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How To Start A Solid Retirement Plan In Nigeria

Retirement plan in Nigeria

What if there’s a better retirement plan than your pension fund? How do you see a retirement plan that can guarantee 300% returns for you in every 16 months? Imagine how much your current monthly salary deduction paid into your pension fund can return to you in every 16 months.

Let’s even do the maths. If your monthly pension deduction from your salary is N100,000. That’s about $200 in today’s exchange rate. How Much returns do you get from your current pension fund?

I did a pension calculation on Leadway Pensure, and here’s what I got. It asked me how much I want as my monthly pension when I retire, and for how many years I want it paid? Plus how many years I still have left to retire, and how much interest rate I want on my pension fund?

I picked the following: N50,000 as my monthly pension salary after retirement. I said, I have only 2 years left to work. That I want 15% interest rate, and I want to collect the pension for 10 years. Here’s what the result gave me. That I would need to have a retirement saving account (RSA) balance of N2,780,225.16 from a monthly contribution of N100,050.98 for the next 2 years before my retirement.

Just do the calculation. I would have paid N2,401,223.52 in 2 years to my pension fund managers. It’s from this money they will now pay me N50,000 monthly, after they have invested it, for the next 10 years. I’m only reaping from the profit they earned from investing my money. And I will only get N600,000 in one year and total of N6,000,000 from them in 10 years after my retirement.

What happens after that 10 years? That’s for me to figure out, right? That is what many pensioners are going through already. And some are still planning to go through it also. Please, I beg of you, don’t go through it too.

Collapse Of Pension Funds In Nigeria

No matter how juicy your pension fund managers talk about their retirement plan for you, it can never be the best deal for you. What they are actually doing is a retirement plan for their owners. The best retirement plan is the one you can control and plan for yourself.

Don’t forget that in a system like Nigeria, the pension fund has always been a major source of corruption. It has never worked, because the pension fund in Nigeria has collapsed long ago. Those currently managing it knows that, and has since been stealing from it. Even the government steals from it from time to time, and calls it loan.

When you will realize what has happened will be when it’s time to pay up. That’s for civil servants. However, for the private sector workers, it’s even not the best deal they are getting. You can see the calculation Leadway Pensure gave me. With that you can’t get anything better to live on when you retire.

Nigerian Total Working Population

One of the problems with retirement plan is the number of people who maybe retiring, the current number of retirees and the available resources to cater for them. Nigeria has a large workforce with no adequate plan for their retirement.

According to Proshare Nigeria, the site lamented that out of the total workforce of 69,470,091 in Nigeria, only 7,348,028 workers has a retirement savings account (RSA) with any pension fund manager. It’s even an old report of quarter 4 of 2016. That’s just 10.8% of the total workforce. At the current date, the figures might even be worse.

If you think it’s because Nigerian workers don’t like to plan for their future, then you lied. Nigerians like to plan even for the dead. That’s why government officials are stealing state funds. They are planning for their future and their children with stolen funds.

But legitimately, Nigerians would use pension funds if actually it guarantees a good deal for them. Hence the reason for the boycott, because it doesn’t offer any retirement plan when you are tired. But I have something that will surprise you. It’s better, it’s cheaper to start, and it’s in dollars, so you won’t have to worry about naira devaluation and inflation. I will soon come to that.

Different Types Of Retirement Plan

The best way to understand retirement plan is to see it as a savings account where you put aside some monies you earn monthly for use when you retirement from employment. So, I decided to take a look at some of the retirement accounts available. Some of them are not applicable in Nigeria, but it’s good you know what’s out there too.

  • IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement)
  • SEP (Simplified Employee Pension)
  • PSP (Profit Sharing Plans)
  • DBP (Defined Benefit Plan)
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Roth IRAs

You can take sometime and read up all about these different pension plans on Bankrate website. But let me just talk about one only. The PSP (Profit Sharing Plans). You will love this one, as much as I do.

Profit Sharing Plans (PSP)

Imagine if your current employer is sharing profit with you. How much do you think you would be getting monthly? Just imagine. I don’t expect you to know exactly how much. But its surely way big, right? That’s the point. But they won’t like to share, rather they want to suffer you by deducting from your present salary in the guise of planning a future for you. Bullshit!

But think about it. A profit sharing plan will make you more money and you won’t have to be planning for retirement. In fact, you shouldn’t be planning for retirement. You should be planning on sharing profits with big and existing multinational companies.

I know you want to ask me, how?

What Is Your Retirement Plan?

Let me even ask you what you have been planning for your retirement. If you don’t have a better retirement plan, now is the time to make a quick adjustment. You cant just leave everything to chance. I might even shock you with some of the ways people are knowingly or unknowingly planning for their retirement.

  • Some invest in stocks
  • Some buy or build properties
  • Some invest it in different businesses
  • Some even invest it in their children
  • While some ignorantly put it in the banks or pension funds

You see all these retirement plans, they may not protect you when you are tired. Even the children you gave birth to may not care for you. The stockmarket can crash, like it did in 2017 and many pensioners lost heavily. All their life savings gone in one stock market crash.

You might think building properties are better, but the question is, how do you earn from your properties? Mostly through rentals. But how much is rentage fee in Nigeria? Even if you get N600,000 per annum for 3 bedroom flat, which is better than your pension fund, how many flats would you build from your salary?

You can’t plan with that, unless you just want a hand-to-mouth kind of life when you should be enjoying life in your retirement.

This Should Be Your Retirement Plan

If you understood the Profit Sharing Plan (PSP), that’s what I want your retirement plan to follow. Think of how you can share profit with a multinational company.

Let me give you a blueprint on how to plan your retirement with a PSP. If you are currently working, you stand a better chance to use this blueprint better. Even if you are not presently employed, or you are self employed, you too can use this blueprint.

The first point to note is that it’s cheaper to start. And that you can start with as low as $100. That amount would guarantee you 10% returns on a monthly basis. If you work it around your monthly pension deduction, some of you pay more than $100 monthly.

That means if you plan to retire in 2 years, you would have saved $2,400 with a compounding interest of 0.45% daily or 10% monthly. In 16 months lifespan for each of the $100, you would have a return of About 300%.

Let me even say that you can only invest $100, because you have so much bills to pay monthly and can’t afford to be deducting $100 monthly. In 6 years on a compounding interest of 0.45% daily, see what I calculated for you using TheCalculatSite: $80,252.67 total interest will be earned in the period.

