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How to Sell More Baby Diaper In 2021

Sell more baby diaper

Do you want to know how to make money selling baby diaper? Can you see the potential of diaper business? Would you like to know how many diapers babies use in one day? Hope you enjoy this detailed guide to help you start baby diaper business in Nigeria?

In a population of over 198 million people, with a birth rate of an average of 6 babies to one woman, you will make money selling diapers in Nigeria, even if you are located in one corner on a street. Diaper is a daily consumable product. It sales fast enough to increase your profitability.

The demand for baby diapers is increasing every day in Nigeria. Nursing mothers can’t do without baby diapers. About 80 percent of newborns in Nigeria are cared for with diapers. Due to the affordable cost, there is no discrimination between rich kids and those born in a not so wealthy families.

The turnover rate for baby diapers is over ten billion naira monthly. That’s a huge market. Some states enjoy a higher percentage of the national turnover than others. Even if your city gets just fifty million naira of the sales monthly, that’s good share for you as well.

In this unique income guide, purposely written to help housewives and family members who are looking for small business they can start with little capital. You will find diaper product suitable to start selling now. If you have influence, you can even form a cooperative group with other housewives in your community or state to put funds together and buy directly from the .importers at a cheaper cost

How Baby Diaper Sales Work

Assuming you decided to take this offer to start a diaper business, but you may still want to know how good is the sales. Well, I will show you how diaper Distribution network works to guarantee sales and profitability.

The sales network made up of manufacturers or importers, then distributors and lastly retailers. Through this channel is how the products get to the last consumers, the babies.

The manufacturers and importers work directly with the distributors. A small group of people in each state. Some state can have just two or three distributors. Sometimes only one, depending on the size of the market.

Retailers are not restricted to any number. It’s based on the locations and closeness to consumers. And anyone can become a diaper retailer.

The real beneficiaries in this business are the distributors. Not only do them enjoy some restricted monopoly, they also own a network of retailers that buy from them regularly.

Marketing Opportunities For Baby Diaper

Having established that there’s massive demand for diapers in Nigeria, it’s important to also show you how to tap into this opportunity. But first, you need to understand how the market works and the different opportunities available in diaper business.

Moreover, baby diapers sell all over the country. It’s not restricted by any law or religion. In fact, one of its benefits is a reduction in bum rashes among newborns.
So, you can start to make money by selling diapers where you live in Nigeria.

The demand circle for each newborn last up to two years. That means every newborn needs a diaper for as long of the first two years of his or her birth.

But, most baby diaper brands don’t have a broader distribution in the country. They are either looking for distributors and retailers to sell their products. And you could be one of them – either as a distributor or as a retailer.

Who Wants Diaper Distributors And Retailers?

There maybe opportunities to distributor or retailer diapers in your city, but you need to find out which brand is lacking and how you can fill in the gap. If you don’t do your home work well, you won’t know what opportunities are out there where you live. And most mothers don’t care much about brand diapers anymore. They would buy any brand as long as its good enough and affordable.

Oh, yes! Diapers are one of the fastest selling products in the country. Do you know how many that are used in a one in Nigeria? Or how fast a diaper gets soiled or wet, and mothers had to toss it away and wore the baby a fresh one?

So, for every time that happens, the diaper companies, their distributors and retailers make some money. Now, imagine how many times that happens daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. That’s also how they make more money with ease.

Now if you want start selling diapers, either as a distributor or retailer, it’s straight and simple. You will only need some capital and a shop sited around the busiest part of the city. The rest is all done for you already, so it’s your time to sell and make money from diaper business.

How Many Diapers Babies Use Per Day?

I’m going to be as realistic as possible. Since I cannot estimate the real number of babies in the country now, I can only use estimated figures of usage instead of the actual number of the children using it.

If you multiply the number of diapers used by one newborn daily for a two year period, you will marvel. And that’s just what families spend on baby diapers. You can also add other baby products in your shop to make it a real one-stop shop for baby products.

Newborn to 1 Month Old

For newborns under a month old, they use up to 6 or more diapers every day. They experience a lot of bowel movements, and usually have about 3 to 4 times a day. Breastfed babies have softer and more frequent stools. In their first one month, its at least 10 soiled or wet nappies daily.

If you multiply that number by thirty days in one month, that’s 300 diapers. For one child in the first one month of coming into this world.

1 Month Old Babies and Up

However, for one month babies and older, it’s lower, but it’s around 4 to 6 wet diapers per day. When you consider less bowel movements, the number tends to decrease. Although, they are still breastfed, but with the addition of formula foods, which is a bit solid, their bowed movement is reduced.

The number of soiled or wet diapers for one month babies and above is around 240 diapers per month. That’s 60 diapers less from zero to one month old babies.

And medically speaking, even the amount of soiled or wet diapers is a good sign that the baby is getting enough to eat and drink. Because not having many wet diapers could be a sign of hydration or other medical issues. It could even be digestive issues like constipation.

Top Selling Diapers In Nigeria

If you are going into the diaper business, you need to know the best ones to invest your money. Although, retailers have a better option here than distributors. But you need to know what diaper brand is in high demand around your market. Don’t work with assumptions or the brand you personally like the most.

The Nigerian diaper market is full of surprises. There have been upsets and challenges associated with top brands gaining market shares in different state markets. There was a time Pampers baby diapers reigned supreme.

At some time, Huggies was the dominant diaper brand in most cities across Nigeria. Later, Molfix brand took the lead in a fast move. Recently, the market is shared, depending on states where a particular brand is the leading diaper. Some brands are stronger in some cities, while they are weak in others.

You have to do some market research to find the top selling diapers in your market. But let’s look at why some of these brands are leading the diaper market.

Pampers Baby Diaper

Before now, all diapers in Nigeria were known as Pampers, until a new crop of mothers discovered the difference. So, diapers in Nigeria has two names, and one of them is Pampers.

