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How To Earn More Money As A Driver In UAE

If you know how to drive this piece of news might interest you a lot. There is a demand for a driver in the United Arab Emirates, and the pay is just fantastic that most drivers wish they could drive overseas.

As African continent wallop in underdevelopment and poverty, the developed neighbours in the Middle East are fast becoming a destination for drivers who are looking for a better life abroad. In the last five years, over 10,000 Nigerians are now driving abroad. Even graduates from the universities apply to operate overseas.

This year alone, more than 2,000 drivers have joined others who are driving abroad. According to an Abu Dhabi based taxi company, many drivers come from almost all English speaking countries in Africa. They come to work in taxi companies. Some of these jobs monthly take home are like annual income for most workers in Nigeria. A Nigerian driver in UAE confessed that he earns over N1 million regularly as a driver. However, all that is not his salary. The salary is just around N300,000 while he receives the rest as a commission from exceeding his monthly target. He said, sometimes he can earn less than N1 million due to stress because he would need to rest, as his job is 24 hours.

This kind of work is continuously available for drivers now. The question is where do you find them to apply. Won’t it cost money to even process this kind of offer? While all these can be a problem, since most of the interested drivers don’t live abroad, these companies are now travelling to Africa to conduct tests for enthusiastic drivers. That gives potential drivers the opportunity to meet with these companies here in Nigeria by yourself. This clears all doubts and assures you that you are dealing with the direct company source. The truth is, these companies are always short of drivers. They are always looking for new people to drive their taxi in the UAE.

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However, you will need employment visas for this kind of work. While the companies will help you do the processing, you will be responsible for paying the cost. But that is after you have gone for the test and passed. There are also certain things they look for, you must have a valid drivers license to prove that you have been driving for a while. You will need to also have secondary education. You must be in health as well and might be required to provide some health test to prove you are healthy. And you must have an international passport. You won’t be travelling without it anyway. So, it’s an essential requirement. All other details can be provided to you upon request, especially the date for the test in Nigeria. You can Call/WhatsApp 07087770518 to indicate your interest and also ask for more details about the test.

I would recommend that you share this post with those in your contact, you don’t know who might be interested. This can help reduce the current situation in the country and improve the standard of living for many families and stop hunger in the land.

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