You are rich on retirement if you do this now. Think about how many more years you still have in active service before your retirement. Think about how much a $100 can become for you in the next 5 years and 7 months to be precise. $80,252.67 is equivalent of N40,126,335. And you can still invest even after you have retired rich.

Compare that with your pension fund of N6,000,000 in 10 years from a contribution of over N2.4 million of your salary in 2 years deduction. If you can invest $500 or even $5,000, think of what the returns would be in the same period. Some of you can afford to do up to $25,000. And that’s a return of $75,000 in just 16 months. While $50,000 would give you $150,000 in 16 months.

How This Retirement Plan Works

I have already told you. It’s a profit sharing plan. I have found this comoany for you in the U.K. (United Kingdom), with global presence in over 100 countries including Nigeria. This company is willing to share their profit with you.

Here’s how it works. They have several investment packages, from $100 to $50,000. And they pay returns from the profit they generate. You get 0.45% daily or 10% monthly on a compounding interest.

You role here is just to invest the amount you wish. The company will give you an online portal where you can monitor your investment, make withdrawals when you want or upgrade your investment package at any time.

What You Should Do Now

Get more information on this. You shouldn’t just take my world for it. Even though I have painted this as the best retirement plan for you, find out more for yourself. Moreover, somebody has to introduce as your referral or sponsor to the company. That’s how it works.

So, you will need a referral or sponsor. The sponsor will also help educate you more, and guide you throughout your investment period.

For example, if I’m your sponsor, my responsibility includes helping you to get more information, ensure you get adequate training on how to invest wisely and better usage of the portal. I should also be standby for you whenever you need guidance pr have questions on anything regarding the investment. You sponsor can also guide you on how much you should start with.

After you have invested for your own retirement plan, and started earning returns, then you can help sponsor others,like your colleagues in the office.

What To Do About Your Colleagues

Don’t plan for yourself alone. Help others to also discover this retirement plan. Your colleagues should be the first to know after you starts seeing returns from your own investment.

However, don’t rush immediately to tell them. Wait till after few weeks, like 2 or 3 weeks. It’s enough time to start seeing some revenue trickling into your account. You need some proof to show them. And because it’s in dollars it will be more convincing.

Remember, you will also earn up to 10% for sponsoring your colleagues. Yes the company pays for referrals, it’s one time, and it’s based on the initial amount the person invested.

Not just your colleague, including your friends. Target when salary is usually paid so they won’t say there’s no money. Remember, you are helping them make a better decision about their own retirement.


There’s no better retirement plan than a proper investment. But as a civil servant or private sector worker, you are limited to mostly pension fund, which is deducted from your salary.

There’s no guarantee on that, as long as Nigerian government are the ones controlling it. Even the private sector led pension managers, the kind of pension you get are not inspiring.

That’s why you need to plan something else for yourself. If you in an organization where pension deduction is actually done from source, you may not be able to shop it. But that shouldn’t stop you from planning your retirement better. I have shown you that with just $100 you can generate a better investment plan in less than 6 years, of over $80,000 in returns.

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Rapture: For Those Who Believe

That you are a Christian, born again and speaking in tongues doesn’t qualify you for Rapture. There are basic facts you need to know about the rapture of the church. It’s not a flight for Christians. Because some Christians will also miss Rapture. So, why would they miss Rapture?

Let’s begin to examine this topic and to give insight on why you have to believe that Jesus is coming soon.

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He’s Coming Again…Be Prepared

The thought of seeing my precious Jesus is the most glorious thing I have ever imagined. His love, the smile, the touch, His words are all coming back to me now. My Lord and savior is coming for me.

He said so in the book of John 14:3 KJV
[3] And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

We are in the closing years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes of His coming. All my thoughts are down to when I see His face. What would He say to me? I have yielded my heart to the Holy Spirit to prepare me for that day.

That day will soon come. Make no mistake about it, think of the things above only. The glories of this world is gone. There’s nothing here any more for anyone to be proud of. It doesn’t matter what you never achieved. It’s of no use now.

What matters is that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming again. My joy is that He chose me among all tribes, tongues, nations and peoples. I’m going home to be with Him.

If you never believed it’s time, I urge you to believe. This world was never meant to endure forever. The Bible told us of the end of it, and that end is now. I don’t want anything else of this world. I wanna go home. The Lord is coming for me, and all I want to do now is to prepare for Him.


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4 Useful Tips To Care For Your Skin


Do you know how best to care for your skin? The best gift you can give to yourself is caring for your skin. Surprisingly, many people, especially women do not know the basic tips to help them care for their skin.

If you are wondering why you don’t seem to achieve the kind of skin you want, then, you have to understand how best to care for it. Your skin is the only part of you that others can see, even though it doesn’t fully represent you. But perception is 80 percent reality.

What you give others is what they will use to rate you, even before they get to know who you really are. That’s why the rich pay for expensive and luxuries lifestyle. That’s the only way other people would know they are rich.

However, caring for your skin will save you money and time, if you know what to do. You won’t need to spend on expensive beauty products at all. There’s a better and more affordable way to achieve the kind of beauty you desire.

How Do You Care For Your Skin?

If you are already using beauty products, you have been caring for your skin, positively or negatively, even if you don’t think that’s what you are doing. It’s better you understand what you are currently doing to your skin to help you know how best to care for it going forward.

It’s even important to know if the result you have achieved is what you really wanted or you should improve on it. What if the current result is so bad that you need a miracle now? At least you would know the target is more clearer.

Let’s start by looking at the things that you should be considering to help you care for your skin. Anyone can buy good cream and soap to care for their skin. But if you don’t understand the tips I’m sharing with you here, you may still not get a good result. You might even damage your already good skin.

Some people have very good skin from birth. While some people’s skin are not so good from birth. Your ability to manage whatever skin God gave you is a great gift. You cannot even begin to solve any problem unless you understand what the problem could be. I have listed the tips below and I will briefly explain more clearly.

  • Understand Your Specific Skin Type
  • Learn To Adopt To Seasonality
  • Don’t Send The Wrong Signals To Your Skin
  • Avoid Moisturizers Too Thick or Heavy

Understand Your Specific Skin Type

The most important step to care for your skin starts with understanding your specific skin type. It’s like diagnosing the ailment before prescription drugs. You cannot begin to know what your skin needs if you don’t know your skin type.