It’s like what OMO is to detergents. And the same happens with Coke. Every soft drink is Coke in Nigeria. But it’s changing. If mothers could change from Pampers back to diapers, every other branded name would soon gain back their names in the market.

So, Pampers diapers remain a significant brand in the Nigerian market but no longer in the number spot. It’s regarded as a high-end diaper brand.

Here’s where Pampers office (Procter & Gamble) is located in Nigeria.

Huggies Baby Diaper

Huggies diaper brand has been in Nigeria for over a decade. It’s a favourite baby diaper for most Nigerians. The product is manufactured in Germany. And has been in production since 1978.

Here’s where Huggies office (Kimberly-Clark) is located in Nigeria.

Prince and Princess Baby Diaper

This brand of baby diaper has been on the market for over eight years now. It’s a diaper of choice for many new moms. Although Prince and Princess’s brand is an excellent choice, it’s not available nationwide due to distribution deficiencies. The owner wants to sell the brand. It’s a good buy, if you can afford their price.

Sunfree Baby Diaper

This brand is one of the best quality diapers on the market. Although it’s perceived as diapers for the super-rich moms, it’s very affordable. It gained that status due to its uncompromisingly high-quality standards. And also it’s a limited market distribution network around the wealthy neighbourhoods.

But it’s now opening up its market to get to more markets and serve more newborns. The rates have also been modified for the new market entries. So, they may still need new distributors and retailers in some cities nationwide.

Molfix Baby Diaper

Molfix diaper seem like the current diaper of choice for most mothers. The brand became popular using a combine marketing strategy of improving its products quality and making it available. You can join their retail network and start selling their diapers now in your city.

Baby Diaper Brands In Nigeria:

Molfix is not the only popular baby diaper in the market. Nigeria boasts of many brands of diaper and more is still being introduced into the market. Below are just a few of the ones already available in the market across Nigeria.

  • Molfix diaper
  • Pampers diaper
  • Prince and Princes diaper
  • Sunfree diaper
  • Champion diaper
  • Golden care diaper
  • Infinity diaper
  • Unac baby diaper
  • Dumpas diaper
  • Drylove diaper
  • Huggies diaper
  • Bino diaper
  • Witlux diaper
  • Just On Baby diaper
  • Confy diaper
  • Puréed Dry diaper
  • Babysoft diaper
  • Toujour Diaper
  • Royal diaper
  • Cuddsies diaper
  • Swadllers diaper
  • Dr. Brown diaper
  • Virony diaper
  • Babem diaper
  • Angel diaper
  • ASDA diaper
  • Lakebaby diaper
  • Chicco diaper
  • Little Angel diaper
  • Holife diaper
  • Cussons diaper
  • Newworldline diaper
  • Sanwood diaper
  • Bluelans diaper
  • Coorland diaper
  • Bluelife diaper
  • Nice diaper
  • Leri diaper
  • Kejo diaper
  • Perfect diaper

Note: If your brand is not mentioned, do contact us.

Startup Ideas for Baby Diaper Business

There are three options you can choose when starting a diaper business. Although, it depends on certain conditions. The first one is an available opportunity. For example, you can only get the opportunity of distributorship if the opportunity is available.

Also, another factor is your shop. A diaper company may need businesses to sell their products in a different capacity in different areas. That gives you an opportunity to start Baby diaper business.

In addition, your shop location is a huge advantage. Location to a significant market or busy area in the state gives you an advantage.

The third one is the capital. Depending on the option you choose, the capital involvement differs. Be sure you can fund your choice. Below are the three Baby diaper business options you can start now.

  1. Distributor partner
  2. Sub-distributor partner
  3. Major retail partner

Baby Diaper Distributorship

The distributors are the main partners of diaper companies. A few distributors per state, between one and three. It mostly depends on the size of the country and how many major cities it has too.

The capital needed is also higher, like between N5 million to N15 million. You can invest more but lower is not a profitable decision. But distributorship opportunity may not be available for most major diapers.

Baby Diaper Sub-distributorship

The Sub-distributor is usually created by diaper companies to manage small cities. Or larger cities, broken down into smaller market units. It exists in markets where significant distributors don’t exist, or distributors could not afford to fund product supply.

The capital requirement is between N3.5 million to N6 million. There maybe between two to five sub-distributors in one city. This option is not always available like main distributorship.

Baby Diaper Retailer

The retail option is the easiest to start in diaper business. And you can actually begin anytime. The opportunities are always available. And you don’t need a significant amount of money before you can start.

Any amount will be just fine, depending on what the distributor or sub-distributor in your area allows. However, having a right amount of money to buy the product would help.

This kind of retail partner works with the diaper company. It’s not the type that only the distributor or the even the sub-distributor knows.

And there are benefits too. You will get to know how much authorised for a distributor to sell to you. And you can also join in special company promos. It’s always advised to join baby diaper retail business directly from the company and not through distributors.

Selling Baby Diaper As A Retail Shop

There is no particular way to start selling diapers. You can follow this simple step, if you are having a hard time deciding how to get started.

Rent a shop

You will need a shop. So, start by choosing one in the busiest part of the city. Where you locate the shop is more important than the size of the shop. But if you have the opportunity, try renting a bigger shop.

Get Suppliers Who Are Closer

Look out for companies interested in marketing their diapers in your city. Some marketers may supply and you pay as you sell. If you find a distributor around you, make your business interest known to them and try working out business relationship with them.

Brand Your Shop

One best way to open your shop for business is to brand it properly. As a small business, you may not have the funds to do proper promotion for your diaper shop, but you should brand it with diaper images to attract passersby.

Expand If You Can

If the first shop meets your set objectives, open up another shop, in another target location in your city. Strategical expand your business to reach more customers. Note that the best way to push for more diaper sales is to bundle other baby care products – like a one Sto͏p baby shop.

