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How Best To Behave Professionally At Work

Behave Professionally

Do you love your job? How secured are you in that job? If your organization is downsizing today or repositioning itself, would you likely be among those that would be let to go? Be honest with yourself. It’s also part of why I’m writing to teach you how best to behave yourself professionally at work.

There are reasons companies retain certain members of staff when it’s going through a massive shift or shakeup. Every company knows and understand that the best workers gives it the best results. So, when they need results they resort to their bests. That means, if you are not among the best in your industry you are easily dispensable.

Now think of certain workers that several companies are fighting over each other on who would retain their services. Such people get bigger and better offers even while they are still gainfully employed in another organization. Do you think those organizations doesn’t know they work somewhere already? They do and they don’t care, as long as it’s them he or she is working for.

How To Professionally Behave

One of the best questions to ask yourself is why did your organization hired you? Oh, I don’t mean your very job description. If you remember, an interview was conducted and you were not the only one. That means they selected the best among the group of applicants they had. That makes you their best at that time.

Think of what could be happening in the workplace. The competition to be the best in the workplace is a major driver for all employees. You are all in a competition for the best positions in the workplace. That’s why each month or quarterly the company conduct appraisals on all its employees.

Now imagine as the world is coming out of the covid-19 pandemic, that most people might lose their jobs, especially in Africa where there are no government support for small businesses that employs most of the continents workforce. If you have a job now, it’s time to adjust your behavior on the job.

I categorized the Professionally behavior into three, and under each of them I listed what is expected of you to do. The first thing you should do is to analyze the list and tick those you are already doing, while you take note of those you have to work on yourself.

Tip #1: Be Polished & Prepared

How polished and prepared are you? The workplace is a competitive environment. You are constantly being assessed and compared with other staff in either your department or throughout the organization branches globally. How well do you measure up in the areas of interest to your bosses?

Don’t think no one is noticing. In fact, most organizations setup systems to monitor their workforce. You may be surprised what you are being assessed for on a daily basis. These are even what forms your overall competence remarks.

Here’s a look at what you are up against for being polished and prepared:

  1. Arrive 5 minutes early each workday
  2. Dress well and maintain good hygiene
  3. Keep organized and be professional
  4. Be an excellent communicator
  5. Practice presentation techniques
  6. Come to meetings with notes prepared

A minute late to work could mean a minute short of competence. Your time assessment is critical to your overall performance at the workplace. Also, your dressing says a lot about your standards. You don’t dress well could mean lower standard, especially in a corporate setting.

Others are how organized is your workstation. How good you can be when communicating with customers and staff members. And if you have to represent the organization, can they trust your presentation skills. While the last in this list is your value system. Do you take important company meetings serious enough? Your overall approach to work constitutes what you are bear assessed for.

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Tip #2: Be Ethical At Work

Ethics can be a defining factor of success in most workplace. For example, in the law profession or other professional organizations where ethics and rules prevail, how much of this can be attributed to you and how much do you fail in?

This is where your character as a person comes to play. What kind of a person are you? How do your coworkers evaluate your personality? How well do you measure up against the best in your department or company globally? It’s either this stands you out or you fall short in any or all of them.

  1. Follow company policies
  2. Keep your private life private
  3. Be dependable and a reliable employee
  4. Be honest with your coworkers and bosses

Companies have policies and they intend for it to be followed. So, breaking them can be consequential. Also, your private life is not one of the reasons or part of your daily workload. The company expects you to keep that out of their work. That includes office gossip. You should avoid engaging in gossips or your name being mentioned in one.

Most importantly, be dependable and reliable. No company can joke with a worker that’s both reliable and dependable. It’s an expensive virtue, and that includes being honest. If your organization can trust you to present true facts and report accurate results, you are priceless.

Tip #3: Develop Awesome Skills

There’s nothing as good as a skillful worker. If you understand how businesses operate, they are setup to provide solutions to problems. That means the company value the skills you bring to the table to help them solve more problems. You cannot avoid to be without needed skills.

You have to understand the skills required from you and constantly upgrade yourself to any current level in your industry. Some of the ways to help yourself include:

  1. Read articles related to your job
  2. Attend trainings in your field
  3. Take notes in departmental meetings
  4. Consider going back to school to extend your knowledge

Be abreast with what’s happening all around the industry globally by reading articles related to your job. Do this with commitment. Your knowledge about what’s happening in your industry would keep ahead of your peers.

That include attending trainings in your field. Take this opportunity seriously. It affords you both the opportunity to network with others with the same aspiration, and exposing yourself to the opportunities that’s available in your industry. You can even consider going back to school to gain more knowledge, especially in areas your organization lacks competent hands.

Your bosses need to know you as someone who is serious and competent in the job. What you do around them exposes you the more. That include taking notes during departmental meetings. Don’t trivialize any meeting you are privileged to attend in the company with your bosses.


You can decide your value in any organization. Don’t limit yourself based on your paper credentials. You can be more valuable than how any institution defined you, even if you flopped through school, you can choose to be the best in life. All it takes has been given to you in these three tips I just shared with you.

These simple tips can transform your life and open up tremendous opportunities in your field of expertise that you may never even thought possible. In the same way you can upgrade your devices, think of this as a way of upgrading your values to increase your worth. At the end, you become one heck of a product that organizations fight over themselves to acquire.

What if you are not employed by anyone, can this still apply to you? Yeah, it applies to everyone who wants to upgrade their value or worth in the marketplace of life. Most importantly, an entrepreneur who may want to become the best version of his or herself. The idea is that you can choose who or what you become.

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How To Start Your Next 10 Year Challenge

Today I just want to give you the next 10 year challenge. We are in 2020, and just 10 years from now we will be in 2030. It will amaze you that just 10 years ago Instagram had zero users, but today, 10 years after, it has over 1 billion users.

That’s not just all. MrBeast, a YouTuber was 11 years old 10 years ago when he started his channel on YouTube. This year (2020) he is just 21 years, 10 years after, and he has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

The story is all the same everywhere you look. However, some stories are that of gloom, instead of glory. I doubt if you could still remember what you were doing 10 years ago. That’s the problem, because if that thing didn’t produce result or you were probably not doing anything with focus, you won’t have a better story to tell now.

If you have been a part of Facebook 10 year challenge you already know what’s about. Facebook asked its users to post their picture of 10 years ago with their picture of 10 years after. You can do that with just pictures and won’t mind if the result was a bad one. You probably shouldn’t do that with your life, unless you have done what I’m challenging you to do now.

I want my next 10 years challenge to be about my success and not how fat, lean, well dressed or not well dressed that I might look in picture. The looks would definitely be good too if I’m successful. So that is what your 10 year challenge should be about. If you think so, then join me and explore how you can do that along with me in the next decade of our lives, if God permits.

Why I Choose Year 2030

I didn’t actually pick the Year 2030 because of the number range. Rather, I was particular about the next 10 years. Since we are in the Year 2020, the next 10 years is in the Year 2030, I probably didn’t have anything for or against the year 2030. You can pick any 10 years and it will be just fine. Some of you would probably be reading this post after 2030 and would still want to take this challenge. I actually started mine 2 years earlier, in 2018. So, you can do it within any 10 years of your choice.

Yet, the Year 2030 holds so much promise for anyone who would want to take advantage of it now to change their lives forever. Yes, I mean it. Although, the Year 2030 might seem far or near from where you are right now. It was the same way you probably thought about the year 2010. Now, the Year 2010 is far gone like it never even existed.

If you would, but don’t just take my world for it, take the Year 2030 seriously from today. It could mean like the difference between daylight and darkness for you in this 10 year challenge, irrespective of what you do or didn’t do. Imagine someone asking me what’s really the difference between daylight and darkness?

Well, the difference is in each one of them. Daylight is so bright, while darkness is so dark. What I actually meant to say is that the Year 2030 could either be so bright or so dark for you. The time to make that choice is not in the Year 2030 but right now, in this year 2020 and I will show you why.

The 10 Year (A Decade) Challenge

This could be the best 10 year challenge you have taken in your life. I know it might sound like where do I even begin from? I will show where to start, and it’s worth a challenge if you are like me thinking along this lines:

  • To make a change in your life or around the world
  • If you want to build a business or big brand
  • To achieve a higher level of academic excellence
  • If you hope to build an excellent career for yourself
  • Even if you plan to have a baby or raise one

You can see, in my very list of challenges, it’s made up little goals. Yet, these little goals if followed with precision and consistency would amount to a great deal of success in good time. That’s how this 10 year challenge comes in.

This challenge is about setting a 10 year goal for accomplishing the things that are important in your life. I have given you some ideas above. You should know better about the things you want changed.

The question you might want to ask is, will it work? It has worked before, but wether or not it would work for you is dependent on you. My job here is to inspire you and lay out the modalities I follow and you can follow too. What happens in the next 10 years for you is entirely up to you.

How To Prepare For The 10 Year Challenge

Honestly, if you ask me if you should be a part of this 10 year challenge, I don’t know. I would rather that you are personally challenged by either your current situation or the strong desire for change. Outside of these two my advise is meaningless. I just hope you read me correctly.

Whatever inspires your challenge, I’m personally looking forward to see a whole new world of people who took this challenge and have stories to tell of their accomplishments in 10 years from now. Even if it’s only you among all the millions of readers would take this challenge, it would have worth it for me. At least just to prove that the effort I made in putting this challenge together is not in vain.

Now, let’s start with how to prepare to meet your 10 years from now. Don’t say, no one knows tomorrow. If you don’t know, at least tomorrow knows those who were prepared to meet it. So, be among those who are prepared for it.

What Do You Want The Next 10 Years To Be?

Let’s get right into the picture of the 10 year from now, as you would want it to be. It’s not like some kind of wishful thinking. I mean definite results that you want to see in your 10 year challenge. You may need to do some proper assessment like:

  1. Defining a proper goal
  2. Defining steps to take
  3. Create realistic milestones
  4. Start taking action immediately

That would mean your goal should be measurable. It should be something with big growth potential. So that you can project it into a 10 year period. Even if your goal doesn’t require a whole decade to accomplish it, you can set it as normally would be required and leave the remaining years out of it.

Defining A Proper Goal

What is your goal for the next 10 years? This kind of goal should be the object of your effort, like an aim or the kind of result you desired. It is your plan, the idea of the future you want to see and you can be committed to achieving it. A good example of a goal is your business. What is it that you do? That’s your goal.

It’s your goal that makes the 10 year challenge feasible. The goal is what is at stake here. That is the result you are after. For example, you started a business to sell ladies bags online. You do a proper business plan, to identifying all your target markets, and your goal is to sell one million bags annually. That’s a definite goal.

Defining Steps To Take

Now that you have your goal set, you will need to define how you intend to achieve that goal in the next 10 years. For your action steps to be productive, you should have researched your target market to verify the size of the market, and potentially untapped markets to start from. Yes, the untapped market should be big enough to hit your target or give it the right traction you need to be positioned to compete with others in the saturated market.

When you have the right figures, you need the right strategy to grow your market share. Those steps you are definitely going to take that has the advantage to help you achieve results are what you need to define.

Create Realistic Milestones

You can now say what should happen and when they should be expected to happen. This would help you see the gradual successes you can expect, to be sure you are well on your target. These milestones may not be very accurate, but each accomplishment should be an indication of what next you should be doing and why they are what you need.