Call it the beginning of wisdom for skin care. But interestingly, most people who want to look beautiful don’t even know this most important step. They just copy what others are doing that’s working for them, without knowing if it will work for them too.

Now that I have shown you how important it is, it’s good to want to know your skin type. I have already explained the different Skin types and how you can identify your type in one of my articles. Click to go read it HERE.

Learn To Adopt To Seasonality

The next tip is about adapting to certain circumstances or seasonality. How best you do this would determine how good you will look every season. Do you wander why some people look good during some seasons and not as good in other seasons? Your skin changes with season. You have to know that and adopt to it.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, as complex and intelligent as your heart, lungs, liver and other vital organs, your skin demands more attention. It’s also the most noticeable part of your body. If something is wrong with your skin you can see it on time.

Take note of the seasons depending on your country or location. Some times the weather is hot, cold, rainy, dry, or a combination of two or more of it. Like, there can be hot and dry weather at the same time, or cold and rainy weather. You need to know how and with what to care for your skin during the different circumstances.

Don’t Send The Wrong Signals To Your Skin

Now, this one is on you. You have to learn not to be sending wrong signals to your skin. You may not know it’s what’s responsible for the changes in your skin that you are complaining about. Remember the skin is also sensitive, has its own intelligence and can communicate invariably.

You can send wrong signals to your skin by using cleansers and treatments that are too harsh. And it doesn’t matter if they are recommended for excessive oiliness. They may send the signal to your skin that more oil is actually needed.

Learn to be moderate even when it seems like you should be a little harsh with remedies.

Avoid Moisturizers Too Thick or Heavy

Another way you can send wrong signal is also by applying moisturizers that are too thick or heavy. This can result in decreased natural oil production, which would result in even drier skin.

Choose your moisturizers well. If you are using Infini Clear products for example, add a little Infini Clear carrot oil to soften the moisturizer. Mix it properly, not to be too soft either. The carrot oil will help the thick lotion or cream to become softer for better application.


Choosing the right option would mean taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs. When you understand what your skin needs you can better make the best choice of how to care for it. And with a balance skin, the result will be a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Understand that every person’s skin is unique, and have different needs. Don’t copy your friends in using the same kind of moisturizers unless their skin type is same as yours. To know your skin type is the beginning of looking beautiful.

However, there are a few common skin types that may help you to identify where your skin fits. The main skin types are commonly referred to as Oily, Normal/Combination and Dry. There’s also sensitive skin, which is just an anomaly of some sort. Here are two easy ways to determine your skin type at home from another post on this blog.

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10 Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Excel

Do you know women are better entrepreneurs than men? It’s not about the cliche what a man can do a woman can do it better. There are proven reasons women entrepreneurs are better, and I want to show you ten of those reasons.

Businesses work as provisions to solve problems. And an entrepreneur is a solution merchant who seeks out problems and provides suitable solutions that fits that need. In other words, a business is a help to those in trouble.

And if you look between the man and the woman who is suitably equipped with the ability to help, it’s the woman. God made them the helpers. It’s their natural endowment, which pairs them ahead of the men when it comes to helping out.

This inherent gift is what makes women entrepreneurs better suited for the job than the men.

Who’s Is An Entrepreneur?

In Nigeria, when you talk about entrepreneurs, they are viewed in the same light as business people. Although, they are both involved in business, but they are not exactly in the same business. Let me explain the difference for you in the most simple way.

A business person buys a product for a certain amount, and simply markup that price and resell it for profit. He or she simply acts as an intermediary between the ‘manufacturer’ and the consumer. It’s primarily an exchange transaction, without a change in the original product.

An entrepreneur in the other hand is not primarily trading on the original product, but is more of a value creator. He or she takes an original product but adds additional value to make it more suitable for the needs of its target customers, before selling it to them. It’s this value addition that differentiates an entrepreneur from a business person.

So, when we talk about women entrepreneurs, I want you to understand the particular group of women we are dealing with here. They are not the usual kind of petty trading women, but the value creators.

Also, when it comes to business, men may seem to have an edge over women when value creation is not required. That’s why it’s necessary to highlight these unique qualities of women entrepreneurs to clarify this assertions.

Understanding Women Entrepreneurs

Let me start this explanation from the home front. Women entrepreneurs have special gifts already seen with women in the way they care for, plan and work in their daily activities at home. They are already wired that way, and that is what makes them better entrepreneurs.

I’m not trying to impress with my points, especially if you are a man reading this post. Although, my primary focus is women entrepreneurs, to help her see clearly what potentials she possess that can make her excel than the men in business. But I would like to see the men who are reading to also have this question in their mind: how are the women entrepreneurs excelling more than us?

Sometimes, with all the failures in business being discussed and highlighted to us in the news media, it creates fear that if the men didn’t succeed in it, how can the women even venture there. That’s why I’m showing you the reason women entrepreneurs are better equipped for the job than the men.

I have chosen ten of your natural endowments. I have left out any training you may have acquired. It’s to let you know that without even the trainings, you have what it takes to succeed in the marketplace of life.

Think Like Women Entrepreneurs

There’s a way women entrepreneurs think that makes them exceptional. The mindset of a woman gives an insight into how to run a successful business. Let’s evaluate what makes women entrepreneurs more successful.

Most of these values are natural instincts in women that weren’t learned or acquired through education. They just act that way normally. It’s a huge advantage women entrepreneurs have over the men. But the men can learn these values and acquire them in their business as well.

Also, some of these values are equally found in men. Although what makes it unique with women is that they have all of them in operation.

#1: Value Relationship

If there’s one thing to learn from women entrepreneurs it’s their value for relationships. While they operate business with the intention to make profit, they do not easily discard relationships. They know what’s more important than making profit now.

Learn to place greater value on relationships than on a single transactions. You can make more money today but without good relationship with your clients, you may not make money tomorrow.

Successful businesses are built on good relationships. It matters how good your relationship with your clients. Don’t just view clients as opportunity for profit. A woman would know what you want from her but still be asking you to do what she wants first.

#2: More Honest

This one is a gift for women entrepreneurs. They are innocently more honest than the men. They generally tend to play along most of the time even when they know you are not being sincere with them. They believe your lies in order to get what you promised to them.