Know Your Customers

KYC marketing strategy is not only good for financial institutions. By knowing your customers you build bond with them. This bond would make them come back to buy from you over and over again. People most times buy from those they know. If your customers know you, they will always come back to buy from you.


Starting a diaper business could be the best decision for you. The massive demand for baby diaper across the country is not an income you should let pass you by. Even if one particular brand is not the selling today, other diaper brands will sell. So, there will always be sales in diaper business.

Nigerian moms have discovered the convenience baby diaper offer their newborns. No mother would want to go back to using napkins and washing all day like they used to do in the past.

Some retailers now sell in single units of diaper to customers who can’t afford to buy a full pack. It makes it easier for those with limited funds to buy as they use for their babies. And if you want to start selling baby diapers, it’s as simple as ABC. Diaper brands are looking for retailers like you. It’s never too late to get started.

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How to Do Import-Export Business Right In 2021

The year 2020 changed the way the world system works. For most of what it’s worth, it changed Import-export business globally. In Nigeria, its Serious because over 80% of consumer products are imported products.

The Nigeria seaport is swamped with containers of imported goods waiting to be cleared and transported to different parts of the country. It’s a very complex logistics problem because more imported products come in daily than the port facilities was built to handle.

Rather than worrying about the port congestion, think about the huge Import and Export Business opportunities that exist in all this. In this post, I’m showing you how to start better import/export business this year.

Take a clue from the restrictions placed on the world by the COVID19 pandemic. Let’s see how all these would help you do import and export business much profitable.

Understanding Import-Export Business

The internet offers you an enormous opportunity to start your mini importation business without travelling to China. A business trip to China might cost a lot when you include the cost of visa application, flight ticket, hotel accommodation and regular expenses.

But you cut all those costs by using platforms like and, to begin with.

It gives you the opportunity to import products in small quantities and sell either online or offline. And the speed of restocking sold out products is equally fast.

You can buy products from China today and have it shipped to you within five days. Mini importation business makes import fast, cheaper and profitable. You don’t have to wait for forty-five days for the ship to arrive at the port.

And one of the most thriving aspects of mini importation business is drop-shipping. Here you are entirely in charge. You only import what customers have ordered and paid for. That is the highest form of mini importation.

Challenges Of Import-Export Business

One of the significant problems of mini importation business is finding the right suppliers for your products. Sourcing online for the product has its peculiar issues. You may find the right product but not a verified supplier.

There is also the challenge of product size, colour and quality. What you see online may not be the real product quality when delivered.

However, the most difficult challenge in mini importation business is deciding what product to import. It’s not enough to just introduce any product, you have to be sure it’s fast selling and has a good return on investment.

Moreover, the issue of marketing your imported products is a problem for startups. It’s not everyone that knows marketing. Many just depend only on online marketplaces to sell their imported products.

Solutions For Mini Importation Business

However, Alibaba offers a verifiable platform for buyers to show those suppliers with credibility. You can also pay directly to Alibaba on to make sure that your funds are secured.

To make sure you get the right size, colour and quality, ask to get a free sample first. And where it’s not applicable, buy a sample order. You can also use a measuring tape to confirm the sizes advertised.

One way to make sure you always import products that are profitable and fast selling is to query the product usefulness to consumers. Apart from being useful, you should know how often its required on a day-to-day usage.

You shouldn’t depend merely on online marketplaces to sell your products. These platforms don’t focus on your products to generate sales for you. You should gain some digital marketing skills to help you sell your products directly to potential customers faster.

Sample Products And Wholesale Market

Sometimes you need to verify size, colour and quality of the products you want to import. It’s advised that you order sample products first. China suppliers allow for free and paid samples.

Although, the free sample doesn’t mean it’s totally free. You might be required to pay for the cost of shipping it to you. And if you paid for the sample, the extra sample cost is added to your full order.

But using the sample ordering system is good if you are planning substantial import or to brand the product. Alibaba offers a wholesale market for mini importers to buy at a discount price directly from manufacturers.

Fast Selling Products To Import

When it comes to mini importation business every count. But if you are the type that wants a quick return on investment, then you should consider the products you import. The difference between fast-selling products and non-fast selling ones is the time it takes to be sold out.

I have sold out thousands of products in one week. And depending on the product, it can take less or more time to be sold out.

Having a fast selling product or products is the critical factor in mini importation business. Because you are importing small quantities, you need to sell off quickly to be able to bring in new stock fast.

A fast selling product is a product people continuously need and buys regularly. You just have to learn how to

The key to fast selling product is identifying products people want now. If customers are buying now, then it’s a fast product to import.

Importing Under $1 Products

There is also under 1 dollar products. These are products you can buy from $1 and below. And Alibaba has wide varieties of these under $1 products you can source. You can source under $1 products from categories like:

  1. Home decoration
  2. Under $1 Fashion
  3. Business gifts
  4. Plastics
  5. Metal
  6. Light keychain
  7. And souvenirs

All these categories can be found on Alibaba under the $1 products. Here are links to fashion products like shoes and t-shirts. For other products, you can start your search here. Under $1 products are also visible through a search on Alibaba search tool.

Importing Branded Products From China

Considering your strategy, you can also introduce branded products. However, depending on the law of the country where you live, you may consider registrations of your brand to avoid using an already registered brand in error.

China also provides a ask for OEM buy. That means you can buy a product and ask them to brand it with your registered brand name. It’s like you are now the manufacturing of the product.

That’s how smart importers dominate the market with their products. They create the image of a brand and even sell at a high premium. You can also tap into the opportunity of partnering with distributors and retailers to sell your branded products.

The massive benefit of branding your product is that it reduces competition and differentiates you in the market. You also enjoy some level of trust and market share.

Product Shipping, Clearing And Custom Duty

You have considered the additional cost involved in importing your product. That’s how you can arrive at an actual landing cost. You must know how much it cost per KG of shipping. You can check DHL, FEDEX, EMS, etcetera, for their shipping rates per KG.