It’s also when you can explore more viable markets within your niche. You can even define when to explore new markets as part of your milestone steps, as a significant event in the development of your business. So, each of these events should be identified and created as milestones.

Milestones help you add the specific details that helps you in implementing your business tactics. So, it’s your plan that defines who is going to do what, when it’s going to be done, and how much would be required. You convert your business strategy into action with a milestone plan.

Start Taking Action Immediately

You don’t even need me to tell you what you should do here. You already know what you want to achieve, how you intend to do it, and with a carefully planned milestones. The roadmap is set, you can do what you have planned to do from now on.

However, you have to learn to stay your course. It’s possible to get distracted from your 10 year challenge, but learn to maintain your inspiration. You can find others who are also in the challenge and interact with them regularly. That’s a better way to constantly remind yourself of your goal.

Also, pay good attention to what made you start this journey. When you know what’s in for you, it will stop you from selling out along the way. Because you might find something that seemed okay at sometime, but definitely not better than your goal. The bottom line here is don’t get carried away by other events not in your milestone plan.

Everybody Starts From Zero

One thing that may want to stop you from starting this 10 year challenge could be starting from zero. Well, you are not the only one. When I started MyBlog it was from zero too. In fact, it could have stayed zero for a long time if not for the social media page and advertising I used at the beginning to drive traffic to it.

So, don’t work yourself up, everyone eventually starts from zero point. That’s why growth hacking seminars are selling fast online, because people want to grow fast and someone sells them what’s on their mind that may not even work for them.

Starting from zero is not a problem. The only problem is remaining at ground zero. That’s what your action plan is designed to help you overcome. Your first target could be any number above zero, even 2 is a good move from ground zero. Let your kind of industry help you decide what should be your next figure above zero to start your growth.

But Is 10 Years Enough?

I don’t know about you or your goal. If your plan is not to take over the whole world, then 10 years should be enough for you. If you want to know what 10 Year Challenge looks like, then look out for someone you knew when he or she was born 10 years ago. Try to assess the child’s life in the last 10 years. That child should be completing primary school by now.

If you did that simple assessment, you will understand how much your life can change in just 10 years if you decide to do something about your dream today. Some business take about 3 years before they can start making profit. What you really need to get on with this 10 year challenge is patience.

The problem with most people is the lack of patience. They are in a hurry to get rich, because they want to have all the good things of life. You may have been like that too, but how much have you achieved so far? The idea I’m showing you will guarantee you the success you have been hoping for.

The riches you desire is possible but not the way you have gone about it in the past. It takes wisdom to build a business, and understanding helps you to establish it on a solid foundation, but it takes just knowledge to make it a success. Which one of these three principles have you applied so far?


When you write down your dream with the dates for accomplishment, you turn it into a goal. You cannot be confused anymore about what your dream in life is about. You know that you know exactly what it is you want to achieve with your life. That’s what makes Goals powerful and important step to take in your journey of success.

Then, if you take that your goal and break it down into actionable steps, it has become a plan. If you have a plan of action, you are just one step closer to fulfilling your dream. Excerpt your plan is not workable, but if it’s a workable plan, I can guarantee you a result should follow it. That is to say, if your plan is backed by action it becomes reality.

Finally, let me break it to you, this 10 year challenge will make you richer and financially stable. Yet, it would only require patience from you. If you are patient you will achieve success with this 10 year challenge. But if you are not, I wish you goodluck in your alternative plan.

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7 Tips On Getting Dubai Driving Jobs

Do you think a monthly salary of N400,000 and above is what you need now? Then applying for dubai driving jobs best suit you. And here are 7 tips that will help you get Dubai driving jobs? It’s even so easy than you might think.


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The requirements to get a driving job in dubai or any other UAE city is not difficult. What many really don’t know is the right way to go about it. You need to know how UAE government approves employment for driving job in the country.

UAE taxi companies employs workers from third world countries, and that includes Nigeria. So, most of their job employment interviews actually happens outside of the UAE. You may not be able to get a job if you first travel to the UAE to look for the job. Because the companies in UAE are employing people who are not UAE citizens.

The population of UAE is 9.68 million. And out of this figure, India and Pakistan makes up the highest number of people in UAE. The actual UAE indigenous people are merely above 1 million people. This over 1 million people hardly work, because they get everything they need from their government, which happens to be very wealthy.

So, most of the work in UAE are done by foreigners. Even the businesses and the organizations are owned and operated by mostly foreigners or the government of UAE. That’s why the employment interviews are often outside of the UAE.

Also, Dubai employments are handled by approved agents. Companies in UAE don’t employ directly from the countries labour market, since the actual people of UAE don’t look for job. These companies go outside of the country to hire their workers. That’s why you shouldn’t be deceived by those who are promising you a job in dubai when you get there. You should rather get the job right from your country before you travel to the UAE.

List Of Taxi Companies In UAE

This list is not exhaustive. There are many taxi companies in the UAE. But these are some of the most popular ones. Also they cut across the 7 different cities in UAE. That means different taxi companies operate in different cities. So, depending on which company you got employed will determine the city in UAE you will be working.

  • Arabia Taxi
  • Metro Taxi
  • Cars Taxi
  • City taxi
  • Arabia Taxi
  • National Taxi
  • Emirates Taxi
  • Union Taxi
  • Al Ghazal
  • Tawasul
  • AL Arabia Taxi

Also, the different taxi companies pay differently. Taxi salaries in UAE is usually in percentage commission. You actually earn as you work. That means you will be paid a percentage of whatever amount you generate for the company in each month as commission.

Like, if you generate N1,000,000 equivalent for the company, depending on their percentage commission, you will get paid from that amount. If the commission is 25 percent of amount generated, then 25% of N1,000,000 will be N250,000 commission for that month will be paid to you.

That’s not all, as a driver, you are entitled to a basic salary from your employer, which is different from your earned percentage commission. Some pay as much as N100,000 as basic salary. So, your basic salary plus your commission is what forms your salary. And thats what determines your monthly take home for each of the month.

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Dubai Driving Jobs Requirement

Okay, let me clarify it for you. If you want to apply for Dubai driving jobs, you must follow this process. For those who are being deceived into thinking that you can get a driving job when you get to Dubai, that’s not true. Don’t let them mislead you or may even defraud you.

Dubai employment visa is not the same as tourist or visiting visa. All these different visas has their purpose and duration. While tourist and visiting visas can be from 2 weeks to as much as 90 days, employment visa is a minimum of 3 years and is also renewable as long as you are still working with the company.

These companies work with agents that helps them attract prospective employers for them. Initially, these companies hardly conduct interviews before employing people. But since their new restrictions they now conduct interviews to pick those they employ. So, before you even start paying someone for Dubai driving jobs visa you should ensure you participated in an employment interview conducted by the management staff rom the prospecting companies from UAE.

For the Dubai driving job, here are the basic requirements you need to know before applying for this opportunity.

{1} Know The Age Restriction?

The first thing that may disqualifies you from dubai driving job is the age restriction. The driving job is not open to just anyone. You must fall within a certain age bracket to be eligible. And this probably goes for every employment opportunity in the UAE. Knowing the age restriction is important.

Here the maximum age limit is 45 years. So, anything from this age and below is eligible to apply for Dubai driving job. They want to avoid employing people who are too old to do the work. Most especially, those who may not give them a longer service term due to their aging.

However, there’s no better ways for them to determine your age. They only resort to the age declared in your travel document like the international passport and drivers licence.

{2} You Need O’Level Certificate

You also need to have minimum educational level like an o’level certificate. At least you should have finished secondary school and obtain your ordinary level certificate. The main idea here is to prove to them that you can read and write. They are not really employing you because of the o’level certificate. They don’t need your certificate to employ you. They just want a proof that you can read and write.

Imagine if you can read and write but you don’t have the o’level certificate? There will be no way to prove it without a certificate. The agencies processing your employment don’t really need it to employ you. But they need to know you have been to a school, since you will also be attending their driving school there to obtain the UAE driver’s licence that qualifies you to drive in the country.

Now, if you can read and write but have no certificate, talk to your agent about it. They can help work it out. They will let you know what needs to be done. But if you can sit for WAEC or GCE exams, then do so.

{3} You Need International Passport

An international travel document like the passport is a major requirement. You can’t travel to any country without it to prove your identity. So, you will need Nigerian international traveling passport. That’s the documents the visa will be inside in. Without a passport document no country embassy will issue you visa.

This travel document is issued in Nigeria by the Immigrations. You can find their offices nationwide. That’s in every state capital in the country. The actual cost of obtaining the Nigerian international passport may contradict the officially approved rates. Although, there’s an official passport issuing rate approved by government. The eventual cost of obtaining it is usually higher.

The passport issuing rates varies according to number of the Pages of the passport. For example, the least is the 32 pages passport, with a validity of 5 years, which goes for N25,000. Which is the regular passport size and fee. The other rates are for the 64 pages passport, which has dual validity of 5 and 10 respectively. The 5 years copy is officially issued at the rate of N35,000, while the 10 years validity cost N70,000.

{4} Have Your Driver’s License

Most importantly, for your Dubai driving job requirement is your driver’s licence. This is actually the document that your potential employers are considering more than the rest. Since you are applying for a driving job, they need a proof that you actually drive.

So, having a drivers licence is your proof that you know how to drive or that you have been working as a driver or driving for a while. But they need people with at least 2 years experience. That means they will be looking out for drivers licence that’s up to 2 years of registration.

A fresh drivers licence may not be a good idea. If that’s what you have still discuss it with your agent, he or she will know what to do. But if you recently renewed your old drivers licence, then attach a copy of the old one to show you have more than the required driving experience. That’s a plus for you.

What if you don’t have a drivers licence? That can also be handled. That’s where you will need the services of your employment agent. Since you know how to drive, they will tell you what to do in this regard.

{5} Show Proof Of Medical Tests

This medical test is important and I will explain why. UAE can only deny your employment visa on health ground if the health issue is among the following :

  1. HIV
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Hepatitis

Any other health issue won’t make them deny you visa. So, it’s advisable that you ensure you don’t have any of this health challenge. And it’s even important you realize this earlier. So, if you are apply for dubai driving job make sure you have done this medical test. It must be done in a federal medical centre.

This first medical test you will go and do it yourself and give the result to your agent. But the UAE embassy will do another test on you before they finally issue you the visa. While you need to do the first one is to be sure you don’t have any of the mentioned diseases. That would stop you from wasting your money and later be denied visa.

{6} Practical Driving Test

On the day of the interview, you will undergo two interview sessions. One will be oral interview, where they would ask you a few questions about driving. If you have a good agent, you should be properly briefed about the process and likely questions and answers. This one you should pass easily.

But the second interview session is the practical driving test. Although this is usually not mandatory for most of the hiring taxi companies, but some of them insist on test driving you before they qualify you. So, your ability to drive is very critical to passing most of the dubai driving job interviews.

Imagine you don’t even know how to drive, or you are not familiar with driving automatic cars, because you are only used to driving manual cars, you will need to practice with automatic car before the interview date. This practical test doesn’t take more than 5 minutes but you must show experience in kickstarting a vehicle, selecting gear, moving a vehicle and reversing.