Women entrepreneurs tend to be more honest and have less ego about their business. It’s these honesty that wins them more business in record time. Customers value honesty more than displayed expertise.

If you don’t know something, just say so. If you have the least offer just say so and help your client know how far your service could help them. It’s better to let client know what they stand to enjoy from you than manipulate them to patronize your business.

#3: Appreciate Creativity

I know that when it comes to creativity, the men are usually more pronounced than women. But in appreciating creativity women tends to do more of it. Probably because they don’t see much of it in themselves, or their ego is less in that area.

Women entrepreneurs have a greater appreciation of creative contribution. And you too should. They identify those with creative prowess in their team and gives them more role to continuously harness those creative abilities.

#4: Direct Communication

Deception is often expressed through communication, when you say what you don’t mean or what you don’t intend or have capacity to offer. Customers are deceived because rather than explain to them why the offer is not what they think, you talk them into making a purchase because you didn’t communicate it properly.

Get to the point more faster and more directly. Cut all the chase and hand your customers the right information. Marketing is not about superfluity of words, but a detailed, precise and helpful narrative to a target customer about how a product or service meets their needs in a way no other product does.

#5: Fair Negotiators

In dealing with people, you will always find yourself in some negotiations. Women entrepreneurs are good at negotiation. In fact, women in general are better negotiators than men. They can haggle over price, and they tend to get what they want more than men do.

They have the tendency to seek agreeable work team compromises, but in a way that doesn’t engineer argument. Their subtle way of agreeing and disagreeing during negotiation is a skill only women possess with grace.

#6: Emotionally Intelligent

Don’t even try women on this one. Their emotional quotient is too high. They not only express deep emotional intelligence, they also know how to explore others emotional intelligence in a more productive way.

Women entrepreneurs understand how to work with the people emotionally to build respect and cooperation. Any entrepreneur that possesses this unique skill gets more done at the workplace. People want to be engaged productively, in a way that brings out the best in them.

#7: Hyper Aware

You will be surprised how much women know. In their supposed innocence they know more than you can give them credit for. Women are hyper aware of everything that’s happening around them. That gives them the advantage to manage crisis before they even arise.

Women’s intuition is an asset in understanding and solving business problems. Their experience with raising children gives them the tact in dealing with problems and providing solutions in business, even where the problems are not well understood.

#8: More Ambitious

When a woman wants something, nothing else can satisfy. Women possess more ambitious traits than the men. They have higher drive for achievement. And that makes them more successful in business as well.

Statistically, twice the number of women want to become successful entrepreneurs than their male counterparts. There are growing number of women entrepreneurs in Nigerian now than there were some years ago. And these numbers keeps growing at an interesting rate.

Most young women are joining the entrepreneurial league and making a difference in their own way. These gifts comes naturally for them.

#9: Less Ego Blindness

Normally, women don’t always brags about themselves. They show off and that’s much like how much their ego goes. Unlike the men that likes to brag about who they are and who they know. Women have less ego blindness. They don’t think too highly of themselves. They allow room to learn something they don’t know.

Women entrepreneurs make less blunders and that’s as a result of not being over confidence and not refusing to study.

#10: Calculated Risk Taker

Risk is an integral part of entrepreneurship. But taking unnecessary risk is not advisable. That’s where women entrepreneurs shows their best trait; calculated risk takers. Their intuition combined with critical thinking makes them more likely to select risks that succeeds.

An entrepreneur need to understand and apply risk assessment in all transaction. There’s no business that doesn’t have its own share of risk. But knowing when it’s right to take the risk and hoping things turns out well is more in the DNA of women than that of the men.


What women lacked in strength they makeup with their natural gifts. Every entrepreneur should explore these ten reasons outlined here to properly understand the skills required to excel in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you are a woman, you can almost identify them with yourself. Even if you see them in the negative thinking, just know that there’s some positive light in that trait men sometimes dislike with passion.

Your role as helpers in marriage is more advantageous in entrepreneurial endeavors. In helping your spouse, you tend to be more observant and better positioned to lead successful with much results.

P.S. Share this with someone who need to see this. How important that is for women entrepreneurs to recognize and utilize their gift more effectively.

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Remember Lot’s Wife

I Just felt to share something that inspired me recently with you all. I was doing a study on some bible stories I was writing and came across the story of Lot’s wife. The first thing that came to my mind was, what’s the name of Lot’s wife?

I was shocked that I didn’t know anything much about her. I thought it was my error until I cross checked in all the Bible reference of her and didn’t see her name anywhere in the Bible. Even Jesus didn’t mentioned her name when He referenced her in the book of Luke chapter seventeen in verse thirty-two: Remember Lot’s wife.

Jesus used her as a reference to the story He was telling in that chapter. So, I thought, what is actually there to remember about Lot’s wife? Then, I stumbled on these four important facts. I will come back to that story of Jesus.

5 Important Facts About Lot’s Wife:

  1. Her name was not given
  2. She looked back
  3. She was turned into a pillar of salt
  4. She was preserved
  5. She wasn’t destroyed with Sodom

Do You Know Her Name?

No name was given of Lot’s wife like we have of Abraham’s wife Sarah. Although, the reason for this omission is not known, but it won’t be far from the fact that Lot’s wife was not from the same kindred as Abraham, like Sarah.

And at what time Lot married her was not given. No mention of her specifically or quote of her as we have of Sarah in many places in the Bible. Although, there’s believe that she could have been responsible for the problem between Abraham and Lot.

But there is not enough evidence to prove that beyond reasonable doubt.

She Looked Back:

Yes, this is the only reason Lot’s wife became legendary. We were not told of how beautiful she was, as we have of Sarah’s beauty. There was nothing else of note about Lot’s wife than she looked back when God said don’t look back.

The question is: didn’t she know it was God’s instruction not to look back? Was she not there when the angel said don’t look back? What type of person was Lot’s wife?

It’s obvious she didn’t just look back, she actually wanted to go back to Sodom. She didn’t want to leave Sodom. The Bible said she remembered her gold and silver which she had in Sodom.

Lot’s wife made a choice when she looked back. She had an unfinished business with Sodom. Remember that at the time she looked back, she was already outside of Sodom. It’s not just a looking back of the eyes. She went back in her mind.