Some products may be cheap but heavy to ship by KG weight. I had an experience like that once. I found a very competitive product. The retail price was too high compared to the wholesale cost in China. But when I calculated the weight and shipping cost, it made no profit sense importing it.

Also, there is a clearing cost and customs duty. You should know what the prices are and factor them into your product landing cost. Check with your clearing or customs office to get the applicable costs.

Action Points

To begin your mini importation business, here are the step by step process to help you meet your purpose.

Moreover, you will need to have means of payment, like credit or debit card to pay online. Or a foreign currency domicile account to make the transfer to suppliers. You can approach your bank on how to open a domiciliary account or get a MasterCard or VISA debit card.

You may also need a PayPal account. Your PayPal account can also be used to process payment directly from your bank issued debit card.

Step one: register with any online China platform like or

Step two: search for products you want to buy and compare prices with suppliers. However, it’s better to research offline first before searching online.

Step three: request for product quantity price. Usually, the advertised rate may differ from your order quantity price. Confirm before you consider ordering.

Step four: place a sample order depending on the product or your order quantity. You need to be sure the product you finally orders is the same as what you see online.

Step five: After you have confirmed product quality, you can place an order for the quantity of product you want and select your shipping option.

Step six: track your delivery online. Shippers like DHL, FEDEX and EMS provides online tracking.

Step seven: receive the shipment and start selling online or offline.

Step eight: repeat the process again each time you run out of stock.


You can start earning extra income from your mini importation business. The process is simple and has been proven by several other people. Most of the online merchants on Amazon, eBay, Jumia, etcetera, they are mostly mini importers.

And you can start will little capital. That also makes your risk very little. In fact, starting a mini importation business can be as low as a hundred dollars. Although, the money you can invest in the better.

But if that’s what you have to start, you can explore the under $1 products, and you can buy more than 100 pieces of a product. You can find the most extensive collection of these under $1 products online.

Quick Instructions

  1. Acquire digital marketing knowledge to help your mini importation business.
  2. Also, Starting a personal blog to help drive free web traffic to your imported products is ideal.
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Top 6 Laptop Accessories to Sell In 2021

There’s very high demand for laptop accessories in Nigeria. I’m going to show you how to setup the right laptop accessories business, whether offline or online, and make lots of sales daily.

The key to starting a profitable laptop accessories business is quality. If you can give customers the best quality they can trust, you will grow your customer base fast, whether you are selling offline or online.

I opened a cosmetics shop last year. I have written about how to start a cosmetics business on this blog. Most people don’t know how lucrative cosmetics business is. It’s the same with this laptop accessories. My secret was to sell the best cosmetics and my customers will tell their friends and I will grow the business by word of mouth. And it worked.

The customer base for laptop accessories is larger than that of laptop device itself. And your customers will keep buying throughout the lifespan of their laptop. Also, depending on the type of accessories they require. I will be showing you the top six laptop accessories you can sell.

Nigerian Laptop Market Potential

If you want to start a business on laptop accessories, you will need to understand the market and the potential for success. It’s okay to say there is enormous demand for notebooks but one still needs to substantiate those claims before investing your money.

You shouldn’t go into business based on assumption. There should be real facts backing any claim of Market Potential before you can invest your money.

The Nigerian population is now at over 198 million. And almost half of that figure are eligible users of laptops. But you cannot base your laptop business market share on such vague statistics.

Do you need specifics like, who are the potential target for laptop sales? How many people buy laptop regularly in your target market? How many laptop accessories can you sell daily and what’s the profit margin like?

Let’s start with target markets. Who should you be looking at that would buy laptop accessories from you? And if you want to market your laptop business, who should you think of first? The answer is obvious, but we still need to prove that it’s not just a rouse.

Laptop Target Markets

There are several laptop Target markets in Nigeria. These are large groups of people who buy and use laptops for specific work requirements. Here is my list.

  1. Secondary schools – this figure is a bit low, due to many public secondary school students cannot afford a laptop. That doesn’t mean it’s not an essential need for secondary schools in Nigeria. However, the story is different for most private secondary schools, where it’s either provided by the school or parents are required to buy laptops for their wards.
  2. College of education – if you cannot be so sure secondary school students are a good target market for your laptop business, now you can be this specific college of education is your market. Although the school authority may not mandate it, it’s becoming increasingly evident that at a certain level in academic work, a student in this class can’t do without a laptop.
  3. University & Polytechnic undergraduates – these categories of students cannot complete their mandatory academic responsibility without the need for a computer. They form the primary target market for your laptop business. And every state in the country has one or both of these institutions. Some states even have multiples of them. Abia state such as, has a federal university, state university, and a polytechnic.
  4. Small Businesses and Offices – SME makes up the most significant target for laptop business. You can find these customer base in large number in every state of the country. They represent a large percentage of your target market because of the peculiar needs. Their business is primarily run on the internet. They also have the purchasing power to afford these laptops. And their revenue base is also depended on their use of a computer, which forms part of their business tools.

Laptop Market Target Statistics

Now, let’s get to some of the statistics. We have looked at the target markets but how much of these markets are indeed available for your laptop business? Let’s take a look at some of the statistics and see how they meet your expectation for business.

Nigeria presently has 40 Federal Universities, 44 State Universities, and 68 Private Universities. That’s a total of 152 universities. Although, this doesn’t give us the real potential of buyers for a laptop. This figure only guarantees a little number of 600,000 students per admission year.

That’s a small amount for a country with over 198 million people. A large number of these eligible students don’t get into the university, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fall into the market share for your laptop business.

There are 82 colleges of education in Nigeria, consisting of 22 federal, 14 private and 46 state colleges of education. The Polytechnic has over 50 schools.

But small businesses in Nigeria are in the neighborhood of 20 million SME’s. That’s a large percentage of your target market for your business.

