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About MyBlog (Think Business – Present, Future and Past)

MyBlog is not just the usual general blog. We look at everything in the general but from a business perspective. At MyBlog we think of business in the present, what can be done in life from the business perspective. But we think of it more for the future. As in what can still be relevant in the future. While we take a clue from the past. The tings we have seen in business in the past that still dominate business in the present and the future.

Our writers explore the three spheres of this life, starting first from the present, to the future, while we derived all our conception from what the past has thought us. We don’t belong to the creed of reporters, we are researchers. We bring you business stories that helps you start a business, do business and become a business.

For our readers, the journey is not just the reading, you share in our vision, purpose and results. You tell others what we have done, while you join in sharing not just our posts but also your ideas with other readers. We make you a reading writer.that’s why we are MyBlog.

If you are experienced in your field or profession and feel the need to share your experience with others, then we can give you access to be one of our contributors. We currently do not charge money for this.

You can write to nedu@myblog.com.ng or WhatsApp: 07087770518