The Bible even told us that all the nearby cities that had business with Sodom where all consumed along side. While they were burnt up with fire, why was Lot’s turned to a pillar of salt?

She Became A Pillar Of Salt:

I was a bit concerned with this fact about the end of Lot’s wife. Why would God chose to turn her into salt? She could have been turned to a rock or sand. Remember, it was in a dessert place.

The reason for turning into a salt was what Jesus revealed to us in His story: remember Lot’s wife. Jesus knew that what the people knew about Lot’s wife was that she looked back, and was turned into a pillar of salt. But why pillar of salt was not revealed to them.

Let’s look at salt and why it’s significant about Lot’s wife story. Salt is used mostly as a sweetener and for preservation. It gives taste to food and helps to preserve something from decay.

She Was Preserved:

Why salt? While the reason may not be scripturally proven, I only take solace in the scripture that says, if the salt therefore loses its savor it thrown to the earth and trodden under the foot of men.

Salt signifies preservation and sweetness, and that’s what Lot’s wife was, excerpt that her salt was trodden under the foot of men. Also, she was preserved from the destruction of Sodom; and as a sign for the world. For all those who are deceived by the cares of this world.

Another sign, is to the church. Lot’s wife is a sign of the rapture of the church. Jesus never told us to remember something that doesn’t have eternal value. The Bible talks about Christians who would not be Rapture in the first flight.

She Wasn’t Destroyed With Sodom:

There’s so much to learn from the story of Lot’s wife. Yet not much is known about her. I would have thought she would have been close to Sarah, since they lived together. But that never seemed to have happened.

Her destruction is also a lesson that still baffles many. The Angel never said if you look back you will turned into a pillar of salt. The Angel merely said, don’t look back. But what does that got to do with pillar of salt?

It’s an important lesson for Christians to learn from. Lot’s wife was his sweetness, but all that sweetness was gone. No wonder Lot’s life ended so miserably inside a cave. The rich man Lot died a miserable man, after impregnating his two daughters.

Jesus Told A Story On Lot’s Wife:

The title of this chapter is taken from Jesus’ statement in Luke chapter seventeen and in verse thirty-two: REMEMBER LOT’S WIFE. What does Jesus want us to remember about Lot’s wife? Let’s look at that scripture again.

Luke 17:29-33 KJV:

[29] But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. [30] Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. [31] In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back. [32] Remember Lot’s wife. [33] Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.

Isn’t it amazing that Jesus was talking about the end of the world. He used the destruction of Sodom to illustrate what the end would be like.

The story of Lot would never end without mentioning his wife. Although, not many positive things were recorded about her, but she was a strong pillar in Lot’s life.

The end is at hand. And once again, there’s the need to remember Lot’s wife again. Some Christians may not wait till Rapture because God would want to preserve them from falling off from the faith. So much would happen in these remaining years to Rapture.


I’m not surprised that we have come to the end of the age, which Jesus told us about. This is the best time to be alive in history. To those who are born again and walking in the light, it’s goodnews. But to the rest of the world, calamity awaits them.

Remember Lot’s wife now and amend your ways. The reason she looked back, waiting to return to Sodom wasn’t a thought she form that day. It was her mindset that had been formed over the years of her life. She loved this world, making it impossible to be saved by God.

Finally, instruction is your life. Jesus wouldn’t have told us He’s coming again if He would not come. And He didn’t say it would happen in sweet by and by. He gave us signs of the end. It’s not like the sign of the rainbow. This sign is in His word. If you know His word, you will recognize this sign.


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Why Did God Create The World?

Why God Made The World Is Gods Business? Although, I’m only going to try to find reasons for God, but at the end what He wanted is simply up to Him. I personally love what God did, and so should you. Most of this stories, details, and insight into why God created this world are all in the Bible.

The Bible is the books on the mind of God. It gives details of the what, how, when and why’s of God. Although, the Bible didn’t specifically tell us why God created the world, but it gave us enough reasons as to why He did.

There are several truths in the Bible that points us to why God created man. In the book of Genesis, the Bible only gave details of what God created. In fact, the creation in Genesis is actually a recreation of the world God had created before.

There was a world Lucifer was in charge of before his rebellion. So, the creation in Genesis, isn’t the first time for God. The question then is why? If this earth isn’t the first one, why did God created this world? Why would He keep creating the earth even after the first one was destroyed?

And the Bible even told us of a new heaven and a new earth? Which raises more concern about why God keep creating the world.

As the records are showing, this is not going to be the last earth, then there is a reason God have to have earth in existence. And that is also the reason he had to fix the problem of the sin of man.

The Bible testified that God made man for His pleasure. Even as the book of Hebrews shows that without faith it’s impossible to please God. Which also refers to pleasures. But the question is what kind of pleasures? What does God derive from creating the world?

Some are of the opinion that God created man because man is the only one that is like God. That’s not entirely true. It’s true that man is the only one of God’s creation that’s like God, but that’s not the reason God made the world. Because that’s not the reason He made the first earth.

In that first earth there was no man in God’s image. That was why God specifically said when He was creating man, “let us make man in our image and likeness”. It was a testimony to the fact that there was nothing like man in God’s image before Adam.

It wasn’t a desire for man to worship Him. God is already enjoying worship before man was made. And when Adam came on the scene God never said anything to him about worshipping Him.

In fact, The most important instruction God gave Adam, was not even the forbidding tree, but to have dominion. He gave man dominion over the earth. So, it wasn’t a desire to enjoy worship.

Then, there must be something hidden in this desire of God. The earth shouldn’t have been made for no purpose. God didn’t just waste all that six days, which is actually 6,000 years in Gods time, creating an earth He doesn’t even need. God did a thousand years work in one day. No wonder the Bible said He sees the end from the beginning.

The real purpose for creating the earth is for God to show forth His glory. And I think that’s remarkable. I know there are several understanding of the glory of God, but one important ingredient of this glory is the word of God.

And Jesus gave us a description of the word in an active form: “the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life”. God’s word is exalted above every revelation of His name. Even Jesus was given a name that is above every name, but not above the word of God. Nothing is above the word of God. And the reason is simple, everything that God is and will ever be is from His word.

And when God speaks, life is formed out of His spoken word. This life forms are creations. God creates things every time He speaks. Read through scriptures and you will find every time God spoke something happens.