Top Six Laptop Brands In Nigeria

  1. HP
  2. Lenovo
  3. Dell
  4. Apple
  5. Asus
  6. Acer

HP Inc

HP remained the top laptop brand, maintaining its lead through every quarter of 2017. With a global shipment that grew 8.3% compared to a year ago. The volume hit more than 16 million units for the first time since the third quarter of 2011.

HP also grew its place in the U.S. market, increasing its market share to 34%.


Lenovo is the number 2 laptop brand in 4Q17. Lenovo made substantial gains growing by 3.9% year over year, outside the US market.

Dell Inc

Dell holds it at the third place in 4Q17. With year-over-year growth of 0.7% and shipping more than 11 million units for the first time in 2017.

Competition in the U.S. market remained robust increase for the company as its U.S. share and growth both suffered. Elsewhere like Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the company saw solid numbers.


Apple is still in the fourth place but grew its shipments to 7.3% in 4Q17.

ASUS and Acer

They both shared the fourth quarter in a statistical tie* for the fifth place.

ASUS saw its shipments decline 11.2% year over year in 4Q17.

But, Acer‘s focused more on gaming PCs and related products, as well as its presence in Chromebooks, and it helped it to close the gap with ASUS.

Hot Selling Laptop Accessories

Here is how to go about starting your laptop business. There are just a few things to consider. However, the most crucial first step is to decide the type of laptop you want to start selling.

Understanding your market will help you decide the type of laptop to sell. You should know that the massive demand for laptops must also be matched up with affordability. If people can’t afford your product, your turnover will be too low.

So, decide if you want to start with brand new or used (Tokunbo) laptops. Your target market would help you make the right choice. However, you can consider mixing things up if you are not so sure about your target market.

The market demand for new and used laptops is like 30% – 70%. And the profits margin is not the same as well. But it’s like 60% – 40%. The demand for used laptops is higher than those of new laptops. However, that is not the same as their profit margin. The new laptops win when profit is the case.

Estimated Startup Capital

You can’t pin the exact amount required to start a laptop business. But you can get an estimate that you can personalize for your need. Although, I strongly recommend you plan around your budget if you have limited fund.

I’m trying not to cage your dream with estimated figures. If it’s money for one laptop you have, you can start your laptop business. I’m only going to help you see what is required; you affix cost based on what applies in your place. But that shouldn’t deter you if you can’t raise such funds to get started.

Here are things you need money for:

  • Office rent – mostly annually cost
  • Office furniture – one-off cost
  • website design and optimization
  • Different brands of laptop accessories (new & used) 
  • Other Expenses – set out funds for other items within your purview

Siting Your Laptop Business

You should be strategic where you site your laptop business. Don’t just rent an office anywhere. Be sure it’s where you should have the office.

Siting the office at the right place will impact your sales and help fight competition when they start coming after you.

The best place to site your laptop business should be closer to your primary target customers. It would help build loyalty, confidence and after sales support. Because you are closer, they are confident you will be available for support, repairs and advice when they need it.

They are not just buying laptops from you; they will be purchasing a friendship as well. That would be the real commodity that you should use against your competitors. And make full proof of that friendship, by offering them the truth in all your dealings with them.


Starting a laptop business now is a profitable investment decision. But you should do it the right way. The demand for laptops will continue to increase. The insinuation that phone will kill the market for the computer is all a lie.

Laptops are solving more problems than phones. That keeps the computer in the demand market. The global laptop sales for fourth quarter 2017 in the USA is 16.5 million.

While EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region continued to experience growth.

Finally, let us know how useful you rate this guide. And drop a comment at the comment section.

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Free Web Traffic – Simply Tips to Optimise Your Blog

The most significant challenge in starting a blog is getting visitors to your blog. It’s a nightmare for every blogger. First, you were optimistic about starting a blog. Next, you are feeling discouraged after a few months because nobody has even read your blog. Your masterpiece articles are not getting free web traffic.

If you already have a site or planning to start a blog, I want to share with you one of the biggest secrets of getting massive Google free web traffic to your blog. Every blogger should know it. Advertising your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or with Google Adwords is useful but not more profitable or sustainable.

You need a strategy that you can use every time you post a new blog to get thousands of people to read it. If your blog is a source of revenue for you, then you should read this with attention.

How Does Google Work And What You Should Do:

If you want Google free web traffic, you must understand how Google Works. You can’t get the best of Google if your site is working against what it wants. The reason some people don’t get traffic from Google search is that their website didn’t meet Google requirements.

Now, let’s start with what does Google want? It should always be your focus when writing content for your blog. Use it as your motto.

Google wants to satisfy visitors to its site by sending them to the right information that meets their needs. Google is interested in user satisfaction. And how does it know that?

It monitors every site that it sending traffic. There are essential indicators for Google to track websites. Let’s look at a few from Google analytics.

  1. Audience Overview
  2. Behaviour Overview
  3. ECommerce Overview

These indicators help Google access your site for user satisfaction.

Audience Overview:

Google monitors how users come to your site. What they used to locate your blog. It also separates those who are visiting for the first time from those who are returning visitors. And it also monitors how many times each user visited.

Most importantly, it monitors countries and cities where they are browsing your site.

Behaviour Overview:

The behaviour of every user is important to Google. It wants to know how long each user stayed on your blog. It records the time. And also where they went to when they left your site.

How long users stay on your site is too important to Google. That’s one of the ways it measures satisfaction. And where they went from your site is equally important to how Google will rank your blog next time.

If they went to competitors sites, Google wants to know. Or did they use the return key to go back to Google search to click on another site? Everything a user does while on your blog is as important as buying a product from you or downloading or signing up for your newsletter.

E-commerce Overview:

If your site is selling stuff, it’s essential for Google to know that people are buying from you. It’s a way to rate higher customer satisfaction.

So, Google will use both the audience and behavioural Overview data to regulate ECommerce Overview. And it will record the revenue generated and how many transactions.

