now, but first read through to see what you are getting from this report as a complete package that would help you get started in setting up your own Mini Cooking Gas Plant anywhere in Nigeria

Also included:

  1. Cost of setting up a cooking gas plant anywhere in Nigeria
  2. Contacts of recommended cooking gas plant construction and installation companies
  3. Current wholesale price of cooking gas in Nigeria
  4. Steps to get Government approval from The Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR)
  5. Contact of DPR offices nationwide
  6. A full business plan with financial analysis

Content Of This Feasibility Report:

Feasibility report
Feasibility Report For A Mini Cooking Gas Plant

[A] Executive Summary

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[B] PART ONE: LPG Plant Overview
1. Introduction to LPG Business
2. LPG Vision & Mission Statement
3. Business Objective
4. Best Value Proposition
5. Factors of Success In LPG Business
6. Current Status of Your LPG Plant
7. Brief on the LPG Industry
8. Impact of LPG On The Local Economy

[C] PART TWO: LPG Marketing Plan
1. LPG Product Description
2. LPG Plant Business Model
3. LPG Gas Opportunity
4. LPG Pricing Strategy
5. LPG Target Market
6. LPG Distribution & Delivery Plan
7. Promotional Strategy
8. LPG Competitive Advantage

[D] PART THREE: LPG Investment Plan
1. Location Assessment Report
2. LPG Raw Materials
3. Cooking Gas Dispensing Equipment
4. LPG Distribution Process
5. LPG Production Cost
6. LPG Stock Control Process
7. Operational Activities
8. Project Implementation Schedule

[E] PART FOUR: Organisational & Management Plan
1. Ownership of The Plant
2. Profile of the Promoters
3. Management Staff & Support Units
4. Salary Financials & Schedule

[F] PART FIVE: LPG Funding & Loan Plan
1. LPG Financial Assumption
2. LPG Initial Capital Estimation
3. Source of Capital
4. Loan Security & Repayment Plan

[G] PART SIX: Risks & SWOT Analysis
1. LPG Business Risks
2. SWOT Analysis

How to Order This Feasibility Report:

1. Pay The Sum of N35,000 into
2. Atmosphere Publishing Company GTBank A/C No: 0016670313
3. Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518 for enquiries or after payment
4. eCopy of the report will be sent to you in 72 hours after payment to your email or WhatsApp number.

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