The angels and the entire universe came from God’s spoken words. So, creation is what God normally do. And for God to keep speaking, He needed a place to put the creations of His word. He had to set things in order, so that when He speak it will be only what is needed and useful for someone.

The Bible gave us one of His characteristics as a God of order. And if you read throughout scriptures, God was always mindful of His words. He chooses His words carefully. The Bible even warned us that we will give account of every idle word that we speak. The term ‘idle’, is indicative of the trouble those words could have created.

Jesus even told us that we would have whatsoever we say. And that is not just a promise of good things, it’s also a warning of the consequences of bad things that we say. And that implies that we are in the same class as God. If we have whatever we say, it means whatever we say must surely come to pass, weather we believe it or not – even if we don’t remember ever saying those things.

The Bible told us that God’s word doesn’t return to Him void. And the earth was created by God as a place to put His words. If you have noticed, since the world began, There has not been a record of what God said that is not in direct relation to the earth. The earth is the place of His words.

And if you don’t know the importance of God’s word, then you need to know. God prolongs His life by His word. If God would stop speaking He will cease to exist. Jesus told us that God’s word is life.

Speaking the word is what makes it life. And the prophets told us concerning the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, that when He sees His seed He shall prolong His days. The seed is the word of God,

Jesus told us that. And the Bible called Jesus the word of God made flesh. And we are born by the seed of Christ. That made us the seed that is prolonging His days. We are important to God. He created this world because He needs us to prolong His days. That is why when this world ends, another one will begin. And we will live forever.

No wonder Jesus said, I have come that they might have life more abundantly, to over flowing. The life of the word is not stagnant. That is why when Adam was cut off from God, who is the word, it became possible for him to die.

The same thing happened to Jesus on the cross when He became sin, He was separated from God. And that made it possible for Him to die.

In one of the epistles of John, he wrote, “if you have the son, you have life. But if you have not the son, you have not life”. There is no life without the word. God told joshua, this book of the law should not depart from your mouth. The more joshua could say it the more he had the result of life. Everything in this world was designed to keep the word in its life source.


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Infini Clear Beauty Tips to Get Better Results In 2022

I want to share some beauty tips with you using Infini Clear cosmetic products. If you haven’t gotten our range of beauty products, you have to do so now if you want to follow these tips practically for better results.

This tips are not only for ladies, guys can apply them too. I hope you know there’s nothing like ladies skin and men’s skin. Skin is skin, whether it’s on the body of a male or a female. So, guys, don’t be left out in this beauty tips.

First, let me list out all the Infini range of products, because I will be explaining each of the products and how best to use them. Infini Clear has five (5) beauty range of products. Each of them has something it does for your beauty to radiate.

  • Infini Clear DSR7
  • Infini Clear 3R Complex Shower Gel
  • Infini Clear 3R Clarifying Oil
  • Infini Clear 3R Complex Cream
  • Infini Clear 3R Clarifying Beauty Lotion
  • Infini Clear 3R Clarifying Soap

Let me help you step by step on the best way to apply Infini Clear products to get better results. Here is my step by step on how best to use Infini Clear range of products.

Infini Clear 3R Clarifying Soap:

The first step in caring for your skin is by taking a good bath, twice or thrice a day. Don’t forget the purpose of bathing, to wash off dirts, sweats and oil concentrates on the skin. To do that you will need Infini Clear Clarifying soap.

Apply Infini Clear soap thoroughly on your body and scrub with sponge and wash off with clean warm water. A clean bath with the right soap will remove any concentrate on the skin and open up the body pores to breath properly, leaving your skin to absorb and allow other applied beauty products achieve better results.

Infini Clear 3R Complex Shower Gel

another Infini clear product for bathing is the shower gel. Most men prefer the shower gel over the soap. But the women are letting go. It’s not a gender product, so anyone can use it. It cleans the skin so well that you will feel the core of your skin.

To use properly, soak your sponge in water, apply some quantity ofInfini Clear shower gel on it, while you scrub your body with it. Remember not to scrub your face with sponge. Sponging your face causes rashes and pimples to manifest.

So avoid using sponge on your face. Instead, put some Infini clear shower gel in your hand and scrub your face with it. When you are done scrubbing, wash it off with warm water, using your hands to scrub until the gel clears completely from your face.

Infini Clear DSR7:

After drying your body properly, it’s time to apply more Infini clear products on it. This time, we start with your face. It’s best to start with your face. You know when you rub scream, it leaves residue on your palm. You don’t want to end up rubbing those scream residue on your face, especially if you have a sensitive skin.

Your face is an important area of your skin beauty project. You must use special products only meant for your face. Don’t use body creams on your face. There are facial screams meant only for the face. And because you don’t cover your face like your body, you need to use only the right products meant for the face.

Infini Clear DSR7 exclusively removes dark spots on your face in just 7 days. This product also contains carrot. The product content is just 25ml but it works wonders on dark spots. Consider it a facial treatment if you want to face to glow and look good. However, after you have achieved a perfect face, you also need to keep the face still looking good by continuously using the product on your face at least twice daily.

Infini Clear 3R Clarifying Oil:

When you have thoroughly cared for your face, you can now face the other parts of your body, while your face absorbs the cream on readiness for your makeups. Ladies understand this very well.

If you have a dry skin you must not do without Infini Clear Clarifying oil. It’s also good for everyone, especially during the harmattan season. It keeps your skin moist and glowing.

Take a little drop of the oil in your palm and rub it in over each part of your body. You can use the oil alone or mix it with Infini clear lotion to get a smoother feel and better results.

Infini Clear 3R Complex Cream

Another Infini clear product that’s good for your dry skin is this complexion cream. It’s good for most body type, but particularly suited for oily skin. It provides penetrative moisture that constantly keeps your skin moist to create a protective barrier on the dermis.

Infini Clear cream is the right product to help you manage a dry skin, regenerates your skin and still achieve a better complexion. To get the best result with Infini clear cream, after bath apply cream when your skin is still damp, and pat your skin dry, rather than rubbing the cream on your skin.

However, body cream or even the lotion should never be used on the face. As I have already explained, find our dark spot remover for your face.

Infini Clear 3R Complex Lotion

This body lotion is suitable for dry skin, oily skin, normal/combination or any skin type. However, if you have super dry skin that needs special attention, it’s best you go for Infini clarifying cream.