Why Google Sends Free Web Traffic To Your Blog:

If you are wondering why Google should send free web traffic to your blog, I have answers. I used to think like that too, especially when I know that Google also sells adverts.

So, why would it sell adverts and still give the same opportunity away for free? It’s like giving away free advert slots, right?

Well, Google is built primarily as a search engine. The advert is one of its revenue models. That means Google was made to send free web traffic to websites. Any website can get free web traffic, doing what Google wants.

Also, Google is not a content provider. It doesn’t own all the information you see on its search engine. Instead, it depends on others like your blog for information.

If you give Google information, it will return back to you with free web visitors. That’s how it works. It’s like an exchange relationship. Since Google is not paying for your information, it doesn’t charge you for the visitors it’s sending to your blog.

Back To What You Should Do?

You have already read what Google wants. It’s your turn now. What should you do? Google is built to give away free web traffic, and it’s not to your blog alone. Any site that gives Google what it wants gets free web traffic flowing into it.

You can get thousands and millions of free web traffic from Google every month if you do what it wants.

And do you know what does Google wants from you?


Google is always looking for answers to the queries people send to it. For Google to remain relevant, it has to keep updating with the latest and most useful information it can find.

Google needs you to give it the latest information about anything visitors are looking for online. That way, Google rewards you by sending free web traffic of all those visitors looking for that information to your blog.

Your blog is like a content provider for Google search engine. And if you master how to do this well, you will get a massive amount of shares of Google free web traffic for any information you put online.

Write Quality Blog Contents:

Sometimes people misunderstand the idea of quality blog content. What is quality to you may not be for Google? So, we are going to look at some of the things your blog contents should have to get Google top ranking.

If you noticed my style of writing here, I try as much as possible to be simple and easy to read. I apply the same principle always. Let’s look at a few options Google considers.

  1. Your Headline
  2. The Content URL
  3. The Introduction
  4. Your reference sources
  5. Your content readability score
  6. Keyword relevance
  7. The length of your article
  8. Competitors Content
  9. Online validation

Okay, that will be all for now. Let’s start with these ones. Remember, we are only dealing with your content here.

Your Headline:

It tells Google what your article is about and how it should be categorised. You should use it well beyond just telling Google about your blog content. Use it to arouse visitors interest. Your Headline should quickly address the problem that brought the visitor to your blog.

The headline for this article is: How To Optimize Your Blog For Free Web Traffic. If you are looking for FREE WEB TRAFFIC that would quickly arouse your interest. You will like to know how to optimise your blog for it.

The Content URL:

The URL is only useful to Google. Your visitors don’t care how your URL looks. If the information is what they want they don’t even look at the URL at all. But, your content URL is essential.

So, you should take it seriously. If possible let it be the same with your Headline. Or get your must relevant keyword subject into your URL. Like, FREE WEB TRAFFIC, in this case.

The Introduction:

Your introduction is essential to both Google and your visitors. For Google, it needs to know if your Headline is what your content is addressing. But for visitors, it helps them align their needs with your content solution.

Do they think there is something in your article for them? They should know from your introduction. If you don’t address it here, they might go away. And that would impact negatively on your Google ranking.

Your Reference Source:

Okay, let’s get this straight, you have to justify your facts. Google wants to know how your content is relevant. How you arrived at the conclusion that your thought is most helpful on the subject.

And if possible, show Google where and how you got your facts. It will also help your visitors to believe in you. They will know that you don’t just throw facts around, you have verifiable facts. Link back to the websites where you got your facts checked out.

Your Content Readability Score:

You don’t want to be seen as a bad writer. Your content has to be readable. I always check this before posting an article. The right score should be around 80 per cent. But from 70 per cent and above is equally okay.

If you use WordPress, it has its editing feature that helps you make corrections and adjust your writing. You can also use Grammarly. That’s what I use.

But to check my readability score, I use an SEO plugin Yoast. I will tell you more about Yoast in another article. However, the most critical readability score is for your visitors. Do they like reading from you? If they do Google will know and that’s what’s important.

Keyword Relevance:

The reason anyone is going to find your blog online is that it’s linked to a keyword search. What are the keywords related to your blog content?

Your keyword Relevance score should align with your blog content and headline. If your headline is address free web traffic, that should be your relevant keyword.

Your keyword helps you direct your content to the problem of a target audience. As this article is addressing free web traffic, I will assume that anyone who needs free web traffic will find it helpful.

So, my keyword Relevance is really about making my content answer the most relevant questions anyone looking for free web traffic should have. Or better still, show you how to get free web traffic.

And that way, Google will now use my article to respond to queries on free web traffic and send visitors to read my blog as an answer to their request.

The Length Of Your Article:

The Length may not matter to visitors, but it does for Google. In case you don’t know, Google is not a person. It’s artificial intelligence. It’s programmed to see things in a certain way.

For the length of your article, Google prefers it lengthy. According to Amazon Kindle, the minimum number of words it accepts for a book is 2,500 words. Google uses the same. An article on 2,500 can be considered as a book by Google.

Anyone would value a book more than an article. And most of the highly ranked blog contents on Google are between 1,800 to 3,000 words.

This article is more than 2,900 words. I didn’t deliberately write it to be too long. I wanted to give you as many details as possible to help you make the right decision about getting free web traffic from Google.

My article on How To Start A Blog in Nigeria is over 4,500 words. That’s almost like two books, going by Amazon standard.

Competitors Content:

If you want to rank of Google, you have to defeat your competitors to the top SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It’s a competitive position. It’s not handed down quickly.

When I told you that Google is looking for the latest information on every subject, I didn’t say they don’t already have on every issue. Google has tons of information on every topic you can think of in the world.

But it’s still looking for updated results. As the world evolves, Google expects there will be better ways of doing an actual thing or solving old problems.

So, to beat the competitors, Google wants you to give it something better than what they already have done.