However, your ability to drive is only helpful at this stage. You will be required to attend a mandatory driving school in UAE before you can be issued with driver’s licence and be allowed to drive in that country. But while you are learning to drive in Dubai, the company that hired you will be paying you basic salary to cover for your feeding and possibly sending some home for your family.

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{7} Driving Job Visa Cost Analysis

Now let’s deal with the honest truth about getting a driving job in dubai or any other city in the UAE. The reason most people don’t qualify to get this driving job is primarily due to the cost of getting the visas. The requirements are not difficult and the interviews are so simple.

But the cost is not cheap. You know that the companies use employment agents, and that means agency fees are inclusive in whatever cost you are paying. Already, the cost of securing employment visa from UAE is not cheap at all. When you add the agency fees, and other cost you will incur in the whole process and your flight ticket, you would have spent around N1.2 million.

So you have to prepare financially. And don’t fall victim of those trying to sell you cheap visa for employment. Some people have been sent to Dubai on the pretense that they would get them job when they get there. Those are fraudulent schemes. Don’t fall for it. To work in Dubai or in any UAE city or company you must get your employment letter and visa here before you travel. And your visa will also have the name of the comoany that employed you. That’s what makes it authentic.


If you have decided to apply for Dubai driving jobs, let me refresh your mind on the things that could stop you. The first one is money. The cost of processing the employment visa is not cheap. It discourages a lot of people. But you can recoup this cost in 2 to 3 months when you start working. The second one is your medical health. If you have any of the 3 diseases I mentioned earlier you will not be allowed into UAE.

Most importantly, it’s possible to get a driving job in Dubai, and it pays well. If you think a monthly salary of N400,000 and above is good for you then a Dubai driving job is what you need.



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CoronaVirus – How To Disinfect Your Home In 2021

The sudden appearance of the dreaded disease coronaVirus has threatened the whole world and has created economic situations around the world. And with death tolls in tens of thousands, the fear of CoronaVirus is spiking collapse of some economies.

The unimaginable scenarios are beginning to emerge. Apart from those contacting the dreaded virus, the whole of the over 7 billion population of this world has been put under strict lockdown. There’s no telling the dangers of the resultant effect of the strict controls of movement, closure of businesses, restrictions from gatherings that are more than 10 people, as it’s in the USA, and the inability to visit the mall, restaurants, airports, churches and hotels.

Even those in their homes are not safe from the spread of the virus. In some countries already, there are some who are quarantined in their homes without proper medical attention for the infected. While they are made to share same environment with members of their own families who are not yet infected.

Despite the scare of CoronaVirus, more people (about 80 percent of those infected) have recovered from the virus (without special treatment) than the reported death toll. That should give you an idea that the disease is not truly as dreadful as its being portrayed. It can be easily controlled and eradicated.

While the whole world is greatly troubled, confused and overwhelmed by the CoronaVirus, you should be well prepared against it. And in this article, I have given you important information that you need to equip yourself about this virus and to protect yourself, family and others.

What’s CoronaVirus

To understand CoronaVirus is to examine mostly its symptoms. The best definition of CoronaVirus is defined in its multiple viruses combination that causes severe respiratory infections. It’s these combination of infections that makes CoronaVirus deadly to humans.

Normally, some of the symptoms of the virus are usually isolated infections, which makes them easier to manage on their own. But with the combinations of respiratory diseases infecting a person at the same time makes it very difficult both to control and cure with one particular prescription drug.

Facts About CoronaVirus

You should be well equipped about the facts on CoronaVirus. What you know about the virus can help you in preventing both the spread and the infection of yourself, family, friends and others. Here are the facts you need to know about CoronaVirus:

  • It’s an infectious disease
  • It’s new and not been previously identified in humans
  • It causes respiratory illness
  • You can protect yourself by washing your hands
  • And by avoiding to touch surfaces that’s likely to inhabit the virus
  • You should close your mouth with tissue when you sneeze and dispose off properly
  • The virus if exposed is easily killed by heat and alcohol
  • It can travel up to 1 meter distance from an infected person through sneezing
  • It can only survive few hours to some days on a surface exposure
  • Avoid self check test if you lack proper medical experience
  • Black skins are not immune from the virus

As more facts are discovered, I will update this list here to include new changes.

How CoronaVirus Spreads

The fear that CoronaVirus spreads through the air or can be contacted when someone breath air polluted by someone with the virus is false. The virus is not an airborne disease and cannot be transmitted through air. You can be in the same place with someone with the virus and not be infected.

The main way the virus spreads is through respiratory droplets that’s expelled from someone who already has the infection, wether by coughing or in contact with anything touched or used by such an infected person that contains droplets of the virus.

It’s therefore possible to contact the virus from someone who’s yet to show signs of the virus but has mild cough but yet to be ill from the effect of the virus. However, the period it takes for an infected person to develop symptoms is not yet known.

What’s Symptoms Of CoronaVirus

If anyone is infected, how do you even begin to know. If you take a look at the symptoms listed below, it may give the wrong impression, given that these symptoms are already known diseases in human. But caution must always be the reason. When someone exhibits these symptoms they should report to the appropriate medical authorities in charge of CoronaVirus control.

Also, some symptoms may not necessarily be a result of CoronaVirus infection. But it’s proper to take precaution to protect the person infected, those around the, and those they may infect with the virus if nothing was done quickly.

However, people with such existing medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, cancer, are more likely to develop serious illness if infected by CoronaVirus. So, people with fever, cough and difficulty breathing should immediately seek proper medical attention.

People with CoronaVirus infection may experience the following symptoms:

  1. Runny nose
  2. Sore throat
  3. Cough
  4. Fever
  5. Pneumonia
  6. Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

What’s Cure For CoronaVirus

Currently there are no known cure for the virus. There’s no particular medication so far that has been identified to cure CoronaVirus. Avoid myths that are circulating on social media to misinformation the public on the claim of cure for the virus. As of now, all local medications have not been proven as cure for the virus. However, some drugs are undergoing tests, and until that is proven, there’s no cure yet for the virus.

If there’s a cure for the virus, it will be made known through the appropriate channels like The World Health Organization (WHO) and in most major news media for your information. So, you should avoid news that are being disseminated from online sources that are not mainstream media. If anything is bizarre or too good to be true, or have unsubstantiated claims, treat them as irrelevant.

The only known way you can stay safe from CoronaVirus is by ensuring your own preservation. Learn tips on how to stay safe and what you need to do to prevent yourself from contacting the virus.

Tips To Prevent Spread Of CoronaVirus

There are several setbacks on the prevention of CoronaVirus spread. The virus is mainly spread by those infected through droplets from sneezing or coughing. These droplets when they come in contact with people can transfer the virus to them.

And this droplets can remain on surfaces for a period of time, like a few hours or up to several days, depending largely on different conditions like type of surface, the prevailing temperature or humidity of the present environment.

However, the most effective ways to protect yourself and other people from CoronaVirus is by doing the following:

  1. Frequently washing your hands
  2. Covering your mouth when you cough by bending your elbow or using tissue
  3. Also you need to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from people who are coughing or sneezing

These are the tips giving by WHO on how to prevent the spread and infection of the CoronaVirus.

  • If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection.
  • Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing.
  • Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly.

Disinfectant Product For CoronaVirus

Another important step in preventing the CoronaVirus spread and infection is by using disinfectants. And since our hands have been fingered as the most likely contact with the virus, it’s important to constantly wash and disinfect your hands and surfaces that you may likely be touching.

CoronoX®: is an alcohol based home used eco-friendly disinfectant. It can be used to protect your homes, offices and environment against all viruses, bacteria and fungi that causes diseases. Use it to daily disinfect commonly touched surfaces in household common areas such as tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, railings, etcetera.

Features of CoronoX® Disinfectant

  • It’s surface spray disinfectant (alcohol based)
  • It’s eco-Friendly
  • It kills 99.9% germs and micro organisms on contact
  • It sanitizes all surfaces, desks, door handles and knobs, railings, office desks, electronics, floor areas, toilets, furniture, upholstery, staircases etc.
  • It’s suitable for kitchens and food production facilities (food grade).
  • It’s no corrosion, no pollution, no irritation but highly effective.
  • It’s content is: 500ml

How to Use CoronoX

Step1: Wear gloves and ensure you have good ventilation during use of the product

Step 2: Spray product generously on surfaces and use a microfibre cloth to spread and wipe, and allow surface to dry naturally.

Step 3: Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Gloves should be discarded after each cleaning. If reusable gloves are used, those gloves should be dedicated for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces only and should not be used for other purposes.

Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed. If surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned using a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection with SpraySurf®

Also, this product is highly flammable, should be stored in cool and safe place. It should be kept away from open flame and from children. You should also not use if allergic to alcohol. It cannot be consumed or used for any other purpose except for disinfections.


The first step in dealing with the spread of CoronaVirus is to avoid being in panic mood. This virus is not as deadly as it’s been portrayed. There’s hope of a cure. And it’s not an airborne disease. So you shouldn’t be afraid of contacting the disease excerpt you are exposed to the droplets of a carrier.

More so, you can start by disinfecting your environment, especially surfaces. If you are outside Nigeria, where the virus has spread more, ensure you are constantly updated about the spread in your city. And adhere strictly to appropriate bodies who are vested with the responsibility of disseminating information about the safety of the people during this time.

Finally, the spread has already being curtailed. The death toll is lower than we first anticipated. The recovering of many who were formerly infected has also rekindled hope of possibility of averting this pandemic. And note that the prayers of the saints are with those that have been affected either by the disease or the lockdown in many countries.


How To Pray Effectively To God
What Is Sin In Today’s Changing World?

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Christianity Today – The Role Of The Church In 2021

Christianity today is on a transformation. What’s changing is not the faith, nor the message, but how we understand it and believe in it. This is so crucial for the world, because it has a lot to do with the wellbeing of nations. The church of Jesus Christ as constituted in the earth, is a body of saviors.

A savior is one who announces, informs, delivers and restores others from whats destroying them into what has the power and potency to save them from eternal death.

That job is only reserved for Christians. There are no other group in the world whose job is to save the world. No wonder the Bible called Christians saviors from mount Zion. That’s who we are today, tomorrow and forever.

Yet some Christians are in themselves feeling inadequate. Some are not happy. Life has not been good to some. While some others even feel God doesn’t hear their prayers. Including those who have given up their faith because they have concluded that our faith in God is mere religion.

But who has believed our report? Of whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? There are things that Christianity today needs to get right. Our place in the world is in no way under contention. We are who we are by nature. It cannot be taken away. Irrespective of what anyone may think of the church today. In fact, your opinion of Christianity today doesn’t count with God. You can criticize for all I care. God is never going to side you against His church, no matter what the church did wrong.

Understanding Today’s Christian

If there’s ever a plus in Christianity today, it’s primarily because of what God is doing in the churches around the world. The wall of religion has been partitioned to give room for the entrance of the truth of God’s word in the churches. And so many Christians are being exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, beyond their religion.

And that’s what is so striking about Christianity today. The truth is growing in our hearts. We are opening up more to the truths of the gospel. I can imagine why Pilate asked Jesus the question: what’s truth? But what’s more striking is the reason Pilate asked Him the question.

Initially in that conversation in the book of John, we could read Pilate’s line of question and interest. Pilate was only interested in the kingship of Jesus, and has no interest in the truth. That was also part of why Jesus didn’t respond to it and probably why Pilate never insisted on an answer.