The contents is formulated with mostly water and a little carrot oil to make it suitable for all skin type. It also contains carotene and vitamin To make your skin light, manageable and satin-smooth, which is designed to deep-nourish your skin, protect it and give you a feeling of well-being.

The best application is twice daily on whole body after every bath.

Does Infinite Clear Cream Have Side Effects?

When buying a cream it’s always advisable to consider if there’s any side effects. Some manufacturers would mention the side effects, but not all of them do that. Unless there are some clinical tests conducted by an independent laboratory, there may be little or no information about the product side effects.

Infini Clear doesn’t have any independent test on its side effects. We are only going to base our findings from users own experiences on using the products. However, examining the two major chemical components found in Infini Clear products, we can critical examine if there’s any foreseen side effects.

The two main ingredients in all of Infini Clear products are:

  • Carotene
  • Vitamin E

Research has found that eating a carotenoid-rich diet, including beta carotene supports eye health and prevents eye diseases. It’s also a provitamin A carotenoids – a nutrient that the body can readily converts to vitamin A.

On the other hand, vitamin E applied topically may help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin. However, if you have Oil skin, avoid serum and Oil creams that contains vitamin E.


One thing you must have noticed about Infini products is the inclusion of carrot oil. If you don’t know about the benefits of carrot oil, let me enlighten you a little. The oil is extracted from carrot seed. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that may improve skin health and even prevent aging, with no side effect whatsoever.

That’s one of the ingredients that made Infini Clear Cosmetics the best skin product in Nigeria. All the products contains the properties that removes dark spots, regenerates your skin, and leaves your complexion radiant. That’s the 3R complex symbol you find in all the product packaging.

However, after from the dark spot remover, which produces result in seven days, you may have to use the product for a period of time to start seeing improved results on your skin. Some may start seeing results in 30 days, while others may be 60 or 90 days depending on usage.

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How To Know Your Skin Type In 2022

The best way to begin to address your Skin type is to understand that you were born with it. Once you settle that in your mind, it helps you realize that you are not dealing with an anomaly. Each person is born with a particular Skin type. That means everyone of us, whether male or female belong to a particular Skin Type.

There are different Skin types. They are all good Skin types, but some are easily managed than others. How you should treat your Skin should be guided by your Skin Type. That’s why knowing your Skin Type is important. That knowledge would make the difference between beautiful skin and not beautiful skin.

In the world of cosmetics, it makes a lot of sense to know your skin type before choosing the kind of cream, soap and other cosmetics you allow on your Skin. Remember, that these cosmetics are made from chemical combinations. Each combination is made to achieve a particular result. The question is what result do you want for your Skin? In my recommendation, I added a little detail on Infini clear cosmetic products.

What Skin Type Are You? 

You need to ask yourself this question: what Skin type are you? If you don’t know your Skin type, this is your chance of getting that knowledge to  better care for your Skin. Let me even ask you this question directly: do you know your Skin type?

There are five different Skin types and your Skin falls within one of them. So, in the five Skin types, one of them is yours. But which one exactly? Below I have given simple description of the different skin types. It will help you know which type your skin belong to.

Here’s a list of the skin types:

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin

Dry skin

If you think your Skin is dry, how do you know that? Let’s examine dry skin to know what makes dry skin, to differentiate it from any other skin type. The first thing to note about dry skin is that it’s largely due to genetic makeup, and environmental factors like lifestyle and your diet composition. Dehydration is another leading cause of dry skin.

It’s not a disease that needs to be cured. If your skin type is dry, it can feel tight throughout the day. You may also experience noticeable flaking. You can care for your skin by drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and taking less caffeine. It will show significant difference about how your skin feels and looks.

Moisturizers are another way to care for your dry skin. But make sure they are those containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and algae. These actives attracts water that it delivers directly to your skin cells. Also, emollients, squalene and camellia oil helps in smoothing and hydrating your skin in an even and effective way.

Oily Skin

Those with oily skin experiences excess oil that oftentimes leave their skin pores congested and clogged. But oily skin has its advantage as well. It makes your skin look younger and more supple, with more natural moisture that is less prone to wrinkle.

To prevent the sebum building up in your pores and promote cell turnover, a daily enzymatic exfoliation is necessary. Avoid abrasives that can cause tiny tears in the dermis. Rather, a gentle physical exfoliation is useful for balancing the tone and texture of your oily skin.

Exfoliation also helps lighten dark spots by polishing away the uppermost skin layers to reveal new cells.

Normal/Combination Skin

There’s a coloration between a normal skin and combination skin type. They both experience dryness on the cheek. You need a moisturizer that’s not too heavy but substantial to retain adequate moisture.

Gel-like moisturizers are absorbed more quickly. They are also less likely to cause breakouts. You should start with a small amount, while you increase as you needed. This would help avoid over moisturizing and eventually stressing your skin.

However, normal skin types don’t usual experience breakouts. But daily exfoliation is important to keep the t-bone and cheek areas balanced.

Sensitive Skin

One of the Skin types that’s challenging is sensitive skin. This type of skin is sensitive to reactions like redness and itching. You need only formulas that are non-irritating, non-sensitive, and free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, sulfate, detergents, phthalate, urea, DEA or TEA. These are the major ingredients that causes skin redness and itching.

One way to manage your sensitive skin is by choosing your care products carefully. Avoid trying out different products. Test one product at a time. This way you can tell what product reacted on your skin, and be quick to discontinue it immediately.

Also, you can patch test new formulas before using them on your entire skin. One way to patch test is on your inner forearm. It’s an excellent way to minimize potential reactions on the face. Once your skin shows no sign of flaring up, you test behind one of your ears. After that, you can now apply on your face if the test was successful.

Why You Should Know Your Skin Type

The idea of knowing your skin type is not so that you will be drawn to the problematic nature of your skin. Rather, it’s to help you understand how best to manage your Skin and give it the best care you can get.

What you know of your skin would help you choose the type of cream,lotion, oil, soap or gel you use. Different Skin products are made for different Skin types. Most cosmetics also comes with Skin Type instruction to help you know which skin type it’s made for.

Picking the right cosmetics that’s made for your skin type starts by understanding your own skin type. And then, finding the right products for your skin.