Online Validation:

Google would lie to know what others think of your information. How many sites are linking back to it? What are readers saying about it? Did anyone mention it anywhere on the internet?

How many social shares did you get for it? Google wants to know who and how it’s shared. If your blog is mentioned on the CNN website of HuffingtonPost, Google likes to remember to give you due credit for it.

Making Sure Your Robot Txt File Works:

The robot txt file is vital to your quest for free web traffic. WordPress sites usually have it set automatically. That’s why Google loves sites built with WordPress. It makes it easy for Google to crawl and index all the web pages on WordPress.

But you can check this little file and be sure it’s correctly set. Without it, Google can’t crawl your blog. So, you won’t be on the search engine.

If you are on WordPress, it’s already done for you. But you may want to check to be sure. And if you are using any SEO plugin, you might want to check to be sure it has not altered your robot text file with its prebuilt file.

Your robot txt file should look like this:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /wp-admin/

Allow: */wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

If it’s not, you should go to your server root and change your text file. Just copy this text above and paste it into your text file on your root server for your domain.

Setup Your Blog Sitemap:

Your sitemap is a vital part of how Google even know about what you have on your blog. Without a sitemap, Google may not be able to find information on your blog. That means you won’t be getting free web traffic too.

It’s a map Google is using to locate information on your blog. But you are the one to set up the sitemap. I use Squirrly SEO Plugin to setup my sitemap.

And after you have set up the sitemap, you need to send it to Google. Once Google gets the map, it will use it to crawl all your blog contents and add them to Google catalogue. Now people will start seeing your blog on Google.

Here is what your sitemap looks like.

You can also test your sitemap by adding /sitemap.xml to your URL. Like

The result should be something like this if you have a sitemap. And if your blog doesn’t have one, it will show you a 404 not found error code.

Google Search Console:

Search console is Google free website for Helping you rank well on search engine. You should set up your search console.

If you already have Google analytics, then just add the Googled console to it.

To Signup For Google Analytics, you will need a Gmail account. You can create one for free if you don’t have. With your Gmail account, you can sign up for any Google service, like the Google analytics.

Your Google analytics account helps link Google to your blog. It’s pretty simple to set up. And there are helpful tips from Google and even SEO plugin like Squirrly to help you link your blog to Google analytics.

So, follow it.

How To Submit Your Blog Content To Google Search:

The fastest way to submit your blog content to the search engine is to do it yourself. Google is not Almighty. It doesn’t know that you have started a blog. It may never find your site in months.

So, it’s a wise thing to help Google find you by submitting your site to Google console. On the console home page you will find the red button that says:

Once you click on it, zoom, you are on a page that lets you enter the URL of the website you want to add to Google search console. Submit the site after typing and you are done.

Submit Your Robot Txt File And Sitemap:

In the same Google console, go to the dashboard and select robot txt tester. You will see something like this.

If it’s empty, copy your robot text file and paste it there and click submit.

Also, for the sitemap, click on sitemaps. Click on the top button: ADD/TEST SITEMAP. Add sitemap.xml to your blog URL. And click submit. You can also click test to be sure it doesn’t return with an error before final submission.

Now, wait for Google to do its job. In a few days, your entire blog will be crawled by Google, and all your pages and posts indexed.

By this, you have also made it possible for Google to continually crawl your site and re-index your pages and post.

But, I always want to go back and re-index MyBlog myself. It keeps me in control of what Google should see and when I want it to see it, which is as fast as possible.

Conclusion On Google Free Web Traffic:

If you have followed my recommendations, you will soon be getting tons of free web traffic from Google. It’s that simple.

If you don’t know, you will always think it’s a stringent process to rank on Google SERP. Although, SEO experts charge up to $1,500 monthly to do this on blogs. But you are reading all about it for free.

Although, having a robot txt file or sitemap setup doesn’t mean Google won’t index your blog. See it as giving Google access to your copyright. Your content is your copyright product. And Google needs to access it, but it requires your right.

Remember that sites are designed with security features. You are using these setups to open a door for Google to continuously crawl your blog and index your contents.

You cannot afford not to setup it up for your blog. It will make a whole lot of difference

Make sure you sign up for MyBlog update so that you will be among the first to know when I post a new blog.

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Grow Your Business

How to Start a Successful Gas Product Dealership

If you are looking for something to do this year, I will recommend becoming a gas product dealer agent. This is not that kind of 9 am to 5 pm collar jobs that pay you peanuts monthly. Gas Product Dealership is a lucrative investment.

This one is less stressful and can also give you a good monthly income that is regular and enough to make you a good breadwinner for your family.

Even if you don’t know anything about gas or it’s products and hasn’t also done business before, I can show you a very easy to follow steps to start this business even from the comfort of your home.

And you can start with just N20,000 now – the startup price might go up in the future but if you take my advice and start now that is the amount I advise you to start with as a beginner.

Gas Business Guide For Beginners:

Before I even go further, let me first explain to you what you will be learning from this article so you can make up your mind to read also or merely stop here now and use your time for other things.

Because this is a gas business guide for beginners. I will be showing just the products to start with – but I recommend you start with only one and as you grow with that one you can add other gas products as well.

So, I will be showing you the Gas Product Dealership you can start with and why. I will also explain to you how to choose your supplier or suppliers. You will learn how a supplier can affect your business and what supplier you should deal with and why. I will also show you how to sell gas products as a dealer agent.

This is the most important aspect of this business. This will help you start selling and making money immediately even before you invest your N20,000. You might as well sell your first products before you also buy your first stock.

Once you have customers who will buy from you or you are so sure of it will sell in your city, you can now invest more money. I will show you how to finance it, what it’s for, who to send the money to and how much you can make from your N20,000 investment.

Profitable Gas Products:

Now, let’s start with finding profitable gas products you can deal on. Let me also explain your job as a gas product dealer agent. It will help you know the products you can sell better in your city.