The only reason Pilate ask the truth question is because of what Jesus said about those of the truth. And that statement defines Christianity today. We are of the truth and our job is to bear witness of that truth. But what’s amazing about this truth is the message it carries.

The church of Jesus Christ is the truth Jesus was hiding from Pilate. He didn’t want to give away our identity to the enemy. In the book of Isaiah God called us His witnesses. And to further clarify the kind of witnessing we are to Him, Isaiah said, we are His witnesses that He’s God. Also, in another scripture in second Corinthians, the Apostle Paul reminded us that Jesus took our place of sin that we might be made the very righteousness of God.

So, a christian today is an expression of the truth that God is who He says He is. And we represent the truth that God is righteous. The reason anyone in this world should trust Him and believe in Him.

What We Are Doing Right Today

Let’s look at some of the things Christianity today is doing right. Some we may also need to do even more better than we are doing right now. This gospel of the kingdom is too important for us not to understand what need to be done well for the sake of the lost.

I like how Apostle Paul puts it more succinctly, that if our gospel be hid, it’s to those who are lost, those whom the god of this world (satan) had blinded their eyes. In other words, it shouldn’t be because we failed to preach it, but because those we preached it to have chosen not to believe it or because the devil has placed several distraction on their path to deceive them.

Now you see why what we do is so important to God. Many may never be able to disentangle themselves from the deceptive power of satan if we don’t go to rescue them. That’s why we must preach the message of the gospel.

{1} The Message Of The Cross

The church today is more focused on the message of the cross than it did some years ago. Although some are still constrained to balance the gospel of salvation with corresponding actions. Some churches are still swayed by opinions of others rather than what God said to do.

If you understand the instruction given to the church by Jesus Christ, it says to go into the world and preach the gospel. That requires some movement, which ultimately would cost money. And if the church is afraid to follow it’s calling because it doesn’t want be harassed or mocked by situation that requires it to keep explaining to its members what it needs to do, then how can the gospel be preached to every nation.

The message of salvation is in two parts. One is the how, while the other part is the instruction. There’s a how the gospel should reach the world. But our instruction is simply to preach the gospel of salvation. But how you reach the world would greatly depend on what’s available to you. You can chose what option is suitable for you. But don’t condemn the choice others make for the same gospel. Some would walk, some would run, while others would drive or fly. The option is yours to make.

Also, another aspect of the message is what you do as a means of getting the attention of the people God sent you to. That’s where the healing ministry comes in. I want to make this point for posterity sake. If a pastor lies or cheats about miracles, he or she would be answerable to God alone and not any man, irrespective of wether people also got healed by that deception or not.

So, you need not to criticize pastors who perform miracles. It’s also not your call but God to deal with at the appropriate time. And don’t even think those who patronize the fake miracles are gullible. They are not. They are only desperate and didn’t care how the result is achieved. Don’t think you are the only wise person to find out the miracle was faked. We all do. Some just cared about getting results than joining your bandwagon to call it fake.

Our gospel is good news. You can’t tired of spreading good news. The Christianity of today is in a better position to encourage the world with the good news of our Lord, Christ Jesus. The world is desperately in dire need of love, peace, joy and protection. But how can we give the world all these things from our gospel if we that are sent have not in ourselves found love, peace, joy and the protection from the Holy Spirit. This is the more reason the church must continue to pray.

{2} The Prayers Of The Church

When we pray, it’s not because God must be perpetually disturbed to get Him to help us. We pray because God asked us to pray. Most importantly, it’s not because God wants to know what we need, but because God needs to tell us what He wants done in the days we live in. The Bible is enough but yet it wasn’t given in our day. There’s generation gap and language deficiency in some of what the Bible says with what is relevant in the world today.

And the church has not failed in its call to prayer. At different times the church has risen up to the challenges facing the world. Even when the world mocks the dependence of the church in prayers to God, it has not failed in praying for the world. Just as prophet Samuel told king Saul that, God forbid that I should cease from praying to God for you.

More than ever, the prayer of the saints has not ceased. One of the renowned prayer conferences, the healing school online prayer conference has continued to attract hundreds of millions from around the world in praying for the sick and the lost. This prayer conference is being held online by the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyahkilome

Prayer is an important responsibility of the church. And it’s as though God would do nothing excerpt we pray. So, Christians today must continue in the attitude of prayer. It’s the only known form of fellowship we enjoy with God in a way nothing else can satisfy. As we pray, God will continue to lead us in the direction of His will in saving the lost.

{3} New Direction In Soul Winning

The church of Jesus Christ is on a calling to win others. That also should be the primary focus of Christianity today. God called the church to soul winning only. Any church that’s not saving the lost is not a church of Jesus Christ. That used to be the case of many churches in the past. But that’s changing so fast in Christianity today.

Jesus died to save the world. The church was setup to let the world know about what Jesus did for it. Jesus didn’t stay behind to do this announcement Himself because it cuts across several generations, even yet unborn. It’s this reason the church is empowered to reach the world and bring to them the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Paul remarked in the book of Romans, woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel! He was emphasizing our important role and stressing the cost to us if we didn’t do it. So this is the reason for Christians today to ensure that this sole responsibility is driven with much relevance that is commands.

Take for instance publishing platforms like Rhapsody of Realities, Christianity Today, Charisma, Guidepost, World Magazine, CCM magazine, etcetera. We also have the television platforms like LoveWorld Networks, Daystar, TBN, Hope channel, GOD TV, etcetera. There are over 50 Christian television channels. God gave the body of Christ all these strategies to win others into the kingdom of His son. If we are not yet covering the whole world, then we should rethink our strategies.

Only Rhapsody has the kind of partnership needed in Christianity today that is covering the whole world with billions of copies already distributed. That’s the kind of new direction soul winning needs to take. We should form new and better alliances with other churches and believer around the world. There’s no idea God gave to any Christian that’s exclusive to them or their churches. God deals with the entire body of Christ. That’s the way He thinks. And that’s the reason Christianity today needs more money, irrespective of the criticism of the world.

{4} Financing Christianity Today

What are you doing for the gospel of Jesus Christ? If we are to save the world the way it is now, we must move more faster than we did in the past. And there’s no better way of doing that but with money. Give more and more to the work. The early church gave everything. Some sold all they had and gave it to the church. Because if you are truly not of this world, what kind of mindset should you have?

I’m glad That the church (by that I mean members of the church) is not letting themselves be deceived by those who mock the church on finances. Although the reason this criticism is more today is because of the growing knowledge on the financial participation of Christians.

We are more financially aware of our roles in Christianity today than we were in the last 50 years. And those who attack us knows with more money we can save more lost souls. They don’t seem to like that at all. But if a christian take sides with the enemy to criticize the church on money, how then can the church do what it’s called to do?

Don’t generally fingers the church based on the experience of those who are in the church but are not sent by God. Those ones we know will do what they like, and bring disrepute to the body of Christ. But we are not to be deceived by them. Or join others to criticize the church because of those who are only doing it for their bellies worth.

There were recent information about churches opening their treasury account to help their members pay off their debts. It’s ok if a church thinks to do so. But it’s also a sign of the failure of the church. If those who should be saving the world for Jesus now requires to be saved by the church, who will save the lost? The church is not the pastor but every member of the church. Think about it…

What We Can Do Better Today

As I talk about the new media platforms being used by God to prevail upon the nations, I’m compelled to also express my belief on the power of the most impactful instrument of God, the written word. The word of God, irrespective of the platforms used to express it, contains the same resurrection power that raised Up Jesus from the dead.

Firstly, I must commend men and women of God, whom God has used to setup all these platforms that we have today. I make bold to speak for God, that these platforms belong to God and should not be restricted. Gods people need to hear from God. And we must always ensure that these platforms are in the hands of those whom God has chosen.

There are men and women who may not be known to the church today but are being prepared by God to use certain platforms He has already given to Christianity today for the furtherance of His gospel. Those in position of control of Gods platforms should not hang on to them, if God want to make more impact with them by putting them in the hands of anyone whom He may chose.

No one should see Gods work as a financial inheritance for them. Our inheritance is Christ Jesus. We are born to live the heavenly life. Our affection should be constantly on things above, we shouldn’t be anxious or desirous of food and raiment. God takes care of every Christian today. Our prosperity is solely to bring God’s divine power to the people’s and nations of the world.

God sometimes wants to use His tools beyond the vision and comprehension of the founders, but He’s often hindered by those who control such platforms. And you might say how can someone hinder God? In the book of Malachi, God also told us that some robbed Him. They also responded the same way, how have we robbed you?

The Violent Gospel Of Salvation

Jesus gave us this analogy in reference to John the Baptist. But the church is still trying to understand the context in which Jesus wanted us to take things by violence. There’s no better way to understand what Jesus meant than to align with what He came to do. That’s probably the direction He meant for us to express violence as well.

Jesus said in the book of John that, I have come for you to have life. If that’s what He came to achieve, then that also points to His direction of violent intention. So, Jesus is saying be violent about the way you save lives. That’s powerful.

Our violence is not for destruction but to save lives. And the reason Jesus was emphasize on the violent nature is because of the danger of not being saved. Imagine how many souls will be lost to the devil if we didn’t save them. And if we lose them, their loss is forever. We can’t ever save them again. They will be gone from God forever.

But how do we interpret the kind of violence that a gospel requires to reach the lost? The job of knocking on doors hasn’t changed because the world has changed. We just have new ways of knocking on doors. This power of mass media is our best opportunity of knocking on many doors at the same time. And everyone must be involved to ensure that we knock at billions of these doors before Christ comes again. Yet some among us have chosen to work against us, siding with the enemy the devil.

What’s Wrong In Christianity Today

I want to point out that the church of Jesus Christ is the most powerful group on the face of the earth. And whomever that’s not for us is against God. You cannot be fighting the church and be friends with God. You must be the biggest fool to think so. It doesn’t even matter if you think you need to correct the Pastors who are erring.

Who gave you such a job? If the pastors need correction, I can bet you, God wouldn’t send you. So, why should you arrogate such responsibility to yourself when God didn’t ask you to? That would be dangerous for you. And if God needs to correct His pastors, he will send someone they will probably listen to. It will not be you.

So, why should you chose to be against God? It’s not profitable for you. Some Christians don’t know their role. Stop siding with the devil against the church. God doesn’t correct His pastors with public opinion. In fact, God hates public opinion.

Think of it, was it not the same public opinion when they screamed at Jesus, CRUCIFY HIM! Who were those who joined the rest of the Jews to condemn Jesus? Did they at least tried to verify what He was accused of? No! A thousand times no. Yet they joined His accusers and crucified the king of glory. You already sensed what’s at stake. Don’t join the world against Gods people. It will make you an enemy of God, and not His unsolicited mouthpiece you may think you are.


God cannot abandon His church. He told Abraham to walk before Him and be blameless. The church which He purchased with the blood of His son Jesus cannot be lesser in value. If only Christians today will understand the power and the purpose of our calling, there will be no mountain too high.

God told Joshua after the death of Moses to be bold and very courageous. That’s what Christianity today really needs. There’s nothing in this world that is designed to stop you. But if you act like you are under the influence of this world, then the world can stop you.

Pastor Chris Oyahkilome once said, there’s no weapon in the world that can kill a man who has chosen not to die by any weapon in the world.

The world is waiting for today’s Christians to save it from destruction. It’s not the job of Paul and Peter. Their time is gone. It’s our time now. You can chose to do nothing with this Jesus that is your heart. Or chose to change the world by the power of the Holy Spirit that’s at work in you. God bless you.

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What Is Sin In Today’s Changing World?

The most controversial question in the world is on the subject of sin. What is sin in today’s changing world? A lot of people are struggling with what they consider as sin. And most people have come to the final opinion that as long as man is in this body he will always sin.

How true is that? Does that mean we cannot stop sinning even if we try? That also invalidates the concept of righteousness, because if you cannot ‘stop sinning’ then how do we even accept the state of righteousness.

Although, most of what is fueling this controversy on what is sin, is based on the ignorance of the subject. There’s not enough popular knowledge available to the world on sin. Most of what is judged as sin is on the basis of what is wrong or right.

Most Christians have accepted the wrong doctrine about sin. And if those who should know don’t know, how can the world ever understand the concept of sin. Moreover, the real problem is that most people find it very difficult to unlearn what they know already that has failed the test of truth. They would rather hang on to their ignorance than accept the truth.

What The Bible Teachings On Sin

Okay, let’s look at sin from what the Bible teaches on the subject. If there’s any book in the world that gave better view on the subject of sin it’s the Bible. However, we cannot successfully exhaust the subject of sin according to the Bible in one post. I will therefore critically examine the general message on the subject.

For example, the Bible teaches that sin is a nature. That implies that for anyone to sin, he must first have the nature of sin. Based on this, the Bible explained that everyone born into this world was born into sin because of the transgression of Adam. So, by nature, everyone was born a sinner.

Another example is that sin has results. The wickedness, evil and destructive tendencies in man was as a result of sin. The Bible explained that the heart of men is desperately wicked. The effects of this nature of sin in man can be seen in the results that man has produced in the world.

Also, the Bible teaches that sin can be dealt with. The problem of sin is not beyond redemption. Meaning, even though man has the nature of sin, it does not condemn him to sin. The issue of sin can be dealt with for everyone.

Thats to imply, there’s payment for sin. Sin can be paid for. I’m using this expressions carefully because these things has been dealt with already. But I’m using it this way to express the point more clearly. So, sin has a price. It demands payment. That’s what the Bible teaches. If anyone sins, he has to pay the price for sin to be made free from sin. I will elaborate on this later on this post.

Finally on this, the Bible teaches that sin works by fear. The reason men sin is because of fear. You may wonder, what could they be afraid of? Fear is the reason for most sin. We fear for the wrong reasons. Instead of you to channel this fear towards God, it’s channeled towards the power of the adversary.

The Concept Of Sin

This is not a theorized concept. It’s actually God’s mind on the subject of sin. Although, over the period, from the old, and into the New Testament of the Bible, what we understood as sin is represented in activities that can be singled out for what they are.

So, what many see as sin are actually the results of sin. And if you examine the idea of sin, it’s usually given to us as a noun. Even Wikipedia couldn’t give us the right definition of sin. It defined sin as an act of transgression against divine law. But what it failed to contemplate in its definition is that divine laws are spiritual. And it gets its premise from the nature of the law giver.

Therefore, if sin is a noun, it cannot be described by adjectival verbs. Sin has its meaning different from the results of sin. That’s to mean, if someone commits murder, even though that could be a sin, yet it doesn’t describe sin. And when a murder is committed, it may or may not be a sin, depending on the circumstances.

So, what is sin? Yes! Let’s get right into it.

The concept of sin means that there are conditions required for anything done or undone to be considered as sin. That’s how God sees sin. He doesn’t look at what is done but the circumstances that led to what was done. That’s why our example of murder, may or may not a sin, considering the circumstances of the murder.

And God gave us these circumstances that justifies sin in the book of Romans chapter fourteen verse twenty-three says, “…for whatsoever is not of faith is sin”. So, faith is the justify of what is sin and what is not. If anything is done, it has to be measure by faith to justify if it’s a sin or not.

But to further explain the character of the faith that justifies an act from sinful nature, the Bible gave us Galatians chapter five verse six: “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.” Which suggests that the faith that justifies sin is the faith that works by love.

Therefore, one can fully express that the concept of sin implies that anything that’s not of faith that works by love is a sin. It has nothing to do with right or wrong. As long as it’s not of faith that is powered by love, that thing is a sin, period!

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What Is Sin Today?

That brings us to the question of what is sin today? Some people are of the view that God should be lenient with this generation. Mostly because of what they are exposed to that promotes immorality in a way that’s never been experienced before. Some even cite the increasing influence of homosexuals. But the Bible has the account of Sodom as a city filled with homosexuals in the days of Abraham.

So, we cannot justify or deserve leniency on the grounds of exposure to excessive immorality. Moreover, didn’t God know that immorality will increase in our time with all the latent power of technology like the internet and mobile devices? Of course, God knew everything that’s is happening would happen.

How then do we justify the level of sin today? Should God deal with us differently than it dealt with others long before us? And what’s the mind of God concerning this generation?

In the second book of Timothy chapter three, the Bible informed us what would happen in the last days. If those things are true with today, then we are in the last days. And from all indications, those things are true with us. See below some of the things Paul by the spirit of God said would happen in the last days.

  • For men shall be lovers of their own selves
  • Covetous
  • Boasters
  • Proud
  • Blasphemers
  • Disobedient to parents
  • Unthankful
  • Unholy
  • Without natural affection
  • Truce-breakers
  • False accusers
  • Incontinent
  • Fierce
  • Despisers of those that are good
  • Traitors
  • Heady
  • High-minded
  • Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God
  • Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof

For of this sort, it says, are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts. And it continues.

  • Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth
  • These also resist the truth
  • Men of corrupt minds
  • Reprobate concerning the faith

Now if you judge by most of what is normally considered to be sin, most of what is listed here were not among them. So, you can see that this generation is deep into things more dangerous than adultery and fornication, which are some of the known sins from generations before us.

Yet, God gave us His Son Jesus Christ as our sin bearer. And not only did we receive the forgiveness and remission of our sins, we also got a new life in Christ. No wonder the Bible says, a new heart and new spirit will I put within you. Excerpt a man is born again, sin lies at his door.

How Sin Works

It’s important you understand how sin works. It’s not enough to just ask what is sin and run off with the ideas you get. What do you know about how sin works? Imagine if you only knew what sin is, how would that benefit you the most if you don’t know how it works?

So, let’s also learn about how sin works. That would help you know if sin is working in you or not. And if you know how it works, you can know when sin is at your door. That means, you can have the opportunity to either let sin in or drive it away. That’s like power over sin. But for the one who’s nature is sin, he or she wouldn’t have such power to stop sin, because sin is already inside, not just at the door.

You want to know how it works? Read the book of James chapter one. James gave us the word temptation as how sin starts its operation, but I will like to give you a better word for this temptation, which is choice. So, from James illustration, sin comes to everyone as a choice between two or more opposing alternatives.

That means sin doesn’t force itself on anyone. Sin is never a final choice. It’s always an offer against your obvious but sometimes hard choices. You know the road to your house, but someone told you of another road, a shortcut that could save you five minutes of your journey, and you took it.

It doesn’t end there. It’s often not a sin the first times. Sin doesn’t always come into your life as sin. It starts by changing your choices in life. The things you most surely believed will start looking like they could have been better if done differently.

Then, when it has control, it starts leading you to satisfy you precious lusts. And as you keep thinking that you are getting away with what you want, you will want more. Until sin takes full control and becomes the final decision maker for you on all matters. And that’s sin at work in one’s life.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need help. And it’s only the word God that can help you. Because you won’t be able to see how sin has taken over your life, unless the word of God shows it to you. It’s from Gods word that you can also obtain payment for sin.

The Payment For Sin

The Bible records in Romans chapter six that the wages of sin is death. That is, the payment for sin is death. Sin takes payment, and that’s the reason sin is a dangerous thing. It demands that the only payment it accepts is one’s death. If a man sin, the payment for his sin is death.

This death is eternal. Remember that the Bible told us that the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. It’s the last enemy, meaning all the other enemies have been defeated and destroyed, including sin. But death is the only one remaining to be destroyed. No wonder the Bible declared that sin shall not have dominion over you.

So, what is sin in relation to death? Sin is the only cause of death. That means the reason anyone could die is because of sin. If there’s no sin, no one would ever die. But as sin came into the world, death became possible.

Death is what is paid for sin committed. If any man is free from sin, that man is also free from death. He will no longer be a debtor to sin and will not see death.

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Jesus Our Sin Bearer

How can anyone be free from death, if we judge that everyone has sinned? That can only be possible if payment is made for everyone. That is why Jesus came into the world. His job was our sacrifice for sin. In other words, He was to take our place of death to pay on our behalf so that we can be free from death.

No wonder Jesus said in the book of John chapter eight, in verse thirty-Six: If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

The freedom from sin is in Christ Jesus. He alone has received freedom from sin for all mankind. That is to say, nobody in the world today is a debtor to sin. Just as all have sinned, all have also been made free from sin. If you born into sin because of Adams transgression, the way you have been made free from sin by Jesus sacrifice for sin.

How to Be Free From Sin

If nobody in the world is a debtor to sin, does that mean we are all free from death? The answer is no. The freedom Jesus obtained for everyone is a gift. Until you personally accept the gift for yourself, even though you have been made free from sin, you will not be free from effects of sin, which is death.

Let me break it down in a way a lay person will quickly understand. The Bible teaches that everyone have sinned. But Jesus came and paid for the sins of everyone. And anyone who accepts, endorses and reckoned it to be so for him or her, is free from sin eternally.

Let me cite an example that is closely related to this explanation. In the book of Luke chapter seventeen, The Bible told us about the story of ten lepers that Jesus healed. Later, just one of them came back to appreciate what God did. The Bible records that the only one who came back to thank God was made completely whole. While the nine others who didn’t come back only got healed but not completely made whole.

Even though the ten lepers were healed, only one was made whole. And what qualified him to be made whole was not the general healing the ten lepers got, but his personal recognition of what was done for him and for camping back to acknowledge and appreciate the doer.

Sin Is A Personal Thing

So how can someone get his or her sins remitted? That’s what makes sin personal, because each one of us is responsible for getting his or her sins remitted. Even though Christ Jesus has paid for your sins, you still owe yourself the duty to demand that what Jesus did should be accounted for you.

And how do I get my sins remitted, you might ask? The Bible said in Romans chapter ten verse nine: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

It starts with believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. Then you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord of your life. That’s how you get your sins remitted eternally.

If you do this now, and believe absolutely in the power of God, you will be saved.


Sin is not the problem. The issue of sin has been dealt with. Jesus made the full payment for sin. And that includes the sins of everyone that was ever in this world, everyone in this world now and everyone that will ever be in this world. This payment took care of the past, present and future sins of the whole world. What a payment.

You will not require another payment for sin. This sacrifice is enough and it’s all that’s ever required to pay for your sins. And all you are required to do is to believe in the Lord Jesus and confess with your mouth that God raised Him from the dead for your justification. That’s just all. There remains no more sacrifice for sin.

So, if someone ask you today, what is sin, you should know what to answer. Most importantly, you know how sin works and how to get your sins remitted once and forever. Don’t even worry if after you have done what the Bible says and you still didn’t feel like your sins have been remitted. Notice it didn’t say you will feel something. Just stick with God. Join the family of God to learn more about God’s ways of doing things. Trust me, you won’t need another payment for your sin.

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11 Money Making Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Do you want to learn money making skills and be self employed? There are several skills you can learn that would make you money in Nigeria. I have just selected 11 of them to get you started. In this article I’m giving you brief breakdown of all the 11 topics.

But I’m also going to explain each one of the skills in separate articles, (you can always check back for the detailed guide for each of them and even more on this blog), to give you more insight into how to profitably start them and be self employed.

If there’s one way to stay out of poverty line, it’s to learn money Making Skills. You need skills that would help you put food on your table. And most of these skills maybe targeted at the ladies, but the men are not restricted from them either. As a man you can also learn these skills. But nothing about these skills says they must be for women only.

The reason I mentioned the ladies is for a purpose. In most families the men are the bread winners. Their women hardly do anything. Even where they are engaged, it’s usually petty trading. There’s nothing wrong with petty trading, it’s just that it’s squally too competitive, because there are a lot of these women doing street trading, either on the roadside of a street or market.

Become A Self Employed Person

One of the good things about learning money making skills is that it helps you to become self employed. Your position as a self employed person gives you the privilege to monetize your skills as a business. Here’s what you may need consider as self employed.

You are the decision maker in every area of your business. It’s your choice to decide your niche and how to narrow it down to a target audience. You also decide how to get specific about your target market. And take care of the administrative details.

It’s all in your power to pick to Invest in systems that will work for you. While you decide where you’ll get your best work done. To make connections and build your skill visibility. As a self employed person, it’s your sole decision on how you turn your money making skills into viable income.

Money Making Skills To Learn

Your money making skills will constantly expose you to potential clients always. And you earn good income better than what’s mostly earned from trading. The beauty of your skill is that you can start them on your own, with little capital.

Some you can start from your home and grow it big. But the real deal here is that they are short time training programs required to acquire these money making skills in Nigeria. And it doesn’t cost so much for these training, most of which are also conducted by those who are already practicing the skills as well.

You can also choose to learn from a well organized skill acquisition centre. But most of these skill centers charge more than the individual mentoring programs. You can also find some with rates within what you can afford.

However, here are some the money making skills you may need to acquire to be financially independent as a self employed person. Any of these skills can be your personal money spinner to guarantee you some good income on a daily basis or regularly. You can also train for more than one skill set to multiple your chances and income opportunities.

{1} Cake Baking Skill

Baking cake has become one of the most profitable self employed business in Nigeria. You can start it with little capital injection. And you can do it all by yourself, without hiring any employee. Most importantly, your can start it from home, from the comfort of your kitchen. That’s how easy you can start baking cakes and making money.

Also, the demand for cakes are high these days. Cake business is one of the money making skills that can transform your finances. Most people buy cakes for their birthdays, weddings, events, anniversaries, etcetera. And almost everybody out of the over 7 billion people in the world celebrate their birthdays once in a year, excerpt those born February 29th of leap years that celebrates once every 4 years.

So, there’s a huge potential for cake business. Even the cost of making a cake is minimal compared to the price of cakes being sold to customers. You can tap into this opportunity by first learning how to bake cake. Take advantage of beginner training courses to acquire cake baking skill to help you get started.

Another huge opportunity in cake business is cupcakes. The demand for cupcakes is for every occasion. You can transform this opportunity by offering cupcakes on your website and delivering it directly to customer homes, offices and schools.

{2} Meat Pie Baking Skill

Another one of the money making skills you should acquire as a self employed entrepreneur is baking meat-pie. Nigerians eat meat pie a lot. And it’s one the most patronized pastry product.

The cost of starting the business is little. You can also start from the comfort of your home kitchen. You don’t necessarily need a fancy office or hire workers for your meat pie business. It’s a perfect self employed business.

Meat pie sales between N150 to N300 for one. It takes just a little baking flour and some juicy meat and some other fillings to make a perfect meat pie. All this you can acquire through proper training that could take just few days to perfect.

{3} Soap Making Skill

Soaps are one of the most consumed household product in Nigeria. Every household makes use of soaps on a daily basis. We need soaps to wash and bath. And bathing is a daily routine in Nigeria. Washings like plates and cooking utensils are equally done daily in nigeria.

The demand for soaps is high and that makes it a lucrative opportunity. And you can learn to make both liquid and bar soaps. The liquid soaps are most useful for washing in the kitchen, the cars and with when using washing machines. While the bar soaps are good for bathing and equally for hand washing of clothes.

Liquid soaps are gaining high market acceptability now. And for a self employed person, it’s your opportunity to launch your self into your target market. A good example is when my brothers wife started liquid soap making from their house. She supplies customers around the neighborhood. And most of her customers buy up to 5 liters of liquid soap and even travel with it to their different destinations outside of Lagos where she operates.

Soap making skill should be acquired by every woman. But for self employment, both men and women can venture into soap making business.

{4} Egg Roll And Buns Baking Skills

The duo of egg roll and buns are just the perfect snack for most workers during lunch hour. Some like soft buns, while some others prefer it hard. Whatever style you like, it’s a tasteful snack for the hot sun, enjoyed with soft drinks or malt drinks, but preferably Coca Cola drink.

Learning how to make egg roll and buns will add value to your financial status. You can either build a supply chain and deliver them daily to other stores to increase your total daily sales or make them and offer it to a target audience, like school children or workers in a defined location.

You can learn this skill in just a few weeks and be perfect. You need to also learn proper hygiene and keep the environment where you make this buns neat. People will associate your business with cleanliness and it will attract the right patronage for you.

{5} Vaseline Production Skill

Vaseline or petroleum jell production is another money making skill to acquire. You can either build your own brand from scratch or tap into old faded brands that still have some good market demands. For example, Stella Pomade is one die hard Product that still command some good demand in the market. Although, it’s a scarce product now but many old customers still go for it when ever they can find them.

Vaseline cream production is a mini factory self employed opportunity. It can be started on a small scale and can grow big with proper management and good market demand for your Vaseline.

You should acquire the skill for the production. It’s not complex, and your an Start with small capital, right from the comfort of your home.

{6} Custard Or Local Ogi Production Skill

Starting custard production is a very lucrative one, but don’t miss out the highly sort after real MVP – ogi, also known as pap or akamu. This product is the real breakfast cereal for most homes. Most importantly, infant food.

There’s high demand for this local akamu than even the granule formulated custard product. But most people source their ogi from roadside dealers. You can target customers who prefer a more hygienic Prepared ogi. However, there’s really not much different from custard and akamu production.

The best way to make your custard brand successful is to produce with different cereal types. For example, corn, millet, wheat, etc. Explore different types of cereal edible starch and different sweetening flavors.

It might take months to learn the process of making Custard. But the time is worth it. It’s also one self employed business you can grow into a major industry.

{7} Chin-chin Baking Skill

If you love chin-chin or knows those who do, this flour product is a high flyer. It has longer shelf life than burns, cakes and bread. So, you can store it for a longer time and still sell them. And you can also package it in smaller cellophane bags and retail it faster to children and adults alike.

This fast food can also be baked from the comfort of your home kitchen. And you can learn this one on your own by just watching YouTube training videos on the making of chin-chin. You can also go for practical training, if you so wish. But one thing you should do is create your own recipe if you want to stand out.

{8} Event Decoration Skill

One of the biggest money spinner in Nigeria is events. People spend their entire life savings to host events. You can choose to become an event decorator. And it’s a very lucrative opportunity to benefit from.

You can easily learn event Decoration and start working for clients in no time. People needs event decorators for birthday ceremonies, weddings, anniversary celebrations, burial ceremonies, etcetera.

The best way to get customers as an event decorator is to partner with events organizers, party rental companies, cake bakers, venue managers, etcetera. While you also promote your business to potential customers.

{9} Bead Making Skill

Bead Making is a not just a local business but an international one. You sell your beads globally and on online stores like eBay. You can also build your own online store to sell directly to your customers. If you search major online stores you will see how much fashion beads are sold. That would give you an idea of the potential for beads beyond the local market, and across different international markets.

The huge potential in Beads should encourage you to go learn the art of Bead Making. People love beads, and it has become a global fashion accessory.

Leaning to make beads can be the biggest money making skill acquisition investment you can give to yourself. It can take only weeks to learn bead Making but it takes a lifetime to perfect the art of creating beautiful fashion beads.

{10} Cooking Skill

The culture of cooking has fast been eroded. The demand for well cooked foods during events are in high demand. And if you can cook delicious meals, your advantage is in Referrals. You will never lack customers as more and more people would refer customers to you.

I once had an experience with a cook. She made delicious fried and jellof rice for my sisters birthday. After that everyone that tasted that food kept asking me for her contact. She was recommended to me at first by another person. You can see how the referral engine works for her business.

So, this cooking skill is not about knowing how to cook all the foods in the world but cooking delicious meals. And you can learn this money making skill. It doesn’t take long to learn either. However, your best secret is to create your own brand delicious meal recipe. If you can wow people’s taste buds at occasion and events, you have it all made.

Also, learn how to cook all kinds of foods, both local, continental and intercontinental dishes. Or if possible, specialize on certain foods and cook them so well.

{11} Fashion Designing Skill

From the small towns of Umuahia and Aba to the fashion capitals of the world, fashion designing is ruling the world. Everyone wants to look good. And since Nigeria found its identify with fashion, our own fashion industry has seem tremendous boom.

It’s affordable to learn fashion design. It’s one of the best money making skill to acquire. And you can also start from home and with little capital.

However, the advantage of fashion designing is a show of skill. You must be good at your job. Most of your customers are going to come from referrals. And these referrals will come from the designs you sew for your clients. Women are good at asking for the contact of the designer of the cloths they see on others. So, you must aspire to be the best designer in your city if you hope to stay top of mind for most customers.


Money making skills are the best way to get self employed and upgrade your financial status. Your skill will attract potential customers who need your skills and put money in your account regularly.

Note that a few weeks or months training is not enough to become prefect in these money making skills. It’s okay to learn for a few weeks to get started. That gives you opportunity to also learn more while you are working. But you have to strive to gain more knowledge of your skills.

Finally, the best way to make money with your skill is to keep updating it in every way possible. Think of ways you can make your skills better and monetize it in an irresistible way that keep customers coming back to you.

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How To Pray Effectively To God

Prayer is a kind of communication that defiles natural laws and helps to align situations to your favour. And how to pray effectively is to help position you on how best to communicate in prayer with God.

The essence of prayer is not so that God would answer, even though God wants to answer your prayers. Although, God has finished His works from the foundation of the world. But our prayers help to stir situations to our advantage.

A dear man of God once said, it seems like God would do nothing excerpt we pray. That’s the reason you ought to pray, not just to communicate but also to receive the answers of what God has already made available for you.

How To Pray Effectively

Praying effectively is not really what you are praying about but the intensity of the prayer. What you are praying for doesn’t make God answer. It’s how intense you pray that causes an answer in response.

That’s why crying during prayer doesn’t make God answer your prayer. And intensity is not about crying. Their’s a call of faith that’s deeper than emotion. And God sees the heart and responds to faith alone.

However, praying in intensity can be practiced. If you do not endure in prayer you cannot develop deep hunger for God. It’s this deep hunger that drives your intensity of prayer. You are praying to a God who’s a spirit. Your prayers should be deep in spirit.

So, when you pray, let it be continuos and heartfelt. In other words, maintain a commitment to your prayer. Spend sometimes in prayer. Don’t just mumble words and quickly rush off to live as though it was just a routine expression. Give God attention. Stay in the place of prayer for a timeframe, while you talk to God.

If you pray in tongues, spend enough time to speak in other tongues. The Bible admonished that praying in other tongues edifies you. It emboldens, builds you up like an edifice. So, the more you stay in the place of prayer, the more you are built up in God.

How To Pray To God

When we pray to God, it’s important we also know how to better pray to God. If God would answer your prayers, you ought to know how to pray in a way that God wants to answer. So that when you pray, you are so sure that God would answer. Assuming there are prayers that God doesn’t answer.

And if God won’t answer prayer, you ought to know those prayers that God doesn’t answer. Or if God didn’t answer your prayer, you should know why God didn’t answer a prayer from you, even when He asked you to pray.

That brings us to the question, who should pray to God? What qualifies anyone to pray to God? Is there a way to pray God for Him to answer? Or are there people whom God doesn’t answer there prayers?

Who’s Qualified To Pray

Let’s start with who is qualified to pray. Having asked if there are those God doesn’t answer their prayers, it’s necessary to answer the question of qualification. That would help you see how you qualified or not.

So, who’s actually qualified to pray to God? The right way to answer this question is to first identify who God is for. Are there people in this world that God did not create? The answer is no. If everyone in this world is created by God, then that qualifies everyone in this world to pray to God. That means you are qualified to pray to God.

But there are two types of people in the world today that God created. You may like to know which type you belong to. And each of the two types is required to pray a certain kind of prayer.

The two types of people are:

  1. The Natural man
  2. The New Creation

These two type of people can only pray a certain prayer for God to answer. The natural man is the direct descendants of Adam, whose the first creation of God. Everyone who came into this world, first came as a natural man. If you are born into this world, you are a natural man.

However, the second creation is the new creation. This new creation are descendants of the natural man that have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives as their Lord and savior. These creation of God is regarded as the new creation in Christ.

Another way to describe these two creations of God is by their perceived nature. While the natural man is regarded as a sinner, the new creation is seen as righteous. These two natures separates the two, and would be used in this post to represent the two creations of God.

Who’s A Sinner?

A sinner is a natural man who’s not yet born again. The fall of Adam in the garden of Eden bequeathed to him the nature of a fallen man, which is ridden with sin. The natural man became a sinner as a result of the nature of sin.

He’s not a sinner because he did anything wrong. Everyone born into this world as a natural man is born with the sin nature. He or she is a sinner by nature and not by act or deed.

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The Prayer of A Sinner

By reason of the sin nature, the natural man, even though he can still pray to God, he’s only permitted by God to get only one answer to prayer. God can only answer one prayer of a natural man. And that prayer is the prayer of salvation.

There’s nothing else a natural man would want that God is willing to grant, excerpt that prayer for the salvation of his soul. He may live in the illusion that God answers all prayers. But that’s a fallacy.

The Bible in the book of Proverbs 15:8 KJV declared that: The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord : but the prayer of the upright is his delight.

And if his prayers are not answered, what should a sinner do? God gives every sinner the right to pray one prayer that must be answered and that’s the prayer for salvation. The Apostle Paul gave us this prayer guide in the book of Romans chapter ten, from verse nine to twelve.

Paul even went ahead to tell us that God promised to answer the sinner immediately. And when you pray this way, God answers. So, if you call upon the name of the Lord today, you shall be saved. And that automatically makes you a Christian.

Who’s A Christian?

A Christian is a natural man who’s born again (the new creation). A Christian is one who has prayed the sinners prayer, according to the book of Romans chapter ten. Until you have prayed this prayer you are not a Christian.

That your mother and father claim Christianity as their religion doesn’t make you, including them to be Christians. Yes, their religion can be Christianity. But their nature is not Christ-like.

A Christian is a natural man who has the life and nature of God. Not someone who’s made in the image and likeness of God. They are two different things. It’s also this nature of a new creation that gives you access before God in prayer. This access is what the Bible described as righteousness – a right standing with God.

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Who’s A Righteous Person?

Righteousness is a right, a qualification given to a new creation by God. That’s the primary reason a new creation prays and God answers. Righteousness gives you privileges that are not available to the ordinary natural man.

God listens to a righteous man when he prays. And Bible told us in James chapter five and verse sixteen that the prayers of a righteous man makes tremendous power available, and it’s dynamic in its working.

And you are righteous because God says so. It’s not because of what you did right. Righteousness is not a function of right living, even though you live right because you are righteous. Your righteousness is a nature you received from God that makes you right without condemnation, when you got born again.

The Prayer Of The Righteous

So, how does a righteous man pray? What does he pray about? The prayers of a righteous man is important to God. His prayers are needed by God to perform His purpose in the earth.

The righteous man has privileges, and one of them is getting answers to prayers. If God would answer the prayer of anyone in this world, it’s the prayer of a righteous man.

But a righteous man prays in a certain way. Prayer is not just about request to God. Even though God answers the prayer of a righteous man, the prayer should be heartfelt. God answers to a passionate desire of a righteous man. You may need to get this book: “The Art of Prayer” on Amazon.

So, what does a righteous man pray about? Anything that’s important to God and important to him. As a righteous man, you can pray any time and about anything. You are not restricted to just one prayer like the natural man who’s not born again.

How Does God Answer Prayers?

The idea that God answers prayer is not like in a direct response. God has already answered the prayers of the righteous in Christ Jesus. There’s nothing anyone can pray for or about that the provision hasn’t been made available in Christ.

So, God is not actually answering your prayers, but has answered your prayers. Imagine if you come to this consciousness that even before you pray, God has made provisions for answers to your prayers. That would change your mindset when you pray. And that’s the reality of the gospel.

Remember that the Bible already told us that God has finished His works from the foundation of the world. And He’s rested from all His works. That means your prayer now has answer provided even before you chose to pray today.

That’s why prayer is not so much as what God can do for you, but what prayer does to you that nothing else can do for you any other way.

What Does Prayer Do For You?

Prayer is more than just a request to God. It affirms your faith in God that you cannot see. Through prayers you talk to God and make decrees on behalf of God about the things you want changed in the world. And God also talk back to you.

But the real impact of prayer is that prayer changes you. If you pray always you will notice changes in your life. That’s the primary reason God wants you to pray. However, the reason prayer changes you is because when you pray you are communicating with God.

This communication with God is what changes your life. Remember, when Moses went to collect the ten commandment. The Bible records that when he returned from the mountain, where he talked with God, his face shone brightly. The glory of God rubbed off on him.

This same glory rubs off on you when you pray. But the difference is that while it was on Moses’ face, this glory increases in your spirit.


How to pray effectively should be the desire of every Christian. There are no excuse good enough for a Christian who does not pray. And if you don’t pray as much, make conscious effort to develop the habit of praying deeper with intensity.

If you are not yet born again, don’t take it for granted. That God doesn’t hear the prayer (sacrifice) of the wicked should get your attention. And since you cannot bribe God, doing the needful by getting yourself born again should be your utmost desire now. I recommend this book on Amazon: HOW TO FIND GOD.

Finally, God wants to hear your prayers. Praying o God gladdens His heart. It’s God’s greatest desire that you pray to Him. And it’s not so that He can answer, because He has already answered. It’s because God loves you and want you to become more like Him.


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14 Ways On How to Work Smarter

This year, one thing you should achieve is to do more than you did last year. But that will not happen if you did exactly the same things you did last year in the same way. You need to find ways to work smarter than you did last year.

Sometimes what you need to do is as simple as what you thought doesn’t matter. You overlooked certain things because you thought what should make a difference should be something hard to do.

But what makes us work smarter are not even the super computers that we have. They are common things that helps us organize ourselves more than we had been doing.

What Could Make You Work Smarter?

As much as I have listed 14 of the ways to help you work smarter, I haven’t forgotten that we are all different. And what works for me may not work exactly for some people even though I may be getting great results doing them.

That gives room for each one of us to look at certain ways we can personally adjust our lives to make us work smarter.

The reason for the 14 ways I have listed here for you is not to restrict your mind but to help it think deep into how you can improve the things you already do in a way that would work best for you.

You should examine all the 14 ways to work smarter and tick or eliminate or even to add what’s missing to the list. I will also appreciate that you share your thoughts on what works for you that’s not included in my list here.

{1} Plan In Advance

You need to plan your weeks and days in advance. That’s the first step to work smarter. If you can plan ahead, you will be able to execute more work than you could do without a planning ahead. So, the best cause of action should be to plan in advance.

How to Plan In Advance:

  1. Review past work
  2. Brainstorm on what you want to achieve
  3. Set your goals
  4. Write them down
  5. Create a plan to drive your goals
  6. Review areas you need support and how to get them

{2} Invest In Learning

Another way to work smarter is to learn new things. You should invest in learning. What you know will improve how smart you work. Although, not everything need to be learnt. Discover those things that compliments your work and learn about them.

How to work smart is not really something that needs to be learnt. But there are knowledge you may need to acquire in what you do that helps you work smarter. That’s why you need to invest in learning.

Steps to invest in Learning:

  1. Decide things and how you want to learn
  2. Open an online learning account like Udemy, Cousera, MIT, etcetera.
  3. Know the difference between learning to gain knowledge and learning to acquire skills
  4. Set a budget for your learning
  5. And Start learning

{3} Automate Tasks

Some tasks you do needs automation. You can automate things that may require technology to control. Things like email reply can be done with automation. You should discover those things you do that could be automated and automate them.

Tools to Help Automate:

Entrepreneur magazine listed 10 tools you can use to help automate your business process. It gave details on each of these tools there as well if you want to visit the site. Here are the list below:

  1. ChattyPeople
  2. Deluxe Payroll
  3. MailChimp
  4. Buffer
  5. Leadcrunch
  6. Slack
  7. Hootsuite
  8. Quickbooks
  9. Quip
  10. Doodle

{4} Use DnD On Your Phone

Sometimes the only way you can be able to work smarter is if you limit some distractions. Focusing on work can sometimes come at a price. Excerpt something is helping you at that time to do your work faster and better, it could be a distraction that needs to be eliminated.

And your phone could be a big distraction that steals away time from you. Even though your phone is a very important communication tool, there are times it could be distracting you from other more important things as well.

So, the advise is to learn to use a very important feature of your phone, the DnD feature. The Do-Not-Disturb feature of your phone is there to help you moderate your life when other things are more important than a phone call.

{5} Don’t Multitask

For some, the idea of multitasking may see like doing more at the same time. But that’s not entirely so. A Multitask job may reduce the impact or quality of the result you can achieve. That depreciates the value of your work.

To work smarter you shouldn’t also reduce the value of your result. So, avoid multitasking.

Disadvantages Of Multitasking:

  • Loss of attention and memory
  • Poor cognitive performance
  • Lost productivity

{6} Do Important Work Only

What’s important in your work? One of the best ways to work smarter is to place important things on priority. Although some have a hard time identifying what’s important in their work, especially when everything seems important.

But the best way to identify the most important in all the important things you have to do is by identifying those ones that when you do them would help you accomplish the others much better.

How to Prioritize Work:

  1. Write down a list of all your tasks
  2. Identify what’s urgent against what’s important
  3. Assess their value of importance
  4. Order tasks according to estimated effort required
  5. Be flexible and adaptable

{7} Become Organized

How organized are you? To work smarter you need to become highly organized. Some times we allow things of less value occupy our time and drain us of energy that should be put into better use. But when you become organized, you put things in order of importance and determine how much of your time is available to be allocated to things of less value.

How to Become Organized:

LifeHack explained 10 ways you can become organized to help you work smarter. Below is a list of the ways. You can read the full details on LifeHack website here.

  1. Write Things Down
  2. Make Schedules and Deadline
  3. Don’t Procrastinate
  4. Give Everything a Home
  5. Declutter Regularly
  6. Keep Only What You Need
  7. Know Where to Discard Items
  8. Stay Away from Bargains
  9. Delegate responsibilities
  10. Work hard

{8} Limit Doing Emails

You should limit the number of times you check and reply to your emails in a day. If you USD to check your emails per alert notification, change it. First disable your email notification option to only get your email when you check it yourself.

You can also schedule how many times you can check your emails per day. The most reasonable option is to check in the morning, mid afternoon and later at night, just a little before bed time.

{9} Measure Results And Not Time

How do you measure your impact or success? It can affect how you work smarter. Start by identifying what’s more important to measure. And what influences your success more.

Avoid measuring your impact by how much time you have invested in the business. Time may be money but it’s value is not always tangible. Rather look at your results achieved as a measure of your success.

How to measure success:

  1. Identify your values.
  2. Compare only with your past results.
  3. Don’t measure what’s hard to measure
  4. Measure results both over the long and short term.

{10} Stick to A Routine

What are your daily and weekly routine? Having a routine helps you work smarter. Your routine is a way of sticking to what really matters. It helps you streamline your time and priorities to avoid times wasters. And it also helps you know when a particular routine is draining you or no longer productive.

Tips To Stick To A Routine:

  • Use some kind of physical reminder to start the routine off.
  • Make Rewarding yourself for sticking to the routine part of the plan
  • Start with a small and simple routine
  • Take it one routine at a time.
  • And add new ones as you make progress with one.

{11} Work In Blocks

Having your work scheduled in blocks gives you room to see more work done than having a very long work that takes a whole day. When you work in Block it gives you room to celebrate every single success achieved per day.

How to Block Time:

  • Spend at least 10 minutes filling your time blocks.
  • Estimate how long it takes to complete a given task
  • Breakdown big tasks into small chunks
  • Plan for any unexpected interruptions

{12} Turn Off Notifications For Unimportant Apps

Your mobile phone Apps can also become distractive to your work. The normal design technique now is to include notifications. Sometimes these notifications are not so useful information at the time you are being notified.

Learn to turn off these notifications, especially for unimportant Apps to give you room for more productive work without distractions.

{13} Relieve Stress

If you work you would likely get to a stress level at some point. Hard work should not include self induced stress. If not, it can lead to anxiety, which can lead to depression. Learn when to relieve the stress from work.

Tips On How To Relieve Stress:

Healthline gave out 16 stress relieving tips that would help you know how to effectively manage your stress. Below are the list of 8 of the simple stress relieving tips.

  1. Exercise.
  2. Consider Supplements.
  3. Light a Candle.
  4. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake.
  5. Write It Down
  6. Chew Gum.
  7. Spend Time With Friends and Family
  8. Laugh

Follow this link to read the remaining 8 tips on HealthLine website.

{14} Find Tasks to Eliminate

Working smarter can sometime be misleading to mean working more. But that’s not true. Sometimes working smarter could mean less of what you currently do. There maybe tasks that you do that should be a routine or be part of your work schedule.

You need to find tasks that needs to be eliminated from your schedule. By eliminating less important or invaluable tasks you are in a way working smarter.


You have read through the 14 ways to work smarter. There are choice to make here. It’s either all the tips apply to you or there maybe some that doesn’t apply to your work at all. Go through the list again if you missed something and tick the ones you need to apply to help you work smarter.

However, make sure what you apply suits your needs. That’s the reason one of the tips it’s to invest in learning. There are so much you may need to learn about how to work smarter in your job.

And that may including discovering some tips that may be personal to you. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you.

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Grow Yourself Worth

10 Important Rules For Success In 2021

Do you want to be successful? You need to follow the rules for success. Do you know what they are? Just doing what the rules says will lead you through amazing success in life. And you may think these rules are too difficult to follow. But not so. Rather, they are the most simple rules that life has presented us in a way anyone can do them.

Think of it this way, they are like the air we breath. Even though the air is so precious, we breath effortlessly and at no cost to us. That’s also how these rules for success are. They lead to amazing life experiences and yet they are the most simple things of life that anyone can do.

How can something so simple bring success and yet not everyone is successful? That’s a point, but that’s the reason I’m teaching you what they are now. Even though they are important rules for success, not many people know them.

Some people during their lifetime discover some rules and apply them to achieve some level of success. These rules of success is not just a set of rules for you to follow, they must be lived as a lifestyle for it to produce the best result in your life.

Extraordinary Rules for Success

Consider these rules as the 10 commandments of success. I consciously didn’t use the word commandment in the title to different it from the 10 commandments in the Bible. But if you closely observe all the rules of success here, you will realize that they are closely related to the 10 commandment in the Holy Bible.

And just as the Bible admonished, if you take these rules into account, and you are bold and courageous, it will not only produce success for you, it will make you an example of what success should be like.

I want you to count yourself privileged to know these ten rules of success. I have listed them below with a concise description of what each one represents and produces in you and for you. Take heed that you consciously build these characters in yourself.

Rule #1: Just Do It

What is there to do? The first rule of success is the doing of it. Until you develop the character of a doer, you can never be successful in life. And without this first rule, the rest of the 9 rules of success are useless.

It doesn’t even matter if you know what to do to be very successful. If you don’t do them you will not be successful.

The law of doing has nothing to do with whether what you do is right or wrong. Doing nothing is worse than doing the wrong thing. The person who does the wrong thing is only ignorant of the power of doing good. If he or she finds out, it’s easier to switch fast enough than the person who does nothing.

Moreover, doing is akin to sowing. When ever you sow a seed, it has the power, the potentiality and the opportunity to produce a harvest of what is sown. So, every time you do something you stand a chance to gain a harvest of what you do, whether good or bad.

Rule #2: Be Friendly

The second rule of success is equally very important like the first. In fact, this second rule clarifies the action of the first rule. It simple means, what ever you do should be done in a friendly manner.

Your actions and words should illicit friendliness. You cannot be doing what destroy others to become successful.

Think of it this way, if what you do is good, more good things will come to you. But if it’s bad, more bad things will come to you. By being more friendly, you reap more friends. But if you are unfriendly, you equally reap more unfriendliness.

Rule #3: Value What You Do

If what you do is of no value to you, how can it be of value to others. The third rule of success is to value what you do. So, that thing that you do must have value to you and other people. Anything without value will not make you successful.

The way to think of value that will also help you be friendly is to see it as anything that’s good to God and good for man. If it’s not at variance with God’s loving nature, then it’s something of value. If God thinks it’s good then it’s equally good for man.

That way, value is not just anything you consider profitable. Because not everything is actually profitable at the end. They may look like it’s fine because it’s making you so and so amount of money. But if that value doesn’t increase joy and love in others for what you do, that value is not profitable.

Rule #4: Have Fun

That’s interesting. You can have fun. That’s the fourth rule of success. Anything you do that do not bring you joy, won’t make you friendly and can’t have value. It’s a simple rule but very powerful among the rules.

Your peace is more important than any success you can ever achieve. If you are not happy, how can you make others happy? If you are not enjoying it, how can you make others enjoy it?

That thing you must do should be because it makes you happy. And when you are happy the rest of us are happy with you. And that’s the best form of success.

Rule #5: Do It Your Way

Imagine if all you do is trying to live like someone else. What would that make you? No matter how well someone else may have done what you want to do, do it your way. That’s the fifth rule of success.

Each one of us is unique in our own way. We all smile but the shape of our faces when we smile are different. The voice we use when we talk sounds different with each one of us. So also should the way we do things.

Don’t worry if someone seems to be doing better than you. The way you do it is equally great and especially, very unique. It’s better to be an original than to be a copy. And everyone prefers to buy an original, not the copy.

Rule #6: Take Risks

Say it again with me; take risks! This sixth rule of success is vital to both the first five rules and the remaining four after it.

If you are afraid, the world may never know how good your intentions were and how much of a success you could have become if you have tried. I once read about Apple third partner (Ronald Wayne) who backed out early in the business and sold his shares for just $800. Later in 2016 those shares turned out to be worth $62.93 billion of Apple stock.

That example shouldn’t be your story. It doesn’t even matter if anyone thinks your idea is not good enough. As long as it’s based on these rules of success, keep doing what you do until it works.

Rule #7: Do What You Love

How can you even keep doing something, even when the risks are insurmountable? It’s only possible if you do what you love. Even though the first rule of success says JUST DO IT! The seventh rule says it must be what you love.

So, if you merge the first and seventh rule you will have ‘just do what you love’. That’s what will keep you going when everything else seem to be working against you.

For example, how would you stay friendly with people who don’t even like you? Excerpt you love what you do more than their ignorance and hatred.

Rule #8: Create Good Products

When you love what you do, it drives you to perfection. You just want to create good products that people love. You don’t mind the risks. All you see is the value you want to provide for others.

And we have ample examples of how good products have ruled the marketplace for generations. The Toyota’s of this world. The Apples, and the Mercedes Benz, etcetera. These products ruled because they are good.

Anything good is a potential value carrier. People will fall in love with it, and you will be happier that you gave the world the best of your gift.

Rule #9: Think Like There’s No Box

One of the inspiring thought that came out of Japanese invention is “Good Product, Good Thinking”. You cannot have a good product if your thinking is not good enough. And that forms our ninth rules of success.

Good products are as a result of good thinking. And what makes your thinking good is the content of your mind. You cannot think differently if you can’t see things differently from how others see them.

Uber taught us how to think like there’s no box. The world taxi system had functioned in a way everyone thought was the best of its kind until Uber disrupted that industry. Since then, so many other industry has faced similar state.

Rule #10: Always Do More

And if you think once you have an unusual idea, you will just ride your way to success, you will be missing a vital point. That brings us to our final rule, the number ten, which is; always do more than you have to do.

So, what is that thing you you have to do? The rule says to do more of it. This sounded like the law of the old covenant that says; do to others how you want others to do to you. Like, if you want love, give love.

However, this one is emphatic on doing more of what you have to do. You can do better than the limit you have set for yourself. The room for perfection is always ready for you. And if you stretch your hands you will touch the sky.


The cost of success is not more than what you can give. But the concern is, not many are riding through that road. There are too many people on the path that leads to no where. Yet, we need more successful people than the record we have of success.

The rules of success applies to everyone. It’s like the air that’s available to both the rich and the poor. No one can say, I don’t have access to it. There’s non of the rules of success here that requires any form of qualification to attain.

Yet, you and I know that unless anyone is committed to these rules, success will elude them. The law of success does not work on itself. You alone has the power to activate success for yourself.

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