Methods To Know Your Skin Type

There are only two types of methods used in identifying Skin types. I will explain each of the methods below. These are just generally acclaimed method of identifying your skin type. Sometimes, your an even tell what skin type you have using personal methods. Whatever works for you is good.

But the best two methods are explained here. You can test with any of the method or try out both to know your skin type.

Blotting Sheet Method

To use the blotting method is the quickest. It works when you want to know if your Skin type is oily or dry. It requires you to gently pat a blotting paper onto different areas of your face. After which you hold it up to a light. You can see if the paper is either oily or dry. If oil is visible,which means the paper picked up little oil from your face, or its dry, which likely indicate a dry skin.

Bare-Faced Method

But when it comes to the bare-face method, you start by cleaning your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser and gently pat it to dry. You will not need to apply any moisturizer, serum or treatment. You leave the Skin bare.

After about 30 minutes, you can examine the cheek area, chin, nose and the forehead for any shine. And after another 30 minutes you check your Skin for patches. That’s if you smile or make any facial expressions, to note if your skin feels tight. That’s a sign that it’s likely dry. 

If there’s noticeable shine on your nose and forehead in particular, then your Skin is most likely normal or combination. But if that shine shows also on your cheek in addition to your nose and forehead, your skin is likely oily.

Managing Your Skin Type With Infini Clear

What’s Infini clear cosmetic products? Let me explain this in several brief summaries to give better insight into Infini clear products.

Infini Clear DSR7 25ml: Infini Clear Dark Spots Remover. Works fast in just 7 Days. With Carrot Concentrated Clarifying Treatment. This works exclusively to remove dark spots from your face or any part of the body.

Infini Clear 3R Complex With Carrot Oil Cream 300ml: Removes dark spots, regenerates radiant complexion clarifying cream.

Infini Clear Clarifying Oil 60ml: You can use it alone or mix it with Infini clear lotion to get a smoother feel and better results.

iNFINI CLEAR clarifying beauty lotion: is a formula rich in beta carotene arid vitamin t order to make your skin light, manageable and satin-smooth. Its components and active principles are specifically designed to deep-nourish your skin. Protect it and give you a feeling of well-being. Apply twice a day on whole body after shower of bath.

Infini Clear Clarifying Soap: Removes Dark Spots Mix with Carrot Oil 180g

Note: Infini clear doesn’t bleach the skin excerpt when you mix the cream and the oil together. It only clarifies your skin colour and gives you a smother skin. Let’s know what your experience has been with Infini clear products. And depending on your choice of product, it can be used for different skin types.


Interestingly, to know your skin type can be as simple as ABC. If your skin feels tight, like squeezing, your skin is most likely the dry type. When there’s a noticeable shine, especially on your nose and forehead, you can tell your skin is normal or combination.

But when the shine is on the cheeks, and also on your nose and forehead, you are beyond normal, it’s an oily skin type. A sensitive skin is just when your skin is picky and doesn’t accept just any type of body care products. 

However, your skin needs can change with time. But for your skin to function and be it’s best, you need to take essential steps to identify what it needs to stay best. Your skin needs special care and attention. And that start with choosing the right cosmetics for your skin care.

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The Generation Of The Rapture

It’s had for many people to thinker with the sudden announcement by Pastor Chris Oyahkilome about the timing of the rapture of the church. This news did not only take many unawares, it has angered some Christians too.

You might be wondering why should any christian be angered because of the Rapture? But many, not a few is angry, not just at Pastor Chris for announcing such timing, but also against God for the timing of the Rapture.

You may want to know what their complains are. It doesn’t bother on the rapture actually. Many believed after covid-19 that the world has come to the peak of its end. Not many people, even non Christians, see this world at this point as anything but in a closure.

So, it wasn’t out of place for such announcement on the Rapture of the church, which should be a welcome development for Christians who has been waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why The Disagreement?

However, the news wasn’t acceptable for many so called Christians. Their problem is their theology. Why should it be considered a thing incredible that a man could give a time when the Rapture of the church could occur?

Didn’t Jesus gave us all the signs that should precede the Rapture? I laughed at a comment by someone, who says, his bible teacher told him that Rapture would happen like a thief in the night. But the recent announcement by Pastor didn’t dispute that fact. Rapture will still happen like a thief in the night.

Jesus said, no man knows the the day nor the hour. However, when you study that scripture, he was talking about his coming and not the rapture. But he gave us the signs of the Rapture.

Matthew 24:14-20,33-34 KJV:

[14] And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. [15] When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) [16] Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: [17] Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: [18] Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. [19] And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! [20] But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: [33] So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. [34] Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

Signs Of The Rapture

Jesus clarified the Rapture in the above scripture. He talked about the preaching of the gospel as one sign. He said when the gospel has be preached in all the nations of the world, then you know the end has come. So, do we have the gospel being preached in all the nations of the world? The answer is yes.

In case you may some reservation about the gospel being preached in all the nations, I have somethings to share with you. Rhapsody of realities is almost in all known languages of the world. Today, the internet has reached every nation in the world, and so is the gospel being preached on the internet.

There no doubt about the fact that the gospel has been preached in all nations of the world today.

Let’s look at the second sign, which is the abomination of desolation. We have witnessed the worst abominations in history. One of which is the recent covid19 pandemic. If you didn’t feel the shivers in your spine, then, you never knew what really happened. And Jesus emphatically, when you shall see these signs, know that the end has come.

Finally on the signs. Jesus said, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. The question is, which generation was he talking about? What is a generation? Why do we think Jesus was talking about us, in this generation?

The Generation To Be Raptured

This has to do with the signs he talked about. Which generation is witnessing the preaching of the gospel in all the nations of the world? That’s the Generation Jesus was talking about. The selected generation was definite.

And it was for that specific generation to look the signs to recognize it was them Jesus talked about. What generation is that other than this generation. If you think the end is still far, you maybe deceiving yourself. The end is sooner than you think.


Jesus did not only let us know that Rapture may happen at anytime. He also gave us signs of His coming. And we all know that Rapture will happen before the coming of the Lord. As we see His coming approaching, we know that Rapture is upon us.

The Christians are to prepare for Rapture and not the coming of the Lord. Because we would be coming together with Him. That’s why Rapture had to come first. We are to meet Him in the cloud.

It’s important we set our gaze on the right target. Jesus is coming soon, but Rapture would happen before His coming. How prepared are you?

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