As a gas product dealer agent, you are a representative for gas products manufacturer or importer in your city. Since they cannot be in every town, your job is to bring gas products, especially new ones closer to your market.

Most gas shop owners buy from other retailers like themselves without knowing it. That makes their prices higher. Now, you can be that go between agent.

If you are an agent to RHINO, for instance, you have all their support in your city for all their products as well. I will make a list of some of the products.

Items In Gas Product Dealership:

  1. Gas regulator
  2. Gas cylinder
  3. Camp gas burner
  4. Gas valve
  5. Gas Hose
  6. Gas Leak indicator

Let me explain what each product is for and the demand for it and why you should deal with it. The gas regulator is in colossal order now. Many families are changing to gas.

You know this thing when your neighbour’s husband buy the gas cooker for his wife, and your wife won’t let you rest until you buy for her too.

Gas Cooker:

Many families are buying gas cooker because of this. Don’t underestimate the power of a woman when she wants something her neighbour has in her house. When you purchase a gas cooker, you must buy a gas cylinder with the regulator.

Gas Burner:

It’s the same with the demand for camp gas burner – in case you don’t know this camp gas burner is those small gas cylinder that has the burner attached directly to the bottle. They have become very popular now, especially among university students.

Gas Valve And Hose:

While the gas valve and hose are also in demand on their own. Though they are not much of a hot product because valves come together with camp burners most time but the hose is in regular order but with meagre-profit margin. That’s why you shouldn’t do hose as a single product dealership.

Rhino Gas Regulator:

But here is my recommended gas product you can start with right now as a beginner. Even though camp gas burners are the huge market, I will not advise you to start with it as a beginner.

The reason is simple, it’s everywhere, and the profit margin is too lean. You don’t want to start with a keenly competitive product in a business that you are just learning.

What you need is a product with a reasonable profit margin, that is not everywhere in the market but has huge demand even in a small town. So, I will recommend just the right product for you.

Rhino Gas Brand:

It’s called RHINO Gas regulator with leak dictator and gauge. This is not the regular gas regulator. This one has a gauge to help monitor gas usage, so you will know when your gas is about to finish. The regulator also save customers gas, because it’s low pressure regulator.

And it has leak dictator and can stop leakages of gas. It’s a product every gas user would want to buy. In fact, some people who already have the old regulator will buy this one to replace it. I will also show you how to get this product.

However, I will advice you get samples of the regulator. Here is why and how to get the samples. You need to see the product for yourself and even test it.

I recommend that you use one in your house to see how it works and so that you can boldly tell your customers how Best it works. It’s SONCAP approved.

Dealership Plan:

For N150,000 you will before a retailer in your location. If you want to be a distributor in your state, the startup amount is N1,500,000. You will have an exclusive dealership in your state. However, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt doesn’t have exclusive arrangement.

After that, you will not be able to get this small measure at this wholesale price. So, I advise you to use this opportunity to kickstart your gas product business. The retail price for this type of RHINO GAS REGULATOR is between N3,000 to N4,500. Some even sell as high as N5,000. Even that old regular ones sell as much as N2,500. If you do all the maths, you can see how much on retail you can make from this product. That is why I recommend this gas regulator to you.

But here is the main secret to selling it faster and more profitable. In your town, you can find at least two to five gas plants depending on your city, and many gas stores that are selling gas products.

  1. Make a list of all of them.
  2. Go to them one after the other
  3. Ask them how much they are selling their gas regulators.

Don’t tell them you want to sell to them. See the different ones they have and their prices. If possible snap them pictures, note the prices and collect their name or business name, shop address and phone contact. They will give you willingly.

Try to reach at least 50 shops. After you have done this, you now have 50 potential outlets where you can sell your gas product. Make sure too that you have the samples ready if you are going to do this because you will need it to kickstart the sales.

Dealership Potential:

Now that you have 50 potential shops that you can supply your gas regulator, choose a day to start calling them and introducing the regulator to them. I recommend you call them between Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. Call between 11am to 2pm.

However, you must have decided how much you are going to sell to them. Note that these shops retail and they probably have somewhere they are buying regulators from. Also, they have a price they are hiring too.

So, your secret here is that you know how much they are selling. So, set your wholesale price not more that N200 margin from your cost price, because these shops are going to retail and you wouldn’t want them to reject it.

If the 50 shops that will buy a retail quantity of 10 pieces that is 500 pieces. If you calculate it by your N500 profit margin that’s N250,000 profit. Remember that these shops will now be buying from you all the time. Let’s assume it’s monthly, then you now have a regular N250,000 monthly income.

Chose Your Supplier:

However, if you now meet a challenge like not having the money to supply all that much order, that is where choosing the right supplier is essential. A good supplier is a partner that works together with you.

You help him sell his product to your market, and he should be able to help you as well. Don’t start asking for credit or pay on delivery. You won’t get that. Here is what I recommend that you request from your supplier.

If you have like 10 shops that want products at the same time, but you don’t have the money to order that quantity, you can contact your supplier and explain the situation to him. They might request that they call the shops themselves to be sure they are will to buy.

If you are working with a trusted supplier that is good but a lousy supplier can take those details from you and cut you off – and might even offer them the same price he is selling to you. The only way to guide against this is to have money to buy your stock or convince your buyers to give you their money upfront if they can trust you, or deal only from a trusted supplier.

Rhino Gas Company:

I want to recommend that you deal directly with the company that owns RHINO GAS REGULATORS. The company name is Rhino Industrial & Trading Company Limited. The are the manufacturers of the RHINO GAS REGULATOR.

They can also be trusted with contacts of your customers to help you meet colossal supply order if you don’t have money to order that big. They will request the connection of your customers. Call them on your behalf to confirm both their respective order, quantity and payment time.

Then, they will send a marketer to your city with the orders, while both of you will do the supply and collect money. They will take their cost and raise your profit. Also, you can ask the customers to pay directly into the company account, and you will arrange with RHINO to send